Samsung TV Red Light Blinking 6 Times (FIXED)

By John Adebimitan

Samsung electronic products are generally regarded as high quality and reliable, and the Samsung TV is not an exception. Still, as with any other electronics, there may be times when they develop faults that require fixing. An example is your Samsung TV red light blinking 6 times, with the TV refusing to come on.

This is an issue no TV owner wants to have to deal with. It is a fairly common issue and can be very frustrating. Fortunately, we are right here to help you diagnose the issue and, hopefully, come up with working fixes.

Samsung TV Red Light Blinking 6 Times? What Causes the Problem

First things first – what causes your Samsung TV red light blinking 6 times without the TV coming on? Since this flickering is not indicative of a particular issue, let us run through the possible sources of this problem.

  • Power supply board:  If your Samsung TV keeps blinking without turning on, chances are that your power board may be faulty. A bad power supply board could be a result of the excessive inflow of electric current. If this is the case, you will need to take your Samsung TV to a verified technician to have it looked at.
  • HDMI glitch: If your Samsung TV is an older model, then the problem may be from HDMI connections to a console or other devices. Simply unplugging all the connections to the TV and turning the TV back on will be adequate to fix the issue, if this is the case.
  • Wrong source selection: Sometimes, the fault may be from selecting an incorrect source from the TV. As a result, your TV may not be able to receive the signal it needs to launch.
  • LED backlighting issues: This is also a fairly common cause for the Samsung TV red light blinking 6 times. The LED backlight developing issues can result in your TV not coming on, with flickering light.

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Samsung TV Red Light Blinking 6 Times? Working Fixes

  1. Reset the TV: This is a pretty simple trick that may fix this issue.
    1. Use your remote to Power OFF your Samsung TV, or press the power button on the TV >> Unplug the TV from the power source. Wait for about 30 seconds >> Press and hold the power button on the TV for about 15 seconds. >> Plug the TV back to the power source and power it on.
  2. Power cycle your TV: This is another option that could fix issues your Samsung TV may experience. You can consider it something of a power nap to refresh your TV and bring it back to shape. This should be the next step if a simple reset does not work.
    1. Again, power off your TV with the remote or power button >> Unplug the TV from the power source and Power OFF your surge protector, if your TV is connected to one >> Wait for about 15 minutes >> Press and hold the power button for about 60 seconds >> Plug the TV back into the power source while holding on to the power button >> Power on the TV and check to see if it comes on.
  3. If the issue persists, then hop on to the next step, using the buttons on the TV, not the remote.
    1. Press and hold the Menu and volume down (Vol-) buttons >> While holding on to these buttons, press the Power button on the TV >> At this point, the blue light should come on and stay on >> keep holding the Menu and Vol- buttons for 10 extra seconds before releasing them >> If this fix works, the TV should begin displaying images in about 30 seconds.
  4. Unplug any cables and devices attached to the TV: If your Samsung TV red light blinking 6 times is due to an HDMI glitch, then the step to fix the issue is to unplug all devices that are plugged into the HDMI source. These devices may be game consoles, cameras, computers, decoders, streaming boxes and sticks, and others.

After connecting the devices plugged to the Samsung TV via the HDMI port, turn ON the TV and see if it comes on.

  • Contact the Samsung customer support or a technician: If none of the fixes above have fixed your Samsung TV red light blinking 6 times issue, then it may be a hardware issue that is best handled by a professional. Of course, you may choose to grab a screwdriver and hop on YouTube, but I would not recommend this.

If the TV is under warranty, you will not have to pay anything to have it fixed.

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In conclusion, your Samsung TV red light blinking 6 times may be caused by several things. Hopefully, one of the fixes discussed above will do the job and correct the problem. If not, you should contact Samsung customer care or take the TV to a professional technician.

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