No Internet Connection on Android & iPhones [FIXED]

By John Adebimitan

No internet connection on Android and iPhone is a common problem faced by phone users everywhere. One minute, everything is going great, the sky is blue and all – then suddenly, your internet crashes, and you’re left to wonder why the colour of the sky just had to change.

Don’t let that ruin your day! This article contains the best secrets to getting back online with an even better connection. From troubleshooting tips to step-by-step fixes, you are guaranteed to find the solution to your problem here.

No Network Connection on Android and iPhones? Possible Causes

Poor coverage is the most common cause of no internet connection on Android and iPhones. If you are in an area with poor coverage or on a 2G/3G network, you might experience network connection problems. You should also check that you have not reached your data limit or are not late on your payment – if this is the case, it means your ISP has turned OFF your data.

  • Sim Card

Another widespread cause for no internet connection on Android and iPhone is the SIM card. It could be faulty, old, placed wrongly, damaged, dirty, or shifted due to a fall. Either way, if something is wrong with the SIM card, it can cause connectivity issues.

  • Updates

One of the significant reasons why it is highly recommended to update your phone regularly is because every update comes with bug fixes that are likely to correct any underlying issues on the phone. So, if you are experiencing no internet connection on Android and iPhone, your phone might be on an outdated OS. Updating it could be the solution.

Data Saver

Your phone might be set to turn on data saver mode to manage battery life automatically. Some people also turn this on themselves to manage data. However, it is essential to note that this feature also slows down the internet connection.

How to Fix No Internet Connection on Android And iPhone (Working Tips)

To fix the issue of no internet connection on Android and iPhone, you can try restarting your phone. Using the power off button, turn your phone OFF. Wait at least a minute and turn it back ON. This will allow your phone to refresh and probably fix or correct whatever is causing the connection problem. If this does not work, here are a few more fixes to try;

Fix 1: Sim Card

As aforementioned, your SIM card might be the culprit. To check this, you might need to use a SIM ejector tool or an unfolded paper clip to eject the SIM tray. Afterward, take out the SIM card and carefully inspect it for any dirt, dust, or damage – you can clean it with a clean cloth. Then, properly replace it in the tray. Be sure to turn off your phone before ejecting the SIM tray. This fix will not work for eSIMs as they are embedded and cannot be removed.

Fix 2: Updates

If your phone runs on an outdated OS, you could start experiencing issues similar to the no internet connection problem. To update an iPhone;

  1. First, connect your phone to a stable WiFi
  2. Then, go to Settings >> General >> Software Update
  3. If there is a pending update, click on Download and Install
  4. Afterwards, click on Install Now and wait for the installation to complete

To update an Android;

  1. You might need to connect to WiFi
  2. Go to Settings >> System/About Phone >> System Update >> Check for update
  3. You can also toggle on the Check automatically option, so your phone can automatically inform you of recent updates
  4. If there is an available update, an Update button should appear; click on it
  5. Then, click on the install button – it might be Install Now, Reboot and Install or Install System Software, depending on the OS
  6. Wait for the update to be installed and your phone to reboot
  7. Note that the buttons might be labeled differently depending on your OS

Fix 3: Network Reset

Rebooting your network settings will return them to factory defaults and might correct whatever is causing the connection issues you are facing. To perform a network reset;

  1. On an android, navigate to Settings >> System >> Reset options >> Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth >> Reset Settings
  2. On an iPhone, navigate to Settings >> General >> Transfer or Reset iPhone >> Reset >> Reset Network Settings
  3. Once it’s done, restart your phone

Note that you will need to reconnect your Bluetooth and WiFi after this.

Fix 4: Low Data Mode/Data Saver

If you have data saver mode/low data mode turned on, it could be the reason for an error preventing internet connection. You can turn it off with these steps;

  1. On Android, go to Settings >> Network & Internet >> Data Usage and toggle off Data Saver (some Android devices have Data Saver under Network & Internet)
  2. On an iPhone, go to Settings >> Mobile Data >> Mobile Data Options and toggle off Low Data Mode.

Alternatively, you can allow your phone to charge fully. If your phone turns on the data saver mode automatically due to a low battery, charging it would automatically turn it off.

