Is 60hz good for gaming on PS5?

By John Adebimitan

Every TV or monitor has a refresh rate. This is the rate at which the screen refreshes itself every second. Such screens can re-display source information about 60 times per second.

This high refresh rate is an advantage because you can enjoy not just crystal-clear pictures, but a generally smoother video game quality on your screen.

Is 60hz Good for Gaming?

Yes, 60hz is more than enough for casual gamers and for games that do not require as many moving images. One advantage 60hz has over other refresh rate screens is that they cost less, making it ideal for gamers on a tight budget. It also does not require you to buy extra frames or hardware.

Every step up in refresh rates guarantees a better video quality and a better performance, but with a price increase. However, if you are on a tight budget, and you don’t plan to upgrade your hardware (frame per second) soon, 60hz is just good enough for gaming. Sometimes, even the upgrade may not make much difference.

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Is 1080p 60hz good for gaming?

Yes, 1080p 60hz is just great for most casual gaming and most casual games. Most PS4, PS5, and Xbox One games are built for just this refresh rate and resolution. If you do have a budget to above the 60Hz refresh rate, though, you’d sure feel and see the difference.

1080p 60hz is also an optimal resolution that keeps content consumption in check while still delivering a smooth, enjoyable gaming experience.

Is 4k 60hz good for gaming?

Is 4K 60hz good for gaming? Yes! It is even suitable for online multiplayer gaming because it can make up for an underwhelming internet connection, giving you an amazing gaming experience. The only reason you should upgrade this is if your game supports more than 144FPS (frames per second).

This means what the TV screen displays are at a refresh rate of 60 frames per second, at a resolution of 3840X2160. If you’re watching anything at that resolution, the number of pixels and maybe aspect ratio of your screen is already well above average.

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Is 60hz good for Warzone?

No, you can’t enjoy Warzone on 60hz refresh rate screens. The excitement players enjoy from competitive shooter games like Warzone depends on the ‘feel right’ factor. This means players need to feel the action even though they are playing from the comfort of their house. To get the best experience, a higher refresh rate, say ~144Hz is recommended.

Is 60hz good for gaming on PS5?

Yes, PS5 can play on a minimum of 4K 60hz refresh rate and a recommended 1080p 120hz. While playing PS5 on a 60hz screen wouldn’t ruin your gaming experience, it is just better to play on the 1080p 120hz resolution because the pictures will be sharper and the game, faster. And if you think it doesn’t matter, the resolution can be the reason why you lose or win a game.

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Is 60hz good for gaming on PS4?

Yes, Let’s just say the PS4 was made for a 60hz screen. Picture quality, console performance, and overall experience will be enjoyed at an optimal level with 60hz. Should you upgrade your screen from 60hz for PS4? That won’t be necessary because even if you do, the picture quality may not change much. Remember that the PS4 is limited to the 60hz in design.

Is 60hz good for gaming on mobile?

Yes, in fact, for any smartphone gaming experience, it is not recommended to use a screen refresh rate higher than 60hz. Most top-tier iPhones are designed with 60hz refresh rates. This is just fine for any mobile gaming experience unless you are a pro gamer who wants to compare gaming experiences using various refresh rates. Any rate higher than 60hz will sure give a smoother picture quality but will drain your battery faster.

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Is 60hz good for gaming on Xbox One?

Yes, a 60hz screen refresh rate is just fine for gaming on Xbox One. Xbox One does not have 3D games, nor are there games that are above 60FPS that you can play on it. So, should you worry about any upgrade? No!

Is 60hz good for a gaming laptops?

Yes, a 60hz screen is good enough for any game on your laptop. Getting a higher refresh rate than 60hz is only necessary when playing highly competitive games with higher frames per second.

If your PC supports 60FPS, there is no point in changing your screen to a higher refresh rate. If your PC supports more than 60 frames per second, on the other hand, changing the screen might make a difference in video quality, but it is not worth it.

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