Hydra Discord Bot – What It is and How to Use It

By John Adebimitan

If you are talking about widely-known gaming VoIP platforms and you don’t mention Discord, eyebrows would be raised. 

One of the interesting things about discord is that users can create, moderate, and grow their discord servers by giving their audience the optimal experience using fun activities like games, quizzes, music, etc. 

To keep their audience engaged, discord server moderators need a bot. 

Discord has music bots that fit well into this role and Hydra Discord Bot is one of them.

Read on to know what exactly the Hydra Discord Bot is, some Hydra Discord Bot Commands, and how to use it. 

Hydra Discord Bot commands

Hydra Discord Bot is a multilingual music bot that lets users conveniently retrieve and play music within the discord server from music streaming services such as SoundCloud, Deezer, Spotify, etc. excluding YouTube. 

Hydra Discord Bot has a fully-featured command list that aids its convenient usability.

Here is a list of some of the most useful Hydra Discord Bot commands:

Hydra Discord Bot EVERYONE Commands

These commands are general commands and every user has permission to use them.

  • – .help – Displays all commands
  • – .ping – Displays the bot latency.
  • – .ping ws – Displays the bot’s WebSocket latency.
  • – .ping rest – Displays the bot’s rest latency. 
  • – .lyrics – Displays the lyrics of whichever song is playing.
  • – .lyrics – Displays the lyrics of a given song.
  • – .play [flags] – This command plays a song. 
  • – .play file – This command allows the file linked to a message to be played.
  • – .playlist – This Hydra Discord Bot command plays a default playlist that has been saved.
  • – .playlist list – Simply puts your playlists in a list.
  • – .playlist show [page number] – Displays the songs that are within a given playlist.
  • – .playlist song save – This command saves a song to either your default or a given playlist.
  • – .playlist song delete – Deletes a song from either your default playlist or a given playlist.
  • – .voteskip – This allows you to vote to skip a song that is currently playing.
  • – .search – This allows you to search and pick a song.
  • – .queue – Displays the song queue.
  • – .songinfo – Let’s you see the details of the song that is playing.

Hydra Discord Bot DJ commands:

These commands can only be implemented by users who have been assigned the DJ role.

  • – .clear – Removes the currently queued songs.
  • .loop song – This command loops the song that is presently playing. 
  • – .loop off – Disables loop.
  • – .pause -Allows currently playing song to be paused. 
  • – .move – This allows for a specific song to be moved from its position on the queue.
  • – .remove – This command allows a song to be taken off the queue.
  • – .skip – Allows the present song to be skipped. 
  • – .stop – This command stops the song that is playing and removes all songs from the queue.
  • – .replay – Allows for the present song to be repeated.
  • – .shuffle – This allows for songs on the queue to be shuffled.
  • – .resume – Allows a paused song to resume playing. 

Hydra Discord Bot Admin commands:

Only server administrators have permission to use the following commands.

  • – .ban – This allows the admin to restrict a user from controlling the bot.
  • – .unban – This allows the admin to unban a user from controlling the bot.
  • – .setup – This allows for the setup of a new song request channel.
  • – .setdj – Initiates the display of the current Dj roles.
  • – .setdj – Allows for the addition or removal of a Dj role.
  • – .setvc – Helps list all the voice channels that have been restricted. 

Hydra Discord Bot Premium commands

Hydra’s premium commands will only work if you have a Hydra bot premium subscription.

  • – .24/7 – This allows the bot to stay 24/7 in the song request channel.
  • – .autoplay – Allows recommended songs to queue up automatically.
  • – .volume 1-200 – Allows the bot’s output volume to be changed.
  • – .speed – Increases the speed of the song currently playing.

This is not a full list of all Hydra Bot commands; you can check for the full list here.

How to add and set up Hydra Discord Bot to the Discord server

Visit the Hydra bot website and make sure you’re logged in >>> Click on Invite to invite the bot to your server >>> Select the server you want to add the bot using the drop menu, then click Continue >>> Press Authorize and verify that you’re human >>> Go to discord (the Hydra bot should now be added to your discord server). 

How to set up the Hydra Discord Bot on your discord server

If you have successfully added the Hydra Discord Bot to your Discord server then it is time to set it up. Here’s how you can do that: 

Go to any of the text channels and type .setup then click enter (the bot should make up a fresh text channel that would be used to request songs and control the bot) >>> Create a new voice channel or use a voice chat that already exists >>> Tap on the voice chat >>> Open the Hydra song request channel that was created by the bot >>> To use this channel, enter any of the applicable commands for what you’re trying to do. 

You can rename the Hydra request channel by clicking the Settings icon beside the channel name. 

How to use Hydra Discord Bot

Here are some icons that represent some basic commands that you can use instead of typing out the commands in the request channel:

  • ⏯ pauses and resumes tracks.
  • ⏭ skips a track.
  • ? shuffles the songs on a queue.
  • ? moves through loop modes.
  • ⏹ stops the current song from playing and removes all songs from a queue.
  • ❌ takes out the current track from favorites.
  • ⭐️ includes the present track to your favorites.

Since Hydra Discord Bot is a multilingual bot, you can select your preferred language by using the .language list command to see a list of all available languages.

Also, you can create a DJ role with Hydra Discord Bot, simply click on your discord server title and access server settings >>> Visit the Roles tab, make a new role for the DJ, and name it >>> Set the color of preference and permissions you’d like to assign to this role >>> Save changes.

How to fix a Hydra Discord Bot

Hydra Discord Bot can lag from time to time while you’re listening to music, and of course, no one likes that. These issues can be caused by a bad internet connection or voice server problems from discord. Here are some fixes we recommend:

Fix 1: Check your internet connection

At the bottom left of your discord app, select the Voice Connected option to see the stability of your internet >>> If the graph indicates fluctuation, your internet is not stable. Also, if the mean ping is 250 milliseconds, your internet connection is unstable. 

You can fix this issue by simply rebooting your router.

Fix 2: Temporarily change your voice server to a different one within your region

If your internet is not the problem, discord may just be having voice server issues. 

You can move to a different server within your region by simply using the .fix command in any text channel. You may have to wait a while for Hydra to find stable voice servers.

Fix 3: Permanently change your voice server

You can change your discord voice server in these easy steps:

Access setting on your discord server and click on Change >>> Make your choice on the server location you want to change to. 

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Hydra Discord Bot Not Working? Top Fixes

If your Hydra Discord Bot is being unresponsive, we have some fixes that just might get things running smoothly again.

Fix 1: Always ensure you’re making use of the correct prefix

Hydra Discord Bot makes use of . (A full stop) as its prefix. So if any command is initiated without this prefix, it would not work. 

Fix 2: Update permissions so that Hydra can respond when you need it to

You may need to update discord permissions so that Hydra can be responsive. 

If you want Hydra to be responsive in only one channel, you’d have to include the Administrator role in any of Hydra’s roles. Hydra will only write in the channel where this setting is meant for.

Alternatively, you can update the channel permissions for a particular channel to enable Hydra to write in your channel.

Fix 3: Join Hydra’s support server

If Hydra remains unresponsive, you should join Hydra’s support server so you can get in touch with professionals and report this issue. 

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