My Assurance Wireless Phone Is Not Working – How to Fix

By John Adebimitan

Those who are eligible for the Assurance Wireless phone get the phone for free, plus 250 free minutes per month. This offer has prompted many to apply for one.

However, as you have to register, activate, verify and reverify to access the service, many people are running into accessibility issues. So, I’ve seen many reports on online forums saying “my Assurance wireless phone is not working.”

This article is a response to that; I’ll be talking about the causes and giving suggestions on how to resolve the issues.

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My Assurance Wireless Phone Is Not Working – Causes

Check that your Assurance Wireless account is certified. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve once been certified with Assurance Wireless or not. Assurance Lifeline requires users to certify that they are qualified every year to keep enjoying the Lifeline wireless assistance service.

However, before your wireless service stops working due to certification issues, Assurance Wireless will contact you via email about the due date of your annual certification. It will also inform you about the necessary steps to take and what is required.

Deactivated phone and plan

If you just received your Assurance Wireless phone, the phone will not work straight out of the box and will need to be activated. Also, if you switched OFF your already activated phone for up to 30 days, the service will be canceled on the phone and you’ll need to reactivate.

Issues with phone

The issue could be with your phone’s network connectivity. You can start by toggling ON and OFF your phone’s airplane mode. If the problem doesn’t resolve, restart the phone. As a final resort, you may do a hard reset, which I’ll show you how to do later in the article.

My Assurance Wireless Phone Is Not Working – Best Fixes

Below are some of the suggested fixes to get your Assurance Lifeline phone working again.

Fix 1: reset Assurance wireless phone

  1. To hard-reset your Android Assurance wireless smartphone, charge the phone to full power.
  2. Switch OFF the phone by pressing and holding down the power button.
  3. Press and hold down the power button and the volume up button at the same time.
  4. When the phone boots up, let go of the buttons.
  5. When you see the screen that says “NO COMMAND,” press and hold down the power button and then tap the volume up button.
  6. Using the volume down button, go to “Wipe data factory reset” by pressing the power button.
  7. Using the volume down button, click “Yes” by pressing the power button. The hard reset is now complete.

Fix 2: re-certify Assurance wireless account

To qualify for recertification, your total household income must meet the guidelines in place in your state. You may also qualify if you participate in some assistance programs like Medicaid, Food Stamps, or SSI (Supplemental Security Income).

Meanwhile, if you’re no longer qualified to benefit from the service, you can continue using your Assurance Wireless account and phone as a non-Lifeline user. This will be at a reduced cost of 10 cents per minute and per text. You only need to ensure you load at least 10 USD to your account every 45 days.

Fix 3: Reactivate phone and plan

  1. Dial 611 and follow the directions
  2. Enter your account PIN and your phone will be reactivated.

Fix 4: Contact customer support

Have you tried all of the above and the phone is still not working or getting connected to the network?

Then you can contact Assurance Wireless customer support. They’re reachable by phone at +1-888-321-5880.

You can also dial 611 on your Assurance Wireless phone.

Fix 5: Get Assurance wireless phone replacement

If you’re unable to get your phone reactivated or reset, you may consider getting an Assurance Wireless phone replacement. The phone always comes with a one-year warranty.

If you are still within the warranty period, you should call Assurance Wireless on 1-888-321-5880 and they will send you a replacement phone.

You can also request a new phone from Assurance Wireless even if the current one you have is no longer covered.

Why Is My Phone Not Getting Service?

If your phone is not getting service, you may need to recertify your Assurance Wireless account. First, you need to see if you’re qualified.

If your phone is activated and certified, you should switch your airplane mode ON and OFF or restart your phone.

How Do I Connect My Mobile Phone to My Network?

  1. Navigate to your phone settings
  2. Go to Connections and then Mobile Networks
  3. Click on Access Point Names
  4. Add your new APN settings. Below is the right APN settings for your Assurance Android phone:
  5. Save the settings and select Assurance as your active APN.
  6. Finally, restart your phone so the settings will take effect and you can connect to the Assurance Wireless network.
My Assurance Wireless Phone Is Not Working - How to Fix


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Why Is My Internet Not Working on My Assurance Wireless Phone?

Your plan may have been deactivated or is yet to be activated. An incorrect APN setting can also cause internet connectivity issues. Also, your phone settings could be the culprit. You can try restarting your phone and then reset it if the issues persist.

Assurance Wireless Activation Problems and Fixes

  1. Assurance Wireless asking for a PIN during activation

The PIN is the 6-digit number generated during the registration process. It is required for the activation of your phone and plan.

  • I can’t find my Assurance Wireless PIN for activation

You can find your Assurance Wireless activation PIN on top of the approval letter from Assurance Wireless. If you can’t remember your Assurance Wireless Account PIN, go to, login, and click “Forgot Password?”. You will be asked a Secret Question to regenerate a PIN.

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