On Android phones, you can also turn off data limits;

  1. Go to Settings >> Network & Internet >> Data Usage/Mobile Network
  2. Here, you can either toggle off Limit mobile data usage or toggle it on and increase the limit
  3. For Android 11 and earlier, click on Data warning & limit after step 1 above and toggle off Set data limit or Increase the limit

Fix 5: Google

If you get the no internet connection error when using Google apps, it might not be your connection but google itself. You can try clearing the cache from Google Play Services or resetting your Google account. This fix is only for Android devices.

To clear cache from Google Play Services;

  1. Go to Settings >> Apps >> See all apps
  2. Find and select Google Play Services on the list
  3. Click Storage & cache >> Clear cache

To remove and add your Google account again;

  1. Go to Settings >> Passwords & accounts
  2. Select your Gmail or Google account and tap Remove account
  3. On the Passwords & accounts page, click Add Account and re-add your Google or Gmail account

Fix 6: APN Reset

Resetting your APN to factory defaults could be the fix you need to restore your internet connection. To do this on Android,

  1. Go to Settings >> Network & Internet
  2. Select your SIM
  3. On the SIM page, scroll down and click on Access Point Names
  4. Click on the menu icon (three dots) at the top right corner of the APN page
  5. Click on the Reset to Default option.
  6. Afterward, you can reset your network with airplane mode – turn it on, wait a few seconds, and turn it back off.

To do this on an iPhone,

  1. Go to Settings >> Mobile Data >> Mobile Data Network >> Reset Settings
  2. You can reset your network with airplane mode – turn it on, wait a few seconds, and turn it back off

How to Get Back Online on Android And iPhones

To get back online on Android and iPhone, you can connect to a stable WiFi connection or a family/friend’s hotspot. If you were on WiFi without an internet connection, you could try switching to mobile data or another WiFi network. You can also try all the fixes mentioned in this article.

How to Fix No Internet Connection on Android and iPhones

Tips to Fix Unstable Internet Connection on Sim

To fix an unstable internet connection on your SIM, you can change your network type. If you are on a 2G or 3G network, you should switch to 4G, LTE, or 5G for a faster internet connection. To do this on Android,

  1. Go to Settings >> Network & Internet
  2. Select your SIM
  3. Click on Preferred network type and select the highest network type available to you.

On an iPhone,

  1. Go to Settings >> Mobile Data >> Mobile Data Options >> Voice & Data
  2. Select the highest network type available to you

Fix 1: Browser Cache

If you are facing an unstable internet connection while using your browser, it might mean your browser’s cache is full or corrupted. To clear browser cache on Android;

  1. Press and hold your browser icon, i.e. Chrome icon
  2. Select Application details from the menu that pops up; this should open a settings page
  3. Click on Storage & cache >> Clear cache
  4. Afterwards, restart your phone

On an iPhone,

  1. Go to Settings, scroll down to find Safari, and click on it
  2. Scroll down and select Clear History and Website Data >> Clear History and Data – this will clear your history, cookies and other website data
  3. To clear only website data, scroll down to the bottom of the Safari page and select Advanced > Website Data
  4. Scroll down and select Remove All Website Data >> Remove Now
  5. To clear cache for another browser app;
    1. Go to Settings >> General >> iPhone Storage
    2. Find and select the browser app
    3. Click on Offload App – this will remove the storage used by the app but keep its documents and data.
    4. To reinstall it, click on the app’s icon.

Fix 2: Background Data Usage

Disabling background data usage or background app refresh could save your bandwidth and improve your internet connection. To do this on an Android;

  1. Go to Settings >> Network & Internet >> Mobile Network >> App data usage
  2. Select the app you want to disable background data usage on and toggle off Background data or toggle on Restrict app background data
  3. Repeat this step for as many apps as you want
  4. To disable background data usage for all apps, repeat step 1 above and click on the menu icon (three dots) at the top-right corner of the App data usage page.
  5. Select Restrict background data

On an iPhone,

  1. Go to Settings >> General >> Background App Refresh
  2. Click on Background App Refresh again and select Off to disable it for all apps
  3. To disable it for selected apps, select WiFi or WiFi & Mobile Data, go to the previous page, and toggle on or off on the selected apps

Fix 4: Mobile Data

You can turn OFF mobile data on your iPhone for network-heavy apps. To do this,

  1. Go to Settings >> Mobile Data
  2. Here, you can see how much data each app has used over a period
  3. Toggle OFF on any app to turn OFF mobile data for it

If you’re battling an internet connection problem on Android and iPhone, you should calmly try the fixes and troubleshooting tricks highlighted in this article. If they don’t work, you can seek the assistance of a licensed professional.

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