Places to Buy Phone Numbers for Telemarketing

By John Adebimitan

So, you’ve probably read our article on How to Sign Up Phone Numbers for Spam Calls and Texts, and you’re now wondering about places where you can buy phone numbers for telemarketing from telemarketing list providers. Depending on your target audience, these providers can provide a tailored list of potential customers.

It is best to decide on your target audience’s age, income, occupation, marital status, and location before contacting a provider – this would help with specificity.

Before buying, you should ask if the list has been sold to other telemarketers. If you are using a new provider, you might want to ask for sample numbers before paying to be sure they match your specifications.

Places to Buy Phone Numbers for Telemarketing

Some of the best telemarketing list providers are;


As you can tell already, many of these options are paid, and you might need to spend quite a lot to get the size of numbers you want and to send the size and volume of texts you want out there. So we have a few options that we have suggested below to help you get started for cheap and with pretty unlimited potential.

Phone Number Extractors/Scrapers

You can use phone number extractors or phone scrapers. Within minutes, these extractors/scrapers gather millions of active phone, mobile, or fax numbers for telemarketing or SMS marketing.

You can also export the collected numbers in Excel, CSV, and Text formats. They could also offer different filter options to limit the search in terms of relevance.

Two of the best and most popular phone number extractions/scrapers are; cute web phone number extractor and top lead extractor.

Others include;

  1. Atomic lead extractor
  2. Miniwebtool
  3. Binary clues
  4. Monkeylearn

Some email extractors are;

  1. Email grabber
  2. Autopark software
  3. Email extractor 14
  4. Email extractor pro
  5. Top lead extractor
  6. Cute web email extractor
  7. Y-leads extractor
  8. Email extractor chrome extension
  9. Gmail email extractor
  10. Email checker/email extractor


A different and more recent method of getting phone numbers for telemarketing is robot dialing. A robodialer helps you dial a range of numbers to find active ones.

All you need to do is select an area code and prefix. The robodialer will then dial every number from 0000 to 9999. The call will be transferred to you if someone picks up or clicks 1 or anything you set it to. If no one picks up, it goes on to the following number.

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Google Maps/Business

Most people don’t know this, but you can get a world of information from google maps. Nowadays, most people use ‘Google maps‘ and ‘Google my business‘ to boost their businesses. Here, you can find the contact information of several companies depending on your target.

For example, you are looking to market a new carpentry tool. So, you go to Google maps and search for ‘Carpenters in Minnesota’. Google maps will then provide a list of carpenters in Minnesota and their company names, location, customer rating, and working hours.

When you click on any company name, it provides even more information, including the company website link, address, zip code, phone numbers, driving directions, photos, and nearby locations.

The downside to using this method is the transfer from Google maps into excel or CSV format. This has to be done manually. However, there could be some online tools or browser add-ons that make the process faster. One such tool is ‘ListGrabber‘– it helps grab the information from Google maps into a list. Unfortunately, it is not a free tool.

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