How to Unmask “No Caller ID” Calls on Android and iPhones

By John Adebimitan

At one point or the other, every cell phone user has received a call from an unknown number. Being in these kinds of situations can be frustrating because, as human beings, we are wary of the unknown – including phone calls.

While some callers behind the unknown numbers may not bear bad intentions, some could be scammers or spammers. Either way, you won’t know until you pick the call.

This article describes how you can unmask no Caller ID calls so you know who you are about to speak with before picking the call.

What Does No Caller ID Mean?

When you receive a call with a no Caller ID description, the caller has hidden their number from displaying on your screen when they call.

How to Unmask “No Caller ID” Calls on Android and iPhones

Regardless of the type of phone you use, you can use one of the methods below to unmask no Caller ID calls:

Install apps that can unmask no Caller ID calls

Some apps can help you unmask those annoying no Caller ID calls. The good thing about most of these apps is that they are available for Android and iPhone users.

Based on reviews, one of the best apps you can use to unmask no Caller ID calls is the TrapCall app. This app is so good that it has become the go-to app for people trying to unmask no Caller ID calls.

However, you will have to pay a certain subscription fee to enjoy TrapCall’s services. Another thing worth mentioning is that only people in the USA can use TrapCall services.

Call the phone company and ask for the anonymous caller’s id

Most phone companies provide you with information about your calls if you ask for them. Depending on your phone company’s services, they can help unmask the person behind the no Caller ID calls you receive.

When you ask your phone company to scrutinize the authenticity of your incoming calls, they can screen all the calls you receive. During the scrutinization process, they will unmask an unknown caller’s id.

The process usually leaves the caller’s number unmasked when it comes to your phone. Hence, you will be able to see the previously unknown caller’s phone number.

As long as the phone company you are using offers this feature, you can call them to activate the feature for your number.

How to Unmask No Caller ID on Magic Jack

To unmask no Caller ID on your magic jack, you can install the Trap Call app on the phone you have connected to the magicJack. Once you have installed the Trap Call app, you can use its services to unmask the unknown caller.

How to Call A Private Number Back

All you need to do to call back a private number is dial *69 on the phone before someone else calls you. Doing this will let you return the call of the recent private number.

How to Block No Caller ID Calls On iPhone

You can block no Caller ID calls through either of the two methods below.

By using the Do Not Disturb feature

You can block no Caller ID calls by turning ON your iPhone’s Do Not Disturb mode. If you have this feature turned ON, you will be able to silence no Caller ID calls automatically.

Follow this process to enable the feature.

  • STEP 1: Go to “Settings” on your iPhone
  • STEP 2: Scroll to the “Do Not Disturb” option and tap on the toggle switch beside it
  • STEP 3: Tap on the “Allow Calls From
  • STEP 4: A list of options will show up. Select “All Contacts” from the option.

If you use a newer version iPhone like the iPhone X, iPhone 11, or iPhone 12, you will have to follow a slightly different process:

  • STEP 1: Open the “Settings” on your iPhone
  • STEP 2: Scroll through the “Settings” menu and select the “Phone” option
  • STEP 3: In the “Phone” menu, scroll to the “Silence Unknown Callers” option and tap on the switch beside it

How to Unmask No Caller ID Verizon

Verizon has no feature that allows you to unmask a no Caller ID call. Instead, you can call the Verizon phone company to ask for the identity of the person calling you.

However, it is unlikely that they will give you any caller’s ID information without following due process. You may need to get the information through the law by filing a police report for harassment or getting a court order.

An alternative is to Install apps that can unmask no Caller ID calls. You can install apps like TrapCall on your device.

How to Call Anonymously on Android

You will need to hide your number to be able to make anonymous calls on your Android phone.  You can do that through either one of the methods below.

  1. Use the *67 code trick to hide your number

A quick way to make anonymous calls is by dialing *67 before inputting the number you want to call. For instance, if you wish to put out an anonymous call through to this number – 777-777-7777, dial *67-777-777-7777.

  1. Hide your number by default

Android devices allow you to hide your number by default. Thanks to this feature, you won’t need to use the *67 tricks constantly.

Follow this process to hide your number by default.

  • STEP 1: Go to your phone’s “Settings
  • STEP 2: Scroll to “Call settings” and select it
  • STEP 3: Click on “Additional settings
  • STEP 4: In “Additional settings,” select “Caller ID
  • STEP 5: Select “Hide number” from the menu that pops up
  1. You can call your phone carrier and tell them you want to hide your number.

How to Make Your Number Private On iPhone

If you want to make your number private on your iPhone, you can dial *67 before any call you make. Simply dial *67 before inputting the number you intend to call.

There’s also another method. You can make your number private on your iPhone by using the phone’s default settings to hide your number.

  • STEP 1: Open the “Settings” on your phone
  • STEP 2: Scroll to “Phone” and tap on it
  • STEP 3: Go to “Show My Caller ID
  • STEP 4: Tap on the toggle switch beside the “Show My Caller ID” option

Lastly, you could also call your phone carrier to request that you want your number hidden during calls.

How to See Blocked Numbers On iPhone

Follow this process to see blocked numbers on your iPhone.

  • STEP 1: Open Settings
  • STEP 2: Click on the “Phone” option
  • STEP 3: Scroll to the “Calls” section and tap “Call Blocking & Identification
  • STEP 4: In the call “Blocking & Identification” screen, you will be able to see blocked numbers

How to Get Trapcall For Free

TrapCall is an app that is available freely for download with a free trial period. However, at the end of this free trial period, it will become mandatory for you to pay for the services the app offers.

You will be charged a monthly or yearly price according to your country to purchase the service.

Hence, you cannot get the TrapCall service for free. You can only download it for free.

Can You See If A Blocked Number Has Tried to Contact You?

Yes, you can. Even if you don’t get a voicemail, you will still be able to see if a blocked number tried to contact you because it will still appear in your recent calls list.

How to Trace A Spoofed Phone Number

You may need to get law enforcement involved if you want to trace a spoofed phone number. You can also call your phone company to request information about the spoofed number.

If you want an easier and faster option, you can install special apps that help you to trace calls. Some of these apps include.

  • True Caller ID & Dialer
  • Mobile Number Call Tracker
  • Spyzie
  • Call Tracker
  • Trace Mobile Number

You can also use reverse phone lookup technology through websites like;

  • Search here
  • PeopleFinders
  • Social CatFish
  • BeenVerified
  • PeopleLooker
  • Spokeo

Can A Google Number Be Traced?

Unlike physical addresses, Google Voice numbers aren’t listed in phone books. As a result, they are difficult to trace.

Anyone who will be able to trace a google number must be someone with impeccable hacking skills.

However, tracing your Google number can become easy if the law enforcement agencies become involved. If, for some reason, law enforcement becomes involved, Google will have to provide them with your account information.

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What Happens If You Call Back A Spam Number?

Several things can happen if you call back a spam number. Some of these things are;

  • You could get a “Disconnected Number” message from the receiving end.
  • You can also get a busy signal.
  • You may be returning the spam call to an innocent person who doesn’t know anything about the spam call. This is because some Telemarketers just pick phone books in a local area and use the numbers to call their victims.
  • If you are lucky, you may be able to connect directly with the person that called you.
  • If you return a spam call, the spammer will find out that a real person owns the number


Getting to know how to unmask no Caller ID calls can save you from being a victim of fraud or other criminal activities. You can try out the methods that we’ve explained in this article.

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