iPhone Charging Port Not Working? Causes, Best Fixes

By John Adebimitan

Your iPhone charging port not working suddenly? It feels like one of the most frustrating things that can happen to phone owners. Then it turns out the reason for your iPhone charging port not working is a damaged USB port and it gets even more frustrating. It could’ve also been the charger and you would need to borrow one or get a new one – problem solved.

We completely understand how annoying this could be and that’s why we would be discussing some common causes and best fixes for the “iPhone charging port not working” issue in this article.

Why is your iPhone charging Port Not Working?

A common cause of the iPhone charging port not working is the presence of dirt or dust in the charging port. Dust getting into the charging port of your iPhone is inevitable and too much dust could get too deep into it, stopping it from charging. There could also be some particle or buildup of particles in the charging port blocking the connection and all you have to do in this case is remove the disturbance or clean the charging port.

Loose Port

Your iPhone charging port not working issue might be caused by a loose charging port. This is when the charging port is disconnected from the motherboard of the phone. This could happen when the charger is incorrectly inserted, when an incompatible charger is used or when objects are inserted carelessly into the charging port.

Bent Charger Port Connector

Another reason for iPhone charging port not working is a bent charger port metal connector. The metal connector is the metallic attachment of the port to the motherboard and this can either become bent or damaged after becoming weakened.


Rusting is another reason why your iPhone charging port is not working. The metal becomes weak due to rusting and this makes the connection weak. Rusting happens over time and is caused by water. Stored water from the beach, holding your phone with wet hands or even sweat can cause your charging port to rust.

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Damaged Port

There are two ways through which your charging port can become damaged. It could have been physically broken or disconnected from the phone board. Either way, this is a more complex problem that would require the attention of a professional.

How to fix iPhone charging Port Not Working

To fix your “iPhone charging port not working” issue, you could try cleaning it first. Turn off your iPhone, then use a light source to look into the charging port to check for any dirt or accumulated dust, you can clean it by using a new toothbrush or antistatic toothbrush to simply brush out the dirt or dust. If the dirt remains stuck in the port, you can try using tweezers or a cue tip.

We do not recommend using a toothpick or paper clip because the toothpick could break inside the port, causing more damage and the paper clip conducts electricity and is sharp. You should be extra careful when cleaning the charging port, you don’t want to get the dirt even deeper into the charging port or cause any serious damage to the port. After cleaning the port, be sure to clean the entire phone for any dirt that might reenter the charging port. Also, check your lightning cable and clean it. If you are unable to clean the port yourself, you can take the phone to the nearest Apple store or phone repair store and have them clean it for you. This is generally the safer option.

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Repair Your Port

If cleaning your charging port does not get your phone charging again or if there is no dirt stuck in the port at all and it doesn’t work then the port is probably broken, rusted, or disconnected from the phone board. Fixing this would require the attention of a professional.

We do not recommend the use of DIY tutorials for this kind of issue. Instead, take the phone to the nearest Apple store or phone repair store and have them repair or replace the charging port.

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