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A new kind of business

In Pictures, Inc. was founded in 2014 as a different kind of startup company, one focused on service instead of revenue. Its purpose:

To provide a valuable service to as many people as possible, while generating enough revenue to pay good salaries.

For a long time, all tech startups aimed to maximize revenue. Their founders craved it, their investors demanded it. But this can lead to stress and greed.

One startup was different. Rather than trying to maximize revenue, Craigslist sells only as many ads as it takes to fund operations and provide its employees with a good living.

Now there are two companies that employ this model. In Pictures was founded to emulate the Craigslist way of doing business.

In Pictures provides illustration-based tech tutorials for free. Why free? Because ad revenue alone enables it to fulfill its service-based, humanistic purpose.

Offline alternatives

Want our tutorials as printed books? We can supply them in quantity for $19.95 each.

Want ad-free versions to run on an Intranet? We can work out a licensing arrangement that's within your budget.