HTML & CSS In Pictures
  1. Create pages for Williamsburg and Charleston just like the Richmond page.

    Get the graphic and text for the Williamsburg page at:

    Get the Charleston page's graphic and text at:
  2. Using the words Richmond, Williamsburg, Charleston, and Home in the links area of each page, link all the pages in this Web site to each other.

    TIP: Don't forget to transform the link that shows "You Are Here" into bold, plain text.
  3. Align all graphics to the left.

    Give them vspace of 4 pixels and hspace of 12 pixels.
  4. In format.css, change the pages' background color to white, then save it.

    TIP: In the body formatting, use background:#ffffff.
  5. When you're done, preview the site in the browser.

    It should look and work like the one at: