Samsung TV HDMI No Signal? Best Fixes

By John Adebimitan

HDMI is a very important component of any Samsung Vv. Through this connection, external media players like computers, streaming players, game consoles, or cable TV connections can be displayed on your TV. When the HDMI ports are working at an optimal level, you won’t have a problem with any of these connections.

There are times when the HDMI port will just stop working. As you try the connection, you get an error message in return stating that “Samsung TV HDMI no signal.”

While it is true that there is no permanent damage yet, the error message shows that there is an issue you need to fix immediately before establish that HDMI connection. This article examines common causes of Samsung TV HDMI no signal error messages as well as how to troubleshoot these errors.

Samsung TV HDMI No Signal? Causes

Here are the reasons why you are getting the ‘Samsung TV HDMI no signal’ error message.

Loose Connection: The HDMI cables will normally need to be plugged into respective ports both on your TV and on your source device. If your source device is a laptop, it could be that the HDMI cable is not tightly fitted to the HDMI port of your laptop or your Samsung TV.

Faulty HDMI Cable: If the HDMI cable is bad, the HDMI connection may either not work at all, or may work for a while and trip off randomly. Samsung TV owners may start experiencing this especially if that cable has not been changed for a very long time.

Faulty HDMI Ports: Even if the HDMI cable is fine and tightly fitted if the HDMI port is faulty, the error message will always be ‘Samsung TV HDMI no signal.’ Several things can cause temporary damage to the HMDI ports. Accumulated dust, water, oil, or food particles in the ports can hinder its connection to another device.

Incorrect Source Device Settings: If you are connecting a game console, for example, to your Samsung TV, to establish a connection between both devices, you need to set your game console to HDMI mode the same way you have your TV in the HDMI mode. Incorrect settings on the source device will only result in an HDMI connection error message.

Software Issues: If you are using a Samsung smart TV, there are occasional updates to the system. Each user is required to download and install these updates as soon as they are available to keep enjoying the TV functions at an optimal level. Ignoring these updates can cause software issues that may in turn cause certain TV functions to start misbehaving. This could also be a reason why there is no signal even when all HDMI components are intact.

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Samsung TV HDMI No Signal? Best Fixes

Feel free to try out any of these fixes if you do not know what exactly is responsible for the Samsung TV HDMI no signal error message you are getting. However, if you know where the problem lies, it’s easier to figure out which of these fixes will work best for you.

Fix 1: Check and Reconnect Cables

Disconnect the HDMI cable from both devices and reconnect the cable. This time, make sure each point of contact is not loose. Fit the cables to the ports tightly. The error message should be gone after this.

Make sure the HDMI cable is in good condition. Check for any cut or point of partial contact in the cable. Based on your examination, if you feel the cable needs to be replaced, do not hesitate to change the HDMI cable.

Fix 2: Clean the HDMI ports

Since dust, water, food particles, and oil can all cause temporary damage to the HDMI port, you must clean the ports. You will need a clean piece of cloth and a thin stick or pin. Wrap the clean cloth around the top of the pin and gently clean the HDMI port. Repeat the same cleaning procedure as many times as required until you are sure the ports are clean. After doing this, reconnect the HDMI cable.

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Fix 3: Power reset Samsung TV

To power reset your Samsung TV, do the following:

  • On your remote control, press mute, 1, 8, 2, and power in that specific order
  • This command pulls up factory reset options. Select Options
  • Next, select Factory Reset

Once the Samsung TV resets and turns ON automatically, try the HDMI connection once again. This should fix any lingering HDMI connection issues.

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Fix 4: Update Samsung TV software

Sometimes, updating your Samsung Smart TV is the only way to fix this problem. To update your TV,

  • Go to Settings on your TV menu. Click the icon
  • Select Support and wait for it to display its menu
  • Next, choose Software Update
  • Choose one of Manual or Automatic Update

Complete this update, turn OFF your TV, and turn it back ON. After this, try to reestablish the HDMI connection.

To prevent any future re-occurrence of software update issues, select Automatically Update. This will download and install any available update to Samsung’s software as soon as it becomes available without prompt.

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