Powerbeats Pro Not Charging? Best Fixes to Try

By John Adebimitan

Our daily lives have been transformed by wireless earphones. Carrying extra electronics while exercising, working, or relaxing with music is a thing of the past. That’s why your Powerbeats Pro not charging properly can be quite upsetting. To know what causes this issue and how it can be fixed, keep reading the article.

Powerbeats Pro Not Charging? Causes

One of the most common complaints about the Powerbeats Pro is the device losing contact with the charging magnet. Sometimes, Powerbeats Pro users find their earbuds are out of charge, even if they were in the case “charging” all day.

Even when carefully placed in the charging magnet, this may still happen. Many users believe the charging issues are the result of a hardware design defect. So, when you close the case, one of the earbuds’ earhook will pull the other earbud out of place, causing them to not rest correctly in the charging case

Exposure to Water

Don’t expose your Powerbeats Pro to a constant flow of water. The Powerbeats Pro is water-resistant but not waterproof, so apply caution. When this happens, your gadget may experience a short-circuit leading to your Powerbeats Pro not charging.

Power Source Not Working

Another common cause of your Powerbeats Pro not charging is an issue with the power source. You should properly check the power outlet where you plugged it in, and by plugging in one of your other appliances, you may test the power outlet.

Check that the power outlet is operational by turning ON your appliance. If it doesn’t, look for a working power outlet and charge your Powerbeats there.

Powerbeats Pro not charging? best fixes

Powerbeats Pro not charging issue can be solved using various methods. This includes cleaning the device, double-checking the power source you’re using, and performing a forced restart or factory reset. Let’s examine each of the possible charging fixes for your Powerbeats Pro in more detail.

Fix 1: Clean the device

Accidental exposure to liquid or dirt can cause it to short-circuit, shutting OFF the charging capability. This is one reason why your Powerbeats Pro may not be charging adequately.

If it comes into touch with liquid, let it dry naturally or remove moisture with a cloth before burying it in dry rice for a few days or up to a week. Then clean it with a soft-bristle brush before attempting to charge it until it has a full battery again.

Fix 2: Check the power source

Because the Powerbeats Pro may also be charged via an electrical outlet, the issue may be with the power source rather than your device.

To see if your Powerbeats Pro is working, try charging something else with the same power source. Similarly, the device’s charger could be defective and need replacement. Before you go that route, try charging your device with another Powerbeats-specific charger to see whether it works.

Fix 3: Update your Powerbeats Pro

The Powerbeats Pro, like your PC, needs to be updated from time to time. Even with automatic updates from Apple, there may be an issue with a firmware level holding a corrupted file if it isn’t charging.

To update your Powerbeats Pro; Install the Beats Updater software, connect your smartphone, and plug in the charging case. You can click on the needed update if the newest firmware is not up to date.

Fix 4: Reset your Powerbeats Pro

You can fix your Powerbeats Pro not charging issue by resetting it. To reset your Powerbeats Pro, follow these steps:

  • First, put your earbuds in their case.
  • Leave the case open.
  • Then push and hold the system button until the red and white LED light flashes.
  • Now release the system button
  • Do not connect your Powerbeats Pro to your device immediately. Wait 15 minutes after connecting the charging wire. After that, connect your devices and make sure your earphones are charging.

How do I know if my Powerbeats Pro is charging?

You can know by pairing your Powerbeats Pro to another device, such as an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. The device should show the battery level when the earbuds are in the case and the Powerbeats Pro is held close to your paired device.

You can also check the charge state on your smartphone using the official Beats app.

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Why does my left Powerbeat not work?

Many customers perceive the charging issues are the result of a hardware design defect.

When you close the lid, one of the earbuds is frequently knocked off the charging pins. This is because the other earbud’s ear hook overlaps its own, drawing it away from the charging ports.

As a workaround, you can leave the case open while charging your headphones. When closing the case, the earphones may be jostled enough to pop out of the charging connectors.


We hope that the information in this article will assist you in resolving the issue of your Powerbeats Pro not charging.

Methods like using a different power source and cleaning your earbuds can help solve your Powerbeats Pro not charging issue.

Furthermore, while charging your earbuds sometimes, leave the case open. One of the earphones’ ear hooks may occasionally overlap the ear hook of the other earbud, yanking it out of its charging pins.

If the problem persists, try resetting your earbuds or getting them repaired.

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