I Have Amazon Prime but I Can’t Watch Videos – Best Fixes

By John Adebimitan

You left work early, fixed dinner within minutes, curl up on your sofa, and you’re ready to enjoy your favorite show. Just as you’re about to start, you realize that your Amazon Prime is down. That can be pretty frustrating, isn’t it?

Well, the most common cause of the “I have Amazon Prime but I can’t watch videos” issue even though the Amazon Prime subscription is active is bad internet. Since it is a streaming service that relies on a good internet connection, if the internet is weak or bad, the video may just not be loading or won’t show. It doesn’t matter from which device you’re are trying to watch.

There are times however when the internet alone may not be the reason why you can’t watch videos. In this article, we examine other possible causes along with proven solutions for fixing this issue.

I Have Amazon Prime But I Can’t Watch Videos – Causes

Bad internet is one possible cause of the “I have Amazon Prime but I can’t watch videos” issue. While Amazon Prime Video is one of the most reliable streaming services, once in a while there have been reported issues with videos not showing. Well, it is technology after all! Below are possible reasons (asides from bad internet) why this may happen:

Inactive Amazon Prime subscription

Even if your internet connection is the best, without an active subscription, the video will not show. Quickly check you’re your Amazon app to find out when your next payment is due.

Also confirm there is no recent hold on your account as this can prevent you temporarily from accessing your account, even with an active subscription.

Bad Mobile Device

Have you ever tried to make a call with a bad phone? What was your experience? I’m sure it wasn’t pleasant. In like manner, with a bad tablet, computer or phone, it is likely you won’t be able to watch any video even if your account is active and the internet connection is good. It could also be a result of too many background processes running simultaneously on your device.

Network Traffic

Get one thing straight: your internet may be good but if your device has too many apps using the internet at the same time, it might affect how fast the internet connection is. If several apps are using the internet at the same time and you’re trying to open your Amazon Prime, you just might be disappointed.

Account Active in another Location

This is a rare cause but it was reported quite a few times. Each subscription allows a set amount of viewership. Assuming your subscription allows only you to watch movies, and your friend is busy using the account at the same time you’re trying to log in, you won’t be able to watch any movie.

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I have Amazon Prime but I can’t watch videos? Best Fixes

Now that you know what may be wrong, it’s time to check out some quick and best solutions to Amazon Prime videos not showing.

Fix 1: Check Your Internet Connection

To enjoy any streaming service uninterrupted, your internet must be working well. So, if you notice your Amazon Prime videos are not showing, the first fix is to check if you still have an active internet subscription. If you do, check the internet speed to ascertain if the signal strength is OK.

This is necessary because a weak internet connection won’t play videos.  Another idea is to restart your Wi-Fi router or to toggle your device’s Airplane mode ON and OFF.

Fix 2: Confirm If Your Amazon Prime Subscription Is Active

After confirming that the internet is not the problem, check if your subscription to the streaming service is still active. You can check your mail to note the date you received a receipt for the last payment. You may find out that your subscription is due. On confirming that your subscription is due, pay up, and you can get back to enjoying your favorite shows. To prevent such from happening again, set the subscription to “auto-renew.”

Fix 3: Switch OFF your VPN

Using a VPN connection is cool, however, it can slow down your internet’s connectivity.  Since this could be a reason, after trying the three fixes above and it is still not showing, be sure to switch OFF your VPN. Be sure to stop any background operation that might have been running because of the VPN.

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Fix 4: Restart Your Device

Restarting your device ends all processes and restarts them, including the app and your internet. This may just be the fix your need as various conflicting background operations will be brought to a halt. One last thing. Leave the device OFF for a few minutes before turning it back ON.

Fix 5: Change Your Device

In some rare cases, attempting all the fixes above may still not have corrected the issue. consider watching from another device. For instance, if you had been trying from a tablet or a smart TV, try accessing your Amazon Prime from a smartphone.

You can also try opening your account from a browser. You may be surprised to find it showing on another device.

Fix 6: Uninstall and Re-install the App

Few users opined that a glitchy app or one that needs an update may cause this kind of issue. So, update your app from the app store. You could also choose to uninstall the app, then re-install it. Clearing your phone app cached data before uninstalling can also help to fix things.

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