Is Adblock Plus safe? A review

By John Adebimitan

We all know how frustrating it can be when you scroll through a website, a pop-up interrupts your scrolling, or you try to click on a link that redirects to an unfamiliar website. Most times, your web browser has an inbuilt ad blocker to reduce these pops and make your internet experience smoother, but it is limited, so a third-party ad blocker is incorporated.

Is Adblock Plus Safe?

Adblock Plus is a free, open-source browser extension that blocks ads, pop-ups, and pop-under websites whenever you use the internet. You can install it as a web extension on Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Adblock Plus is safe to use, and it is free from any malware. Installing Adblock Plus from unverified sources could put you at the risk of installing malware on your PC. Installing it from your web browser’s extensions marketplace or Adblock Plus’ website guarantees your security.

Adblock Plus works by reading specific data sent to you by a website to filter out ads, but it is bound not to access your private data, so Adblock Plus is entirely safe to use.

How to install Adblock Plus for your PC?

You can install Adblock Plus by downloading the extensions straight from their website here, or you can download it from your browser.
To install Adblock Plus in your Chrome extension:

  • In your Chrome browser, click the Extensions button, which is a puzzle-looking icon just below the tab in your browser.
  • In the drop-down that shows, click the gear icon at the bottom of the list that says Manage extensions.
  • In the menu that opens, click the 3-lined button on the left to open a menu. Then, click on Open Chrome Web Store at the bottom of the menu tray.
  • When the Chrome web store opens, search for Adblock Plus in the search field for Extensions.
  • Install the extension, and choose your preferred settings in the app.

Adblock Plus Review – and top features

Adblock Plus comes with many features, simplified for even ordinary, casual internet users to use.

Adblock Plus offers malware protection from suspicious sites and blocking ads, showing the number of ads you’ve blocked, blacklisted, and whitelisted.

It also offers options for Acceptable Ads, a feature that allows non-intrusive ads instead of annoying, irrelevant pop-ups since most websites use ads to gain revenue. A set of firm guidelines control which ads fall under Acceptable Ads; however, you can turn OFF this feature in the extension’s settings.

Adblock Plus also prevents firms from tracking your online activity and browsing history, offering you more anonymity as you use the internet.

It also disables social media buttons on websites. Buttons on websites are used to share activities on social media like Twitter, Facebook, etc. These platforms use the information to create a profile based on browsing activity and habits. You can enable these settings in the General menu in Adblock Plus’s settings. So far, it is the most reliable adblocker on the market.

Does Adblock Plus steal data?

Although Adblock Plus can read your data, because that’s what it needs to work, it is more likely to secure your data than expose it. So, although Adblock Plus has access to it, it won’t steal your data. As software that has been around for a long time, any breach in data would have made users wary of it.

How safe are ad blockers?

Because adblockers stop certain page features from loading, they can prevent your computer from downloading malware or prevent pages with phishing links from appearing on your screen. Adblockers are generally safe to use; ensure you’re getting them from a reliable source.

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5 Great Adblockers That You Can Use If You Don’t Like Adblock Plus – And Why We Love Them

If you want alternatives to Adblock Plus, there are safer alternatives that can match or meet the same standards Adblock has. Let’s take a look at some of their features.

Adblocker Ultimate

This extension is the newest adblocker on the market. Free, open-source software provides more security and can even prevent YouTube ads from loading. Just like your normal adblocker, but with more.

Stands Fair Adblocker

This adblocker is effective against all ads, including wholesale adblocking, although you’d have to set it down manually. In addition, it has a whitelist option, allowing you to elect ads you think are wholesome. The downside is that as great as it is, it is only limited to Chrome browsers.

Total Adblock

Total Adblock lets you filter out ads from big agencies, including pop-ups and auto-play adverts. It can also block YouTube ads and ads on other video streaming sites such as Crunchyroll and Tubi. The only downside is that this adblocker isn’t free, although it has an introductory discount for first-time users.


This adblocker is available as software on Windows, iOS, and Android devices, asides from being a plug-in. It has a wide range of features for casual users and advanced features for people with the know-how. In addition, it clears all types of ads, including YouTube ads and ads on other streaming platforms. However, you must register for a Premium version to use all its features.

Poper Blocker

This adblocking extension has been listed as one of the best pop-up ad blockers in the market. It is available on different platforms like Chrome and Firefox and has whitelisting options. However, it doesn’t block ads on videos, and it has limited features.

Some reasons why you’d probably not want to block ads when browsing the internet

Although some ads can be intrusive, annoying, or irrelevant, when you generally block ads, you also block wholesome ads. Ads are one of the ways sites generate revenue, which could be one of the reasons one of your favorite websites or blog remains afloat to this day. Also, when you don’t accept cookies, some of the ads that filter through won’t be tailored to you; they’ll be completely irrelevant.

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