Jabra Elite Active 75t Right Or Left Earbud Not Working

By John Adebimitan

Have you ever had to deal with problems with either your earbuds or your wireless earbuds, and AirPods stop working? Many of us have.

When either the right or the left earbud suddenly stops working, what could cause it?

And what are your chances of fixing a Jabra Elite Active 75t Right Or Left Earbud Not Working issue?

The issues that cause one ear of your Jabra Elite Active 75t earbuds to stop working are pretty common among a range of different earbud products and brands. Hence, one fix can work for multiple brands of earbuds. Here are the possible causes and fixes whenever one ear of your earbud stops working.

Jabra Elite Active 75t Right Or Left Earbud Not Working? Best Fixes

Fix 1. Manually reset the Jabra Elite 75t & 65t earbud

If you’re using either the Jabra Elite 75t or the Jabra Elite 65t, and your earbud is dead and not turning ON, or just not working, this is one fix that has worked for many.

In the right or left bud close to the contact points, you will see a tiny hole >> get a thin pin or toothpick and use this to probe the hole GENTLY.

We must emphasize being gentle; don’t push the pin into the hole; a GENTLE probe will do.

Fix 2. Reset the charging case

If your Jabra Elite 75t or 65t right or left earbud still isn’t working, we recommend resetting the charging case.

Jabra Elite Active 75t Right Or Left Earbud Not Working

To do this, open the charging case and place the earbuds inside >> leave the lid open and plug it into a power source >> When the battery level indicator light comes up after 5-10 seconds, close the lid >> leave the earbuds in the case for around 2 hours until it is fully charged >> on your devices, unpair and forget the earbud >> take out the earbuds and try re-pairing them with your devices.

Fix 3: Re-pair the Jabra Elite 75t Earbuds

  • First, open your device’s Bluetooth settings.
  • Then, hold the button on both earbuds for three seconds until you see the LED light flash blue. This indicates that they’re in pairing mode.
  • Now, look for ‘Jabra Elite Active 75t’ in your device’s Bluetooth list and select it.
  • Wait for a successful connection message.
  • If you don’t see the earbuds listed, try restarting your device and repeating the pairing process.

Fix 4: Try the earbuds on another device

To further troubleshoot your Jabra Elite Active 75t earbuds, try them on a different device. This step will help you determine whether the issue is device-specific or not. Make sure the target device has a functioning Bluetooth connection.

  • Pair your earbuds with the new device by following the usual steps.
  • Play some audio to check if both earbuds are working correctly.
  • If the issue persists, it’s likely the earbuds, not your original device.

Remember, some issues could be due to outdated firmware. Be sure to keep your devices and earbuds updated.

Fix 5: Update the earbuds firmware

In dealing with your Jabra Elite Active 75t earbuds issues, updating the firmware is a vital step you shouldn’t overlook. Old firmware might be the culprit causing your earbuds not to work optimally. Here’s how you do it:

  1. First, download the Jabra Sound+ app on your device.
  2. Connect your earbuds to the device and open the app.
  3. In the ‘Headset’ tab, if an update is available, you’ll see ‘Update now’.
  4. Tap it and follow the instructions.
  5. Don’t interrupt the process, as it might damage your earbuds.
  6. Once it’s done, disconnect and reconnect your earbuds to your device.

If your earbuds are still not functioning well, the issue mightn’t be the firmware, and it’s time to explore other solutions.

Fix 6: Battery issues: Low Battery issues

With your Jabra Elite Active 75t earbuds, you might encounter issues related to low battery, which can cause the Jabra Elite Active 75t right or left earbud not working issue.

To troubleshoot low battery issues:

  • Make sure to charge your earbuds frequently. Running the battery completely down often can shorten its lifespan.
  • Use the charging case provided by Jabra. Third-party chargers may not provide the right voltage, causing damage over time.
  • Contact Jabra support if your earbuds frequently run out of battery too quickly. They might need to be replaced or repaired.
Jabra Elite Active 75t Right Or Left Earbud Not Working

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Way to Replace Just the Left or Right Earbud of Jabra Elite Active 75t?

Yes, you can replace just one Jabra Elite Active 75t earbud. Contact Jabra’s customer service or visit their website for options. They sell individual left or right earbuds to solve your issue.

Why Does My Jabra Elite Active 75t Earbud Battery Drain Faster Than the Other?

You might face a faster battery drain in one earbud due to extensive usage or a potential battery defect. Consider balancing your usage or contact Jabra’s customer service for potential battery replacement options.

Can I Use My Jabra Elite Active 75t Earbuds While They Are Charging?

No, you can’t use your Jabra Elite Active 75t earbuds while they’re charging. It’s essential to let them fully charge before use to ensure optimal battery life and functionality.

How Can I Prevent Future Issues With My Jabra Elite Active 75t Earbuds?

To prevent future issues with your Jabra Elite Active 75t earbuds, regularly update the firmware, clean them gently, avoid extreme temperatures, and ensure proper charging. Always handle them with care to prolong their lifespan.

Is It Possible to Use the Jabra Elite Active 75t Earbuds With Multiple Devices at the Same Time?

Yes, you can use your Jabra Elite Active 75t earbuds with multiple devices. However, you’ll need to manually switch the Bluetooth connection between devices, as they can’t connect to two sources simultaneously.

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