Is Sonic.Exe Real? [How it kills you]

By John Adebimitan

Sonic.exe is a short story submitted by user JC-the-Hyena to CreepyPasta, an online horror genre, in August 2011. The story was centered on a violent, murderous character, a reimagined version of Sonic, the main character in the popular video game, Sonic the Hedgehog. In the story, the narrator receives a CD-ROM from a friend with ‘SONIC.EXE’ written on it. 

Sonix.exe became popular, and a video game based on it was developed in August 2012 by MY5TCrimson, including other tributes and parodies. 

The character, Sonic.exe possessed abilities of flight, levitation, and teleportation into a space of black smoke cloud. He could also manipulate the game’s code and create illusions and shape-shift to look like his original version, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Due to his supposedly manipulative and charismatic character, he earned a cult following. He also can’t be killed by normal means and can’t last long in the real world. He was also written to be able to create and manipulate the very material he is made of; dark matter and possesses a black hole in his mouth.

What does Sonic.exe look like?

Sonic.exe is described as a replica of his origin character, Sonic the Hedgehog, with a few notable differences. Exe’s fur and quill are a darker shade of blue, and they’re scragglier. His skin is pale, and a black color fades into his forearms, hands, feet, and forelegs, showing Exe’s dark matter.

His claws are pitch black and sharp, and they can be a bright purple sometimes. He has a wide-fanged smile, yellowy teeth, and pitch-black eyes with glowing red irises and tiny pupils. His eyes also always have blood under them or a noticeable red rash to show he had been crying blood.

Things you don’t know about Sonic.exe

Sonic.exe has a fan-fiction in which he is thought to be a demon possessing the original Sonic the Hedgehog, despite them being two different entities.

Is Sonic.exe real? 

Yes, Sonic.exe is real. Sonic.exe is a short horror story and a video game based on the same story.

Who made Sonic.exe?

Sonic.exe was created by JC the Hyena (now known as Shannon Love).

What is Sonic.exe’s real name?

Sonic.exe’s real name is Sonic.exe, although he goes by other aliases like X or Exe.

Has Sonic killed anyone?

Sonic the Hedgehog kills some of his characters in comic issues, like Dr. Robotnik in Issue #50 in the Endgame arc.

How old is Sonic.exe?

In the game, Sonic is born in the year 666, so now Sonic.exe should be 1355 years old.

How does sonic.exe kill you?

Sonic.exe kills victims by haunting them in their sleep in nightmares and causing hallucinations to drive them mad enough to commit suicide.

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