Phone Letters to Numbers – How to Convert and Dial Phone Letters

By John Adebimitan

Converting Phone letters to numbers is no longer a new thing. Businesses no longer use the familiar actual numbers we all grew up with while doing business. Instead, a vanity phone number like 800-call-today is what they give you instead of a regular phone number. Converting the alphabet into numbers is a pain and takes a lot of time. But not to worry, we’ve written out the best way to convert those phone letters to numbers.

Phone Letters to Numbers – Understanding the Marketing Ploy

Once upon a time, we all had to memorize different phones numbers, which was quite exhausting. Because it’s not exactly easy to remember all those numbers without making a mistake, companies today make use of toll-free and local vanity numbers. It’s easier for people to remember your business if they have a unique phone number in mind.

There is a good chance that you can’t remember a 10-digit phone number as well as you can a vanity number. According to 800Response, vanity 1-800 numbers have a 75% greater recall rate than numeric toll-free numbers.

These numbers are even 58 percent more memorable to customers than the URL of a website. We recall information by connecting it to previously learned material.

Most companies pick the design and catchphrase that tells the world who they are. It is the same with their telephone numbers. Choosing a catching phone number is a good marketing strategy.

By using a custom phone number, businesses may demonstrate their individuality while also reinforcing their brand identity. Businesses choose digits that spell a phrase or even the name of their business to better align with their branding goals. It’s also a smart move to have a phone number state what you do or what you have to offer.

The type of product or service they give to clients can be deduced from the information provided alone.

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Phone Letters to Numbers – Decoding and Converting the Letters

Before the existence of android phones, telephone keypads used to have letters and numbers, allowing for the formation of words, names, acronyms, abbreviations, or alphanumeric combinations. These are referred to as phonewords. These phonewords are more memorable than a series of numbers.

However, there are numerous telephone keypads now, each with a unique mapping of numbers to letters, most phones now use the ITU .161 standard when placing letters on their phone keypad.


With this service, you can convert phone numbers to a word as well as phone letters to numbers and any letter combination. However, due to the volume of data, the maximum number of possible letter combinations is 60000.

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Converting Phone Letters to Numbers Using the A1Z26 Cipher

There are other ways to convert these phone letters to numbers.

One of the simplest ways to translate phone letters to numbers is to number them so that A=1, B=2, and so on. This is referred to as the A1Z26 cipher. A1Z26 encryption necessitates keeping track of the alphabet’s positions/ranks. Take the alphabet table, for example; each number will have to correspond with each letter of the alphabet:


So replacing the number with the alphabets will decode the vanity number (A = 1, B = 2, C = 3… Z = 26)

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Converting Phone letters to numbers Using ASCII code

  • This requires shifting the number such that the letters can begin with A = 0 or A = 1 but can also begin with A = 65 or A = 97.
  • The addition of an extra character to indicate space (usually 0 or 27)
  • The use of leading zeros. This enables the concatenation of numbers such as AB = 0102; otherwise, AB = 12 and 12 = L.
  • Using a new alphabet or reversing the alphabet (A=26, Z=1)
  • Use of the alphabet module. This is so that the numbers read in a sequence like 1=A, 2=B,…26=Z then 27=A, 28=B, and so on.

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Best Online Phone Letters to Numbers Converter

There are various tools online that can help you convert phone letters to numbers. All you have to do is find the one that works for you.

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