Security Policy Prevents Use of Camera – Best Fixes

By John Adebimitan

Imagine coughing up a good amount of money on the latest Samsung, only to get the ‘security policy prevents use of camera’ error when you try to take a picture. It can be super frustrating – I mean, you’ve paid so much money for this phone, and now you can’t use something as simple as the camera.

What is this security policy, and why is it stopping me from using my camera? – You might ask. Please keep reading to discover what causes this error and some of the best ways to fix it.

“Security Policy Prevents Use of Camera” – Causes

One of the most common causes of the ‘security policy prevents use of camera’ error is the interference of a third-party app. For example, if the third-party app controls the security policy permissions, it could stop the camera app from working.

Here are other likely causes of the ‘security policy prevents use of camera’ error:

  1. Enabled phone sensors
  2. Wrong configuration of the camera app settings
  3. Outdated OS
  4. Corrupt data in the camera app or device security
  5. Disabled permissions for the camera app
  6. Blocked functions on the device

“Security Policy Prevents Use of Camera” – Best Fixes

To fix the ‘security policy prevents use of camera’ error, you can try to restart your device without the sim card or SD card. First, turn off the device and carefully take out the SIM card and SD card. Then, fully charge the phone, turn it on again (without replacing the SIM card and SD card), and check if the camera works properly.

Here are some other fixes to try for the ‘security policy prevents use of camera’ error:

Fix 2: Clear Security and Camera Data And Cache

By clearing the data and cache of the camera app, you might also clear what caused the error message. Go to Settings >>Apps/App Manager >> Camera >> Storage to do this. Then, select Clear data and click Confirm. Also, select Clear cache and click Confirm. Once this is done, open the camera app to check if it works properly.

You can also clear device security data and cache via the settings app. First, go to Settings, click on the menu icon in the top right corner (the three vertical ellipses), then click Show system >> Device security >> Storage >> Clear cache. Finally, select Confirm to clear device security data and cache.

Fix 3: Safe Mode

Putting your device on safe mode would disable all third-party apps. However, if the camera works properly in safe mode, you can be sure that the cause of the error is a restriction or threat from a third-party app. After this, you can delete all third-party apps or review them to find the cause of the error.

Press and hold the power button until the power off menu pops up to put your phone on safe mode. Click on Safe mode and tap OK. Your phone will be restarted with all third-party apps disabled.

Alternatively, you can check which apps restrict the camera’s use via settings. Go to Settings >> Biometrics and security >> Other security settings >> Device admin apps. Here, you will see the apps that might be affecting the camera.

Fix 4: Update Device

When a phone runs on an outdated OS, there’s no limit to the issues that can arise