Is AOC A Good Monitor Brand?

By John Adebimitan

Thanks to the high quality of its products, it also produces screens with advanced technology for brands such as Dell and Lenovo.

However, they compete with brands such as Acer, Samsung, ASUS, and more, which are more established in the computer hardware industry. This leads many people to ask: is AOC a good monitor brand? So, in this article, I’ll be looking at this question while introducing you to the best AOC monitors.

Is AOC a good monitor brand?

AOC is one of the most reliable monitor brands. It’s backed by more than 50 years of design and manufacturing experience. Investing in AOC monitors is investing in great global value. AOC offers the latest digital display technology featuring cutting-edge performance and innovative style.

The brand makes monitors using three leading panel technologies. The IPS panel (In-Plane Switching) offers the best image quality and color sharpness. Its response time is longer, although more and more IPS monitors include lower response times in their specifications.

Their VA (Vertical Alignment) panels offer the best brightness and contrast results. Its response time is lower than IPS but higher than TN. Their TN (Twisted Nematic) panel is a cheaper technology with lower response times. However, it offers a lower overall image quality.

Who makes AOC monitors?

AOC is a subsidiary of TPV Technology. It is the monitor brand of TPV Technology. The company has 26,000 employees and a lot of factories worldwide. Established in the USA, the company is now based in Taiwan.

Its products have earned worldwide recognition for their quality and performance, including awards from, PC World, and CRN. Through intensive market research and open dialogue with customers, they design great products that expand how HD screens are used, creating new categories for a richer multimedia experience.

Is AOC a good monitor brand for gaming monitors?

Yes, AOC is one of the best gaming monitor brands. It’s often ranked the best behind Acer if you want a good gaming monitor. Its gaming monitors have high image quality and fast response times.

In 2019, they rose to the top position among gaming monitor brands in the global market.

Gaming monitors like the AOC 24G2 or its USB-equipped variant, the 24G2U, deliver fantastic performance across the board while significantly cheaper than their direct competitors.

The brand even offers a full range for each monitor series, so they have office, graphics, and gaming variants to cover everyone’s needs. Of course, not all of them are perfect, but value for money and excellent quality are characteristics you will find in all these products.

AOC G2490VX 24″ Frameless Gaming Monitor

The AOC G2490VX is a frameless gaming monitor with outstanding screen quality. It is one of the newly upgraded AOC G90 series gaming monitors and offers advanced gamers a gaming experience without ghosting, stuttering, or tearing in the FHD format.


The monitor includes a VA panel with a faster 144 Hz refresh rate and a response time of 1.0 ms (MPRT). In addition, an impressive and immersive 3-sided frameless design ensures convenient multi-monitor installations, while FreeSync Premium technology ensures smooth, tear-less visuals.

An integrated speaker with HDMI and DisplayPort are other convenient “value-added” features. But, also, there is the Flicker-Free Technology. Also, the Blue Light feature protects the wearer’s vision.

AOC 24G2E 23.8” Full HD IPS Gaming Monitor

The AOC 24G2E is a 23.8-inch 1080p 144Hz IPS gaming monitor with AMD FreeSync technology and 1ms MPRT. It has a fully ergonomic design and comes at an affordable price.


For gamers on a tight budget, it’s the ideal gaming display. In addition to the 23.8-inch version, it is also available in 24 and 27-inch variants.

The design of the AOC 24G2U gaming monitor with an IPS panel is impressive, considering its price. The monitor’s OSD menu is organized and features the tools you need. However, navigating the buttons under the bottom bezels isn’t ideal as we’ve grown accustomed to the joysticks.


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