Lenovo Yoga Laptop won’t Turn ON? Best Fixes

By John Adebimitan

Your Lenovo Yoga laptop won’t turn ON and you would like to know what to do in this kind of situation. This problem can put you in a fix especially when you need to use the laptop. 

The good news however is there are quick methods to fix a computer that no longer powers ON. So, I will start this tutorial by sharing some reasons why your laptop would no longer start.

Lenovo Yoga Laptop won’t Turn ON? Causes

Power, adapter, and cables issue. Yes, I know it’s stupid. However, lack of power supply via the battery or charger may be the problem. If your laptop isn’t receiving power, the problem might be the charging adapter or charging cables.

If the charging indicator light is ON and the system is not turning ON, you may need to check if the screen is displaying or not.

Cause 2: Battery Issues

If your laptop’s battery is flat dead, it may not power up even if the charger is plugged in. At least, not immediately. You may have to leave it to charge for a while (some minutes or up to an hour) and then try again.

Also, perhaps before now, you’ve noticed that the battery run-time has cut in half or it jumps from, let’s say 80% to 10% suddenly. Then it may be time to have it replaced.

Cause 3: CMOS Issues

If you’ve checked the other possible causes listed above and the issue persists, the problem may be caused by the CMOS battery or BIOS settings.

The CMOS batteries are chips that look like wristwatch batteries or a coin. They are built into the motherboard of your battery and work with the laptop’s BIOS. So, an inappropriate updating or modification of the BIOS setting may cause this issue. Resetting the BIOS may be the only way out in this case.

Cause 4: Motherboard/panel issue

Sadly, if you’ve checked the laptop for the other causes listed above, the problem may be a motherboard or panel issue. This will require taking the laptop to an expert, or if you trust your computer engineering knowledge, you may have it fixed at your own risk. You may however contact Lenovo support for assistance.

Lenovo Yoga Laptop won’t Turn ON? Best Fixes

When a Lenovo Yoga won’t turn ON, you have several options for fixing the problem.

Fix 1: Remove and reinsert the battery

Removing and reinserting your laptop battery is a soft reset procedure that can fix a lot of things. So, see if the Lenovo Yoga laptop will turn ON by simply removing, reinserting, and restarting the laptop.

Fix 2: Troubleshoot battery issues

Remove the battery, connect the charger and try to switch ON the laptop without it.

If the laptop powers ON, you may need to charge the battery for several minutes or hours. If it still, won’t power the laptop, replace it. You can also use another battery to power on the laptop to confirm whether it’s a battery problem.

Fix 3: Check the power, adapter, and cables

  1. Plug your PC adapter into the laptop and wait for some minutes just in case your battery is drained.
  2. Ensure the charging cables are plugged-in correctly. If the charging adapter has an indicator light, confirm that it’s on.
  3. Check the indicator light to confirm if the charging light is ON.
  4. If the computer is not charging or turning ON and you’re not seeing the charging indicator light come ON, check the charging cables or adapter to confirm they’re in good condition.
  5. If it doesn’t look like power is getting into the laptop, change your charging outlet.
  6. And if it’s still not charging, change the charging adapter and/or charging cables. 

Fix 4: Conduct a power drain/reset

Forcing the Lenovo Yoga to start can fix the problem. To do this, follow one of these procedures:

Laptops with removable batteries

  1. Remove the charger from the laptop, other external devices, and the battery provided it’s removable.
  2. Press the power button and hold it for 10 seconds to drain the excess energy in the system.
  3. Reattach your battery, plug in the charger, power it up, and your Lenovo Yoga should restart.

Laptops with built-in batteries

  1. For laptops with irremovable or built-in batteries, you can use the pinhole reset. Sometimes, this is located at the bottom cover.
  2. Use a straightened paper clip to drain the laptop through the hole to reset it
  3. Plug the charger, power it up, and your Lenovo Yoga should restart.

Fix 5: Remove, Reset and Reinsert BIOS/CMOS battery

To reset the BIOS, you’d need to find the CMOS battery and reset it.  

  1. Start by removing the screws and the case at the laptop’s back
  2. Remove the cable of the main laptop battery from the motherboard
  3. Locate the CMOS battery
  4. Disconnect the plastic attachment that is connecting the CMOS battery to the laptop’s motherboard 
  5. Lift the CMOS battery gently out from its shell
  6. Leave it unplugged for up to 15 minutes and the BIOS settings will restore to the default setting
  7. Reconnect the batteries, connectors, case, and screws in reverse order from Step 5 to 1.

Fix 6: Confirm that it isn’t the screen backlight that has gone black/bad

The computer may be powered but it may be that it’s not displaying due to a bad/blank screen. Get to a place with low lighting and see if the backlight is ON but the brightness is too low.

If that’s not the case, check if the indicator lights are ON. If they are, you may have a black screen. The display/screen may be bad or caused by software errors. Try removing connected devices and restart the laptop.

You can also fix black screen issues by resetting the display screen with this key combination:

Windows key + Ctrl + Shift + B

If that still doesn’t work, try a hard reset. To do this, remove the battery of the laptop. 30 minutes after, press the power button for up to 60 seconds, reattach the battery and turn the system ON.

If the screen will still not turn ON, it may need repair or replacement. Alternatively, you can connect the laptop to an external monitor through a VGA cable or your TV, through an HDMI cable.

Lenovo Yoga Laptop won’t Turn ON Power Button Flashing? What it Means and How to Fix

When your laptop is on sleep or standby mode, the power button will keep flashing. This isn’t usually a big problem and is a feature found in almost all laptops. Simply press any key on the keyboard and the computer will turn ON.

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Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn ON and It Has no Removable Battery? Tips for Fixing

  1. Try the power drain option if the laptop still won’t turn ON and there’s no removable battery.
  2. You can use reset with the pinhole in the case of laptops with built-in batteries.


When your Lenovo Yoga laptop won’t turn ON, the problem could be caused by some software or some hardware issues. Check out the key hardware that supports the running or startup of the laptop. These include the battery, charger, screen, and sometimes even the motherboard

If you have a software problem, you can use the Windows 10 repair tools such as the system startup option. You also have the option of resetting Windows or reinstalling it using a bootable key. If the laptop still won’t turn ON, you can also contact Microsoft support.

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