iPhone Charging Port Loose? Here Are the Causes and Best Fixes

By John Adebimitan

Even in newly purchased iPhones, charging troubles are prevalent. However, you should know that the majority of these occurrences do not have to be caused by a significant hardware issue; many charging port troubles are caused by day-to-day activity. Other port concerns are caused by the iPhone’s core architecture and functionality, so if your iPhone charging port is loose, do not worry too much because in this article, we’ll be looking at the causes and how they can be fixed.

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iPhone charging port loose? Causes

While your iPhone charging port being loose may be caused by different issues, from internal hardware failures to careless human handling, three of the most common iPhone charger port difficulties and their causes are listed below:

Accumulation of Dirt and Debris

Dust, dirt, or debris are minute particles that can enter the phone’s minuscule ports. Regardless of what you do, dust and dirt are unavoidable. If they get stuck in the charger port, they can cause a lot of damage to an iPhone, especially connectivity issues.

You should note that dust and debris do not immediately harm the phone, but once these particles enter the charger port, they gradually pile up until the connection between the charger port and the cable begins to fail. However, the process is not instantaneous; the impacts of the particles may take days or even months to manifest.


The charger port of the iPhone is vulnerable to rust. Rust starts when water enters the charger port, and corrosion starts. Corrosion starts around the metallic object and weakens the exposed section, thereby making the iPhone charging port loose with time.

When the connection is weak, the overall amount of power delivered to the receiver may not be enough to charge a phone, or the current may be too low to simulate a quick charging process, and because rust takes a long time and occurs slowly, it’s difficult to tell  

Bent Charging port Connector

A bent charger port metal stripe is a common cause of trouble with an iPhone charger port. When a charger or data cord is attached, the metal in the port tends to flex easily, and some of what could lead to a bent connector include inserting objects into the charging port wrongly, rough handling, or using an incompatible charger cord.

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iPhone Charging Port Loose? Best Fixes

When you have an iPhone charging port loose, the first thing to do is to look for the cause. If the issue is caused by debris, corrosion, or other minor issues, then you can fix it yourself by cleaning the port with either a brush, toothpick, or a thin metallic object.

Some concerns, however, such as port damage, breakage, overheating, and others, necessitate the intervention of skilled technicians. Those with Apple Care+ have the upper hand at this point and can get the charging port repaired for free or for a modest fee.

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iPhone Charging Port Replacement Costs

In a local repair shop, repairing the charging port on an iPhone costs between $70 – $100 depending on the model, device health, and production year of the iPhone. Therefore, make sure you contact a local repair professional for a diagnostic and repair estimate when you have an iPhone charging port loose and not properly charging.

Tips for Cleaning iPhone Charging Port

Since dust and debris can make your iPhone charging port loose, you must clean them out for effective charging. Metallic or non-metallic materials are necessary equipment for cleaning iPhone ports but to avoid harming the port, it is usually preferable to use a non-metallic material. However, regardless of whatever method you use, getting a thin metallic object or a toothpick ready is the first step in cleaning an iPhone charger port.

These steps will show you how to clean your iPhone charging port:

  • First, turn OFF your iPhone. The port is a power-controlling hub; if it is mishandled, the entire phone may be ruined. As a result, it is advisable to turn off the iPhone first.
  • Check for debris and dirt stuck inside the charging port. You can also use a bright light to help you see clearly.
  • It may appear simple to poke and prod the inside of your phone while cleaning the iPhone port; however, extreme caution is required because a great deal of damage can be done at that time. There may be a lot of debris or grease; gently clean till the contact end is visible, that is, until the port’s metallic inner end reflects the light ray.
  • After cleaning the port, it is advisable to also clean up the whole phone as this may prevent dust on the phone from getting into the charging port.

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There are a variety of charger port concerns, but the majority, if not all can be avoided if you’re careful with your iPhone. If you still have problems, most iPhone charging port issues can be fixed with simple approaches like cleaning, but if you have an iPhone charging port loose and unable to clear out the charger port properly, contact a professional at a phone repair shop or an Apple store to have it serviced.

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