Is Traditional Editing Necessary with the Inception of AI Creative Suites?

By John Adebimitan

It’s widely understood that the secret to getting ahead online is having creative, impactful content. As a result, editing tools have been a pivotal part of digital marketing for quite some time. Whether you want to reach audiences in a more social setting, build a personal brand, or elevate your business; social media platforms are the best place to do just that.

Where once content creation needed a professional touch, online tools entered the fray to provide individuals the ability to take care of things more cheaply. However, these had significant learning curves, took time and resources, and could still be costly when using more intensive tools (many offered subscription packages, for example).

What is an AI creative suite?

There are many people out there, namely businesses that want to leverage digital marketing, that still hire professional editors for content, and those that have editing suites as part of their itinerary. Advancements in tech have led to the integration of AI, and creative suites like the one on offer from leading website CapCut, are taking processes to the next level.

With an automated approach to free editing tools in one space, users can create a free account in seconds and perform photo and video editing to produce everything from social media posts to slideshows and everything in between. The suite includes:

  • Standard video editing tools with AI capabilities, including trimming, cutting, and resizing
  • Unlimited intuitive multi-track editing
  • Auto captioning for fast transcriptions from video footage
  • Background removal
  • Genre-rich, royalty-free music and sound effects
  • Thousands of photo and video templates with zero watermarks

Once an account is registered, projects will be saved in secure, encrypted cloud storage. Don’t forget that this is a well-appointed photo and video editing website and has tools for every need, from a video compressor to speech to text, and so much more.

How is AI changing the editing landscape?

Automation is bringing an entirely new level of productivity to a vast array of niches, and many manual processes are now becoming largely obsolete due to their performance. Almost all video editing tasks are typically time-intensive and require at least a basic understanding of digital tools and some experience in graphic design.

This is no longer the case with AI, as any CapCut creative suite user will be on a level playing field with even the most professional experts. As social media platforms have made it simpler to reach audiences and anybody with a sellable skill or access to products can now build a brand online, it makes sense that fully utilizing all of the tools available to maximize potential will have a great impact on success.

One of the biggest attractions of AI editing tools is that they can streamline content creation and provide error-free results that rival professionally curated content. This can be especially true when using functions like auto transcription and background removal, but it is relevant across the entire niche.

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