Fixes for Samsung Dryer Not Heating & Best Heating Elements for a Samsung Dryer

By John Adebimitan

Samsung dryers make life easier for us since taking care of our laundry becomes as seamless as possible. Samsung dryers sometimes develop issues, though, and we think it can be really hard to decode what could be wrong when dryers start behaving out-of-normal.

In this article, we will be discussing possible fixes whenever you notice your Samsung dryer not heating. In addition to this, we will be discussing one or two top-quality heating elements for a Samsung dryer for those who are more technical and would like to have this changed themselves.

Samsung Dryer Not Heating? Possible Cause and Working Fixes

From having issues with the cycle you’re using, issues with the settings to having issues with the heating element, a Samsung Dryer not heating is sometimes a result of lacking maintenance and sometimes misuse by the customer. So these fixes will try as much as possible to consider the different possibilities when a Samsung dryer not heating becomes an issue.

Check the Circuit Breaker

Most electric dryers have two circuit breakers, and these trip together if there are issues or changes in the operation of the dryer. One of these breakers control the spinning and operation of the dryer while the second breaker controls the heating inside the dryer. There are cases when only one of the circuit breakers trip, in which case the machine will probably be able to heat up but won’t spin, while in some cases, the dryer starts working and spinning but won’t be heating up.

To fix issues where one breaker trips, resulting in the Samsung dryer not heating, turn the dryer OFF, disconnect it from the power outlet (if possible) wait for around 2 minutes, and have it turned back ON.

Check Cycle

Some reasons why you might notice your Samsung dryer not heating could be because you don’t have the cycle set to use heat, hence it won’t be heating up. For example, a setting like Eco Dry causes parts of the cycle, like the beginning or end of the cycle to run without heat. So you should contact the user manual, check the Samsung dryer cycles, settings and features to be sure of how your Samsung dryer works.

Power Supply

Most electric dryers need around 240V of electricity to be able to run efficiently, so the supply needs to be able to match this. Depending on where you live, trying to run the dryer on low electric current, or trying to use a power generator that can’t power the dryer will lead to the Samsung dryer not heating. So confirm that you have enough voltage to run the machine.

Test Run for Heat

You would want to know if the issue is a slow heating process, or if it needs an adjustment to the settings. To do this, you will need to set the dryer to time dry, turn the Eco Dry OFF (if it’s a feature that comes with your dryer), then start the dryer. Run the machine for around 30 seconds, open the machine and feel inside. This short test run shouldn’t deliver too much heat, so if you feel even a little heat inside the machine, it’s a sign that the machine is working and would need an adjustment in the temperature setting.

Increase the Dryer Level

The next step we will recommend is increasing the level of hot air the dryer emits. This is especially the case if you notice some heat in the machine after trying the previous tip. This is pretty easy, and most Samsung dryers have a very simple-to-use interface, so increasing the dryer level wouldn’t be an issue.

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Check and Clean the Exhaust Vent

If you notice your Samsung dryer not heating, chances are that the issues are with the exhaust vent. If an exhaust vent is blocked, heat and moisture wouldn’t get a chance to escape, and most of these machines are designed to reduce the heat as much as possible to protect against overheating and fires in the vent. So you would want to ensure that you clean your vents at least twice a year to keep them in optimal condition. Here is a video that can guide you through cleaning your Samsung dryer exhaust vent:

YouTube video

Clean the Lint Filter

This is also very similar to the above-stated point. When your Samsung dryer doesn’t get a chance to reduce heat by expelling the hot moist air, it will reduce its heat. The lint filter makes it possible to expel this moisture, and it’s known by technicians as the first place to look when the dryer won’t heat because it’s the one place through which moisture gets out of the machine. Here is a video that will help you clean the lint filter:

YouTube video

Damaged Thermal Fuse

The thermal fuse keeps the dryer’s heat in check and protects the dryer from damages caused by overheating. The thermal fuse also protects a Samsung dryer against power surges. With the use of a multimeter, you should be able to test to know if the thermal fuse is in good shape.

Damaged Heating Element

If none of the above works for you, then chances are that the heating element is the reason for your Samsung dryer not heating. The heating element is the component that ensures that your dryer is hot enough, so if the dryer is running but isn’t heating, you just might need a new heating element.

If you think the heating element on your Samsung dryer is the issue, let’s take a look at some of the best heating elements for a Samsung dryer.

Best Heating Elements for a Samsung Dryer

Here, we are sharing a few high-quality heating elements for a Samsung dryer. All you have to do is select which one is going to be a fit for your Samsung dryer model.

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