PS4 Controller Red, Blue, White, Orange & Yellow – Solid & Flashing Lights Meaning

By John Adebimitan

The PS4 gaming console remains one of the most used in the world, even months after the PS5 gaming console was launched. And even though a lot of publishers are increasingly focusing their help articles and guides on the PS5 gaming console, we are still getting questions from readers who are still enjoying the PS4 console, and it just makes sense to create something that will help you guys.

The PS4 controller red, blue, white, orange, and yellow indicator lights have different purposes; from showing that your console is working fine, to showing that you need to fix things either on the controller or the gaming console. We’d be taking a look at each of these controller light colors, what they mean, and what you can do.

PS4 Controller Red, Blue, White, Orange & Yellow Solid and Flashing Lights Meaning

  • Flashing White Light – Low Battery, Connection Issues.
  • Flashing Blue Light – Syncing Issues
  • Solid Blue Light – Stable Connection, Synced, Player Number 1
  • Red Light – Player Number 2, In-Game Health Notification, USB Port and Hardware Issues
  • Orange/Yellow Light – Standby Mode, Switched OFF And Charging, In-Game Character and Health Condition
  • Flashing Orange/Yellow Light – Damaged Battery

What Does the PS4 Controller Yellow /Orange Light Mean?

The first indicator light we will be talking about in our article is the PS4 controller yellow/orange light. The PS4 controller showing the yellow/orange indicator light is a sign that the controller is in standby mode when turned ON. Likely, this shows up because you have left your controller inactive for some time. If you have your controller turned OFF, yellow or orange light on the controller means that the controller is charging.

If you are playing a game, the orange or yellow light sometimes shows up as part of the gameplay. An example is the orange / yellow light showing when you’re Super Charged in the game “Destiny”, while it shows when you’re playing as Trevor, Franklin, or Michael, and if you’re being chased by the police in GTAV.

PS4 Controller Yellow Light of Death (Flashes Orange/Yellow Light Once)

When your PS4 controller flashes orange/yellow light once and then turns OFF either when plugged into the power source or when turned ON and it just stops working; many times, this is a result of a damaged battery, and you would need to take it to the company and have them change the batteries and the controller should start working. But as a rule of thumb, when the controller flashes orange/yellow light once, chances are that the battery is damaged.

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What Does The PS4 Controller Red Light Mean?

If you’re playing a game when the PS4 Controller Red light shows up, then there is likely no issues as this indicates that you’re the second player (the first player’s controller should show blue), or another person is playing a PS4 within a reasonable distance. It would also indicate health levels in-game, with red showing that your health is critical. If the PS4 Controller Red light shows up during gameplays only, I wouldn’t worry much.

The PS4 controller red light showing and staying even when you’re not playing a game means that something is wrong with the controller, and something needs to be done about it quickly. It’s either because the PS4 controller hardware is broken, you have a defective or old battery, the USB port and/or charger of the controller is damaged, a damaged ribbon cable or the charger isn’t properly plugged into the game controller.

If it has something to do with the charger, a quick fix we recommend is taking the charger out and reinserting it after 30 seconds. Sometimes, resetting the controller and the game console also helps to fix the PS4 Controller Red light showing. As a rule of thumb, if none of these works, we recommend getting in touch with the PlayStation support.

What Does the PS4 Controller Blue Light Mean?

The PS4 controller blue light often indicates connectivity. A solid blue light during the setup process often indicates that the controller has been connected properly, and is ready to play. A solid blue light on the PS4 controller would also mean that you’re the first player. In a multiplayer setup, the first player will be having blue on their controller, while the second player will be having a solid red on their controller.

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What Does a PS4 Controller Flashing Blue Light Mean?

A PS4 controller flashing blue light means that it is trying to connect with the console. Generally, as soon as a connection with the console is established, the light will change to solid blue. If the PS4 controller flashing blue stops and turns OFF, you’re likely dealing with a syncing issue or a battery issue.

You would want to try charging the controller for around 30 minutes and try reconnecting it first. If the battery is very low, syncing isn’t always possible.

Second, you would want to reset the controller. To do this, turn the controller >> get a toothpick or a straighten paperclip and gently press into the pinhole on the back of the controller. After it de-syncs, you should be able to re-sync it successfully.

PS4 Controller Red, Blue, White, Orange & Yellow - Solid & Flashing Lights Meaning

A third thing to do with a PS4 controller flashing blue light is to connect via safe mode. To do this, connect the controller with the USB to the console >> press and hold the console power button until you get a beep sound twice >> wait for around 2 minutes and press the power button again until you hear the two beeps >> then connect via safe mode.

Why is My PS4 Controller Flashing White?

If your PS4 controller is flashing white light, it means that the battery is getting low and the controller needs to be charged. The second reason why the white light is flashing is likely that the controller is trying to connect to the console but failed due to an unknown error, but generally, a simple resetting does the trick.

You’d want to turn the console OFF >> insert a pin or toothpick into the reset hole on the back of the controller >> plug in the USB >> turn the PS4 ON >> press the PS button.

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