Samsung TV Volume not Working? Possible Causes, Best Fixes

By John Adebimitan

What’s a TV without sound? A photo box? Sound is extremely important to visual experiences. As such, it is really frustrating when there is a sound dropout especially midway through a movie or show. It could be that the TV sound isn’t coming out at all or you have issues adjusting its volume. Your Samsung TV comes with a Sound Test which shows if your TV’s sound system is in good condition or not.

In determining fixes for the “Samsung TV volume not working” problem, we will be suggesting possible causes as well. To avoid the problem, take note of what could likely cause it and avoid them. On the other hand, if you are presently facing this problem, these possible fixes can be of help.

Fix 1: Modify Speaker Selection Setting

This is the first option we will recommend for the “Samsung TV Volume not Working” issue. Press Menu on your TV’s remote >> select the Sound menu option >> select TV Speaker >> then set it to On. Now, check to see if the problem is fixed.  If you want to use an external speaker, make sure it’s connected to your TV with the menu set to provide the correct audio output to your TV.

Fix 2: Reset Smart Hub

If the volume is stuck on your Samsung TV, with the volume refusing to move up or down, try to reset Smart Hub. You can do this by disabling the Autorun Smart Features on your TV. Go to Settings >> General >> Smart features >> Autorun smart hub (disable).

If you can’t find the above screen, try this:

Go to Settings >> Support >> Self diagnosis >> Reset smart hub

Fix 3: Replace or Reset a Bad or Loosely Fit Cable

Replacing a damaged HDMI cable might be all it will take to fix your “Samsung TV volume not working” problem. If you are using a new HDMI cable, confirm that the HDMI port is compatible with the HDMI cable you’re using. Also, if there has been a wrong connection, checking and adjusting the connection of the HDMI might fix the problem.

Fix 4: Reset TV

Resetting your TV might be all it takes to get the volume working again after trying other possible fixes. This should fix whatever opaque issues there might be in the background. To do this, go to Menu >> Support >> Self diagnosis >> TV reset.

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Fix 5: Check for TV Updates

If there are software updates available for your TV, now will be a good time to update your TV’s software. Go to Settings >> select Support >> select Software update.

You might want to do the same for your external speaker if that option is available.

Fix 6: Turn ON Your Sound Bar

As simple as this sounds, it’s likely you forgot to do that. Always check your soundbar to ensure it’s turned ON as it’s one of the common causes of the “Samsung TV volume not working” issue.

Samsung TV Volume not Working? Possible Causes

Some of the reasons why your Samsung TV volume is not working is probably because the speaker select setting is incorrect, you are using a wrong or damaged cable or there is some hardware problem. It could also be as simple as forgetting that you are muted or that your soundbar is OFF.

Your Samsung TV comes with a sound test that can help to determine if the problem lies with your TV hardware or not. If your TV hardware is intact, this test plays a melodious sound through your TVs speakers. But, if there is some sort of hardware failure, it will make no sound. To access this feature, click Menu on your TV’s remote, select Support >> Self-diagnosis>> Sound test.

Once the melody sounds, you can explore other possible causes of the problem.

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Incorrect Speaker Selection

With the speaker select setting, you can choose to use an external audio device or your Samsung TV’s speaker for audio output. If your Samsung TV volume is not working, it could be that your TV is connected to an external audio device while you are trying to play sound with the TV’s speaker. The wrong speaker selection setting could be the reason for this.

Wrong or Damaged Cables

Another cause of the “Samsung TV volume not working” issue is the cables. If the cables connecting your TV to an external audio device are damaged or connected wrongly, you won’t get any sound from your TV.

External Hardware Issues

If, for example, an external speaker connected to your TV develops a fault, you might not get any sound no matter how much you increase the volume. Restoring audio functionality might require that you disconnect the device from your TV and switch to the TV speaker via the speaker source setting.

TV Hardware Failure

If while troubleshooting, you discover that there has been some hardware failure, it might be the reason why your Samsung TV volume is not working. Repair or replacement are your only options with this.

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