LG TV Not Connecting to WiFi? Best fixes for Smart TVs

By John Adebimitan

Not only can this be annoying and surprising but even shocking especially if your LG TV is relatively new and your router is working just fine. One thing I can confidently tell you is that the “LG TV not connecting to WiFi” problem is either a software or a hardware issue.

The good news is that it is fixable without requiring you to call any LG serviceman. Since you can’t solve a problem without knowing the cause, this article will explain why this happens. It also discusses how to fix it. So, if your LG smart TV keeps disconnecting from WiFi or is unable to connect at all, keep reading to find answers to the questions running through your mind.

LG TV Not Connecting to WiFi? Causes

Too Many Devices Connected to WiFi. When too many devices (laptops, phones, and tablets) are connected to the WiFi network at the same time, and each device is consuming an enormous amount of data, some devices may be automatically disconnected from the Wi-Fi. This can cause your “LG SMART TV not connecting to WiFi” error message.

Network Strength

On every router, there are network strength indicators. From this indicator, you can find out when the network strength is strong or when it is weak. If your LG TV is trying to connect to the internet when the network strength is weak, or when the router is too far from the Smart TV, you will most likely not be able to connect to Wi-Fi.

Date and Time

Does that sound strange to you that time and date can affect the network? Well, smart TVs are designed to connect when date and time are accurately based on your time zone. If your LG smart TV’s date is incorrect, it likely won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

Outdated Firmware

The firmware version on your LG smart TV plays a major role in the TV’s connection to Wi-Fi. The rule is simple: if the firmware version is outdated, some of its features will misbehave or in some cases, stop working. One such feature is the WiFi connection.

Generic Bug

A bug is a fault or error that affects a TV’s system. This in turn makes the TV malfunction from time to time. If your LG TV not connecting to WiFi problem is caused by a bug, the WiFi connection may intermittently disconnect.

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LG Smart TV not connecting to Wi-Fi? Best Fixes

Resolving these issues require trying a couple of troubleshooting tricks. Since you never can be too sure which of the above-mentioned causes is responsible for your LG smart TV not connecting to Wi-Fi, you have to assume and try out the following.

All these fixes have been tried and tested by actual LG smart TV users. One more thing: relax! None of them requires that you unscrew your TV.

Fix 1: Restart the TV

The connection usually involves your router and your LG SMART TV.

  • Turn OFF your TV and the router
  • Unplug both the router and the TV from the wall socket
  • Wait for 20 seconds and plug them back to a power source
  • Turn ON your TV as well as the router and re-establish the connections

This should fix the LG SMART TV not connecting to WiFi issue. If this method does not fix it, try the next method.

Fix 2: Correct the date and time on your smart TV

Every time you reboot your LG smart TV, the system occasionally changes the date and time if you have not turned on the automatic updates option on your LG SMART TV.

To change the date and time manually, do the following:

  • On your remote control, press the HOME button
  • Go to SETTINGS, then select GENERAL
  • On the General tab, locate TIME AND DATE and select it

You can either set your time and date manually based on your time zone or you can enable auto-update of time and date. 

After correcting the date and time, try to re-establish the connections between your LG smart TV and the WiFi network. This should correct any connection issue you are facing. If for some reason the error persists, move on to the next method.

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Fix 3: Reset DNS configuration

This method works best for LG smart TVs that are previously connected but keeps disconnecting occasionally. The DNS configuration may be incorrect and this can alter the smooth connection of the TV to WiFi connection.

Although all new LG smart TVs should have the correct DNS settings, it might be necessary to set it manually. To correct this,

  • On the Settings page, locate and select NETWORK
  • Next, select NETWORK STATUS
  • Select EDIT
  • Find the DNS SERVER and enter as the DNS value
  • Next, select CONNECT

You can make the job easier by checking the SET AUTOMATICALLY box.

Fix 4: Replace wireless connections with wired Connection

As a general rule, wired connections are more reliable than wireless connections. So, if after these methods the problem persists, you should consider connecting the internet with cables (ethernet) instead of initiating a wireless connection.

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Fix 5: Reset LG Smart TV to factory settings

In very rare cases, all the methods discussed may still not have fixed the LG TV not connecting to WiFi problem. A factory reset may be necessary to take the settings back to default mode.

  • Press HOME on your LG TV remote
  • Find and select SETTINGS
  • Select GENERAL
  • Choose RESET to INITIAL SETTINGS option
  • Enter the SECURITY KEY to complete the factory reset

How to connect LG TV to internet with an ethernet cable

At the back of your LG TV, locate the LAN port. Connect your LAN cable (connected to the router on the other end) to the TV’s LAN port

  • On the TV, select SETTINGS
  • Select COMPLETE to finish the connection

Your LG Smart TV should now be connected to WiFi.

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