Samsung TV Won’t Turn ON, No Red Light – Causes and Fixes

By John Adebimitan

The “Samsung TV won’t turn ON, no red light” fault has been an issue for many of us. For some, the Samsung TV won’t turn ON but the standby light is working; but in this case, it isn’t always easy to tell what could be wrong. If your Samsung TV blinks 5 or 6 times, we have found that this guide is very helpful.

So what can you do if you’re experiencing the “Samsung TV won’t turn ON, no red light” issue? In this article, we will be sharing a couple of different tips that will help you detect what could be causing this, and some fixes that are known to work effectively.

Samsung TV Won’t Turn ON, No Red Light – Possible Causes

In this section of the article, we will be sharing a few things that would cause the “Samsung TV won’t turn ON, no red light” issue:

Damaged Standby Light

This is not something you see often, but if the red standby light has some type of damage, you won’t be seeing the standby light come on, even though technically, you can still turn your TV ON.

No Power

This seems to be the biggest cause of these issues. If the Samsung TV won’t turn ON suddenly, and you can’t see the red standby light, the first culprit will be the connection to the power source. If the TV is not properly plugged into the power source, checking and adjusting the plug and the socket might be the fix for this.

Maybe it’s A Black Screen

Another thing you would want to confirm is that the TV isn’t already turned ON. The red standby light is expected to turn OFF or change colors as soon as the TV is turned ON with the remote control or the power button on the Samsung TV, so you want to be sure that this isn’t the case for your Samsung TV.

Issues with Cord or Plug

This should be related to power issues, but there are times when the cord is probably damaged or the fuse in the plug is burnt. If the Samsung TV cord is damaged, broken, or strained, then chances are that the TV won’t turn ON. If the 13amp plug on the TV cord is melting or due to extra load, the fuse gets burnt, then this will be the probable cause of your “Samsung TV won’t turn ON, no red light” issue.

Faulty Sockets and Surge Protectors

If you have surge protectors, sockets, or other gadgets that are meant to protect the TV from electric surges, you want to check that these are working fine. Your TV guide or any other surge protectors can be removed from the connection, then try having the TV plugged directly into the power source to be sure that – that isn’t the cause of this issue.

Board Issues

Whether it’s the relay that has fused out or the power IC that has gotten damaged, the last place to look if your TV doesn’t turn ON would be for a board/panel issue. For this, contacting a professional will be the way to go, but it’s probably going to be the best option should you be having issues turning your TV ON and the above fixes don’t work.

Samsung TV Won’t Turn ON No Red Light – working fixes

If for some reason your TV doesn’t turn ON, and the red standby light isn’t showing any signals, here are a few things to try:

Change Power Source and Electrical Accessories

The power source is the first place to look, and it would be the most likely solution for these issues. First, remove any mediums between your TV and the electrical socket ensuring that the electrical socket (wall or extension) is supplying power. (Checking the indicator light on the socket or plugging something like a phone charger helps you confirm it’s working fine or not).

You would also want to physically inspect the plug and the TV cable to be sure it’s neither strained, broken, or experiencing any types of damage. If you notice any damage either on the plug or socket, you will need to contact an electrician to have these changed. If you notice any issues with the TV power cord, you might need to get in touch with a TV technician.

Press Other Buttons on the Panel (Except the Power Button)

There is a chance that your “Samsung TV won’t turn ON, no red light” issue is caused by a black screen or a TV that has no picture. If your TV turns ON and you can interact with it after pressing any of the buttons on the TV (except the power button), then you might want to check out this guide on troubleshooting a black screen on Samsung TV.

If the TV comes on and works fine after pressing any of those buttons, chances are that your remote control is the culprit and in many cases, the battery just needs a change.

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Unplug and Replug

You would want to unplug the TV from the power outlet for around 30 seconds (of course this is if you’re sure that the power outlet is working fine). If the red standby light comes on and stays not (without blinking or flashing), your TV is receiving power and should turn ON.

This is something we would recommend that you try if the “Samsung TV won’t turn ON, no red light” issue starts after a power outage. If the power outage is sudden, and in some cases, gets restored immediately, it causes issues with the TV, extension sockets, and surge protectors.

Seek Professional Help

If this seems to be an issue with the power board or any other issues under the hood, we recommend contacting a professional or Samsung technical support if you have warranty coverage, as this could be issues with ICs or some other components on the TV board.

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