MacBook Air & Pro Not Charging Green Light [FIXED]

By John Adebimitan

The MacBook Air provides users with a great experience as a portable laptop. However, this experience could turn sour and frustrating if you notice your MacBook air not charging.

It’s even more frustrating if your charger lights indicate that it’s plugged in, but your MacBook Air won’t charge.

If you notice your MacBook Air and Pro not charging has green light on the charger when plugged in, it may be because your charger is faulty. We’ve compiled a list of possible causes and their best fixes.

What your MacBook Charger Indicator Lights Mean

When you connect your charger to a compatible computer for the first time, the adapter light flashes green for a brief moment to show that power is available.

The adaptor light then turns amber or green. If the light is steady amber, the battery is charging, and the battery level is less than 100%.

But when the battery indicator remains green, it indicates that the battery is fully charged (100%).

MacBook Air & Pro Not Charging Green Light [FIXED]

Many users are experiencing the issue where the MacBook Air charger light stays green, yet the MacBook does not turn ON and is not charging, or shows a green light when plugged in but does not charge. For others, the MacBook Air & Pro Charger does not show a green light and does not charge when plugged in. Are you dealing with any of these issues?

Let’s look at what might be causing these problems and how to fix them.

MacBook Air & Pro Not Charging but Has Green Light on Charger When Plugged In? Causes

There are many reasons why a MacBook Air Laptop will not charge; here are some likely causes:

Faulty charger

Your charger’s components may have burned out. The plug or adaptor may need to be repaired or replaced, and the cable may be damaged and require replacement. In addition, the connector may have been broken or improperly put into the PC charging port, interrupting current passage into the battery.

MacBook Air & Pro Not Charging Green Light [FIXED]

Faulty wall socket

You may have plugged your PC into a faulty power source that feeds the charger with the wrong wattage; in this case, you should try charging your PC at a different outlet with a different power connection.

Faulty battery

A dead battery will not charge. Therefore, you might want to consider running a battery test.

Software fault

To extend your battery’s life, your PC automatically turns off charging for a short time if your battery is in poor condition. You can disable battery health management in the power-saving options then resume charging. Outdated software on your PC may also contribute to charging issues.

Faulty Logic board

Voltage fluctuations or power surges can affect the Logic board, also known as the motherboard. As a result, your MacBook Air & Pro might not charge even if it has the green light on its charger when plugged in. Replacing this requires the expertise of a professional, so does the detection.

MacBook Air & Pro Not Charging but Has Green Light on Charger When Plugged In? Best Fixes

Fix 1: Inspect hardware components

Check the charging port on your MacBook Air or Pro to ensure it isn’t broken or damaged. Next, check for dust in your laptop’s charging port.

If there is any, clean the charging port on your MacBook Air by lightly blowing on it, being careful not to get it wet, as this can prevent your Mac and the charging connector from establishing clean contact.

Using a cotton swab, remove dust while being careful not to harm the metal. If your MacBook Air’s charging port is damaged, you’ll need a professional to replace it.

Fix 2: Inspect your charger for burnt parts and damaged cords

Here is another thing we recommend if you notice your MacBook Air or Pro not charging but has green light on charger when plugged in.

MacBook Air & Pro Not Charging Green Light [FIXED]

If any fault is discovered, it is suggested that defective hardware components be replaced. Replacements are available and are best purchased at verified Apple outlets.

Fix 3: Allow your laptop to cool down

Is your laptop getting too hot? If your computer gets too hot, it can shorten the life of your device’s battery. When your laptop’s thermal sensors detect a sudden increase in temperature, they will disable access to the power supply. Also, check your adapter and touch it to see if it’s hot. A power adapter can get hot during typical use. Please keep it in a well-ventilated area.

Always use the AC plug to connect the power adapter to a power outlet or set it on a table or other well-ventilated area. Avoid putting your adapter in areas that aren’t well ventilated. Covering the adapter with a blanket or other insulation is not recommended.

Fix 4: Reboot your MacBook Air or Pro

Most times, a simple reboot may be all you need to fix a PC issue and get your PC working again. Hold the control, shift, and the power button down, at the same time, for five to ten seconds with the power supply connected and the computer turned OFF. Release them, then turn ON your computer.

If your MacBook Air or Pro charger light continues to show green but does not charge after following the steps above, you should take additional steps and check your Mac’s battery status.

Fix 5: Reset the SMC

The System Management Controller (SMC) of your MacBook Air communicates with the battery via a pair of data lines known as the SM-bus. Robust current-sensing circuits in this system keep track of the amount of current flowing in and out of the battery in real-time. It also controls the indicator lights.

Resetting the SMC may be the next resort if you notice your MacBook Air not charging but has green light on charger when plugged in. Before resetting the SMC, try each of these steps in this order. After each step, test the issue to see if it’s fixed.

  • Unplug the Mac’s power adapter from the outlet for a few seconds before plugging it back in
  • Wait for your Mac to shut down after selecting the Apple menu >> Shut Down
  • If the battery is detachable, remove it and replace it
  • To switch ON your Mac, press the power button once more

If this doesn’t work, reset the SMC; the steps below are for non-removable Mac batteries.

Follow these procedures if your MacBook Air’s battery isn’t detachable.

  • Wait for your Mac to shut down by selecting the Apple menu >> Shut Down
  • Press the power button while simultaneously pressing the Shift-Control Option on the left side of the built-in keyboard. For 10 seconds, hold these keys together with the power button, then release them. The Touch ID button is also the power button if you have a MacBook Pro with Touch ID.
  • To switch on your Mac, press the power button again

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Fix 6: Check Your Battery Health

The battery on your MacBook Air or Pro will be one of four states:

  • Normal: The battery is in good condition.
  • Replace Soon: Your battery may need to be replaced soon because it isn’t keeping as much charge as it once did.
  • Replace Now: The battery cannot keep a sufficient charge. Your battery should be replaced as soon as feasible.
  • Service Battery: Your battery has worn out and can no longer retain a charge. To keep your MacBook from being damaged, you’ll need to have it replaced.

How Do I Know If My MacBook Charger Is Bad?

If your Mac charger doesn’t work, plug it in and see if the laptop charges. Is there a response from the indicator light?

MacBook Air & Pro Not Charging Green Light [FIXED]

Check again using a different outlet that you know works. If the problem persists, borrow a similar charger from a friend, plug it in, and check again. If the laptop charges, your charger is most likely defective and needs to be replaced. If it doesn’t, you most likely have a battery issue or other hardware issues.

How To Test My MacBook Air or Pro Charger?

Check that you’re using the correct charger for your MacBook Air. Plug your charger in, check if your Mac charger is charging your laptop. Observe if the connector has an indicator light and see if it comes on.

If all these checks and your laptop charges to 100%, your MacBook Air or Pro charger is okay.

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