How to turn OFF RTT on Android [Motorola, Samsung, LG phones]

By John Adebimitan

Technology has made it easy for Android phones to get messages across as soon as they are made. This is made possible due to a process referred to as RTT (real-time text).

This is text instantly transmitted as it is created or typed. With this technology, recipients read the message as soon as it is written. When RTT is enabled on both devices, no audio is heard during a call. So, if you don’t hear audio during a call, make sure RTT is turned OFF.

But how do you turn off RTT on Android? The process is so easy – it is a 5-step procedure – and in this article, I will show you how to turn off RTT on your Android phones, including on your Motorola, Samsung, and LG phones.

What is RTT used for?

Real-Time Text (RTT) allows the use of text to communicate while making a call. It is a feature available on Android phones, tabs, iPhones, and iPads that lets users use messages to pass information while having a phone call. RTT works with TTY (text telephone technology) and does not require additional accessories.

It assists phone users who have hearing disabilities and the deaf-blind, or people with speech-related conditions or disabilities in communicating effectively.

The other user at the other end can see and read the text as it is written and, at the same time, respond.

Why does RTT randomly turn ON?

The problem could be the caller’s settings. First, try calling another person and see if the problem persists. If it doesn’t, ask the specific caller to turn their RTT mode OFF.

This has been reported by OnePlus-branded and Motorola Android phones. It always suffices to turn OFF RTT mode by clicking phone >> Settings >> Accessibility and toggling TTY mode OFF. If you have a T-Mobile SIM on your phone, search for an update in your settings and turn it OFF in the Accessibility section.

If your phone still switches to RTT mode, then, unfortunately, you have to replace the device if you still want to make calls on it.

How to turn OFF RTT on android

You can turn off RTT on your android in your Phone call settings.

1. Open your Android Phone app

2. Open the three-three-dot menu at the upper right corner of your phone

How to turn OFF RTT on Android [Motorola, Samsung, LG phones]

3. Click on Settings

How to turn OFF RTT on Android [Motorola, Samsung, LG phones]

4. Tap on Accessibility

How to turn OFF RTT on Android [Motorola, Samsung, LG phones]

5. Tap TTY mode and toggle OFF.

How to turn OFF RTT on Android [Motorola, Samsung, LG phones]

Note, in some phones, TTY can be termed RTT. So whether it is TTY or RTT, just toggle it OFF.

How do I turn off RTT on my LG phone?

To turn off RTT on your LG phone, locate the Accessibility Menu. This can be done from your phone’s home screen.

  1. Click on Apps and go to Settings
  2. If on tab mode, select the General tab
  3. Click on Accessibility and then the Hearing button
  4. Toggle on the RTT Call switch
  5. Click RTT “Operation mode
  6. Then select the option you want (either “Visible during calls” or “Always Visible
  7. Click RTT for outgoing calls
  8. Then select the “Manual” option

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How do I turn OFF real-time text on the Samsung s20?

There is not much difference between turning OFF real-time text on Samsung s20 and other Androids.

  1. Go to the Apps screen by swiping up from the Home screen
  2. Search for the Settings
  3. Then click on Accessibility and then on Hearing enhancements
  4. Click on Real-Time Text and the Call Button
  5. Click on “Always Visible” to turn the RTT icon ON or OFF

How to turn OFF RTT on a Motorola phone

  1. Go to the Phone app via the home screen
  2. Click on the three-dot icon present in the right corner
  3. Click on Settings
  4. Then, click Accessibility
  5. Click on the RTT (Real-Time Text) call
  6. You can then Turn the RTT OFF

Can you get transcripts of text messages from AT&T?

Yes. Your messages in the form of picture messages and texts are all being saved in your online account. This is done so that the messages can be accessed via your Android Phone, in most cases (Android 2.3.3 versions and higher), an Android 3.0.1 and higher tablet, a computer, or even an LTE smartphone.

You can access your messages or text using the AT&T Messages or the AT&T Backup and Sync. Regardless of the option, you decide to use, you will get the same results. The AT&T Messages Backup and Sync helps save messages in the form of text or pictures in the cloud, after which they can be downloaded to your tablet or PC.

Below, we will look at the step-by-step methods by which you can get the messages.

Using Text Records Via the AT&T Messages

  1. If you have a compatible Android phone, as explained above, download the AT&T Messages app via the Google Play store
  2. Install and open the app
  3. Provide your login details (your user ID as well as your password)
  4. You can now check your message history, classified based on the conversation for up to 90 days.

Note: Texts or messages of more than 90 days are automatically deleted from the cloud.

Using Text Records Via the AT&T Messages Backup and Sync

The AT&T Messages Backup and Sync is a messaging app-integrated feature that syncs with the app to backup your picture messages and texts into the cloud for future downloads.

And to download the backed-up information, log on to the AT&T Message websites and download your messages.

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