Is Cellular iPad Worth It?

By John Adebimitan

When you want to buy an iPad, there is a choice to get the cellular iPad or the WIFI-only option. While you weigh both options, it helps to be informed on what it is you actually want to buy and to know, if that is the best fit for you. 

So, is cellular iPad worth it? Well, you have to consider several factors to be sure if the cellular iPad is worth it or if you would stick to the iPad that uses just WIFI. This article discusses points that would make that choice easy to make.

Is cellular iPad worth it?

Yes, Cellular iPad is worth it if you would like to invest a bit more in getting an iPad that will be truly multipurpose. For WIFI-only iPad, you are limited because you might not be able to enjoy the phony feel of being able to use certain apps that need a mobile number and even make calls or text.

And when you are in a place with no WIFI networks, your iPad becomes as good as useless. Cellular iPads on the other hand enjoy all of these, and you have the option to use WIFI whenever you want, which in our books signify more freedom.

Why Are Cellular iPads More Expensive?

Yes, cellular iPads are more expensive and this is because of the added function it has, the cellular iPad models include a sim tray for you to insert a sim of your choice and use the internet wherever you go.

The cellular iPad also comes with GPS to make navigation easier for those who wish to make it so, these uses add up to make it more expensive than its WIFI-only alternative.

However, the price difference between the two models is quite large, ranging from $150 – $200, so you must consider the pros and cons before opting for the one you want, Apple has a list comparing them both here

What Are the Advantages of iPads With Cellular?

Here are a few advantages of iPads with cellular:

  • iPads with cellular help you with internet connection on the go.
  • They have has GPS, so if you use your iPad to generate maps for hiking and navigation purposes while driving or any other activity that requires monitoring location, then the cellular iPads is what you should go for. 
  • You can use your cellular iPad as a mobile hotspot.
  • You can use your cellular iPad in areas where no WIFI is available.
  • You can use your cellular iPad to text message
  • You can use apps that make use of the internet anywhere once you have a data plan.

Can You Make Phone Calls on A Cellular iPad?

Yes, you can make phone calls on your cellular iPad, this is because the iPad has a sim slot, you just need to put the sim of your choice, do a phone plan and then use your iPad to place a call to whoever you want. 

In recent models, specifically iPads that were produced starting 2019, Apple added an eSIM which offers several options if you want to pick a data carrier. With the eSIM, you can use multiple networks on your iPad, this feature, though, is only available in specific countries.  

Can A Cellular iPad Be Used as WIFI-Only?

Yes, you can use your cellular iPad as just WIFI only, it is even stated when you buy them that they are WIFI + cellular which means they have both WIFI and cellular functions, so it is already built-in. You just need to connect your iPad to an active hotspot and begin to use it.

Can You FaceTime on an iPad without Cellular?

Yes, you can FaceTime on an iPad without cellular, the reason is that facetime works on WIFI as well as mobile data so you don’t need to get a cellular iPad specifically to facetime. The WIFI only alternative works just as well, you only need to have a strong internet connection.   

Can You Text on an iPad Without Cellular?

No, you cannot text on an iPad without cellular, this is because a WIFI-only iPad does not have a sim and so it cannot be used to make calls or send text messages, there is no mobile number present to be used for these functions. However, if it is with iMessage that just requires an Apple id and internet connection, then it is possible.

The WIFI-only iPad can also send messages via messenger apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, etc.

Can You Use Your Non-Cellular iPad With Your iPhone?

Yes, you can use your non-cellular iPads with your iPhone, it is even advisable since some places do not come equipped with free WIFI, you can use your iPhone as a mobile hotspot and connect your iPad to it. If that doesn’t work for you, it would be better to invest in a portable hotspot device that you can use as a backup in case a WIFI connection is not available. 

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What Is the Difference Between Cellular and Non-Cellular iPad?

The difference between cellular and non-cellular iPads lies in what each of them can do. The cellular iPad can be used to send text messages, make phone calls, has GPS, is used to browse the internet without needing a WIFI connection, it also conserves battery but with all these advantages, it is expensive to get and is even more expensive to maintain as it requires you have a data plan. 

WIFI-only or non-cellular iPads, on the other hand, is a cheaper alternative but they cannot carry out the functions that are specific to the cellular iPad, it is also dependent on just WIFI connections and if that is not available, it is unable to work fully. These differences distinguish both choices and show that the two categories of iPads are suited to different people.


So, is cellular iPad worth it? When you go out to get an iPad, the starting point is to consider what your individual needs are and also the environment that you stay in, this would guide you well and help you know if purchasing a cellular iPad is worth it for YOU, it would also cut down additional expenses if you finally conclude that the WIFI only alternative would work better for you.

The goal is to find the iPad more suited to the purpose you want to use it for, whether it is cellular or non-cellular or both and, this guide has provided some tips to make that choice obvious. 

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