Samsung One Connect Box: Worth the Investment?

By John Adebimitan

So you have managed to save up and buy that large and super amazing Samsung QLED TV, and now you’re being told that you need a Samsung One Connect Box. Why? What for? And where would you put the One Connect box if the whole idea of buying a TV these days is to give that minimalistic feel to your home?

Well, this article will go in-depth, helping you see what the Samsung One Connect Box is and if it’s worth the investment.

What is the Samsung One Connect Box?

The Samsung One Connect box is a type of Jackpack that makes connecting all your favorite devices to a compatible Samsung TV easy. It’s like a multi-media receiver and a built-in TV tuner, all in one.

Depending on the model you plan on buying, you should see ports like Audio Out, IR Out, Antennae (Ant) in, HDMI In, Lan In, Digital Audio Out, EX-LINK, USB IN, One Connect, and Component and AV In.

Benefits of the One Connect Box

If you have ever wondered why wire clutters around your TV and sound systems, then the Samsung One Connect Box aims to solve all of that.

We used to have wires from our Satellite dish, gaming system, and others running down the wall; now, with the One Connect box, all you need to send to your TV is one cable, the HDMI One Connect Cable.

That’s how cool the One Connect box can be.

Samsung One Connect Box Issues

While the One Connect box is a powerful small tech of its own, making your living space worth seeing, it comes with one or two issues that you should be prepared to deal with.

The One Connect box’s Invisible Connection Cable isn’t as long as we would expect (it’s used to connect the One Connect box to the TV).

So if your TV is too distant from the One Connect box, either too high or too far, there is a chance that the Invisible connection cable will fall short.

Some customers have tried to mount the One Connect box to the wall, but the downside is that the box could fall off and break if not mounted well. This will make it impossible to use your TV until you fork out more cash to buy another one.

I know a couple of friends who have drilled holes in the wall to solve this issue, and it comes with its own set of problems.

You’d be damaging your walls and have to Invest in repairs just to pass wires for your TV set.

It also limits how much redecoration you’d be able to do in the future, which ends up being a limiting option too.

Some have used cable ties and self-adhesive tie mounts, which have worked just fine.

How to Hide Samsung One Connect Box

You can hide the One Connect box in a different room and try to have all your connections there.

The Invisible connection cable is around 3.4mm in diameter and 49 feet long, so it should be able to work if you mount it on the wall back-to-back. It should work easily with a Samsung TV wall mount.

While running your cable, it’s important to take care and not strain it too much. Don’t bend it at harsh angles.

You might choose that option if you don’t mind drilling the wall and connecting it in-wall. It will hide the One Samsung One Connect box out of sight.

Do I need Samsung One Connect box?

If you are using the 2018 QLED TV or anything newer, chances are you need a Samsung One Connect Box to be able to use your TV.

The One Connect box is designed to take away all of the extra work and allow you to connect one Invisible Cable that powers your TV.

So there is no longer any need for power cables and all other cables. With one cable, you’ll be able to get everything you want on TV.

How Do I Connect My Samsung One Connect Box?

Here is a step-by-step video guide that will help you.

YouTube video
  1. Connect the One Connect Invisible Cable to the One Connect Port on the back of the TV.
  2. Connect the other end of the Invisible Cable to your One Connect Box.
  3. Connect the power cord to the One Connect box and plug in the power source’s other side.

Samsung One Connect Box Review

The Samsung One Connect box is a powerful piece of technology. It generally takes us closer to the idea of a truly smart home. With this connect box, we will be able to have a neat living space, and keep all the cable out of sight while adorning our living space with the latest in television technology.

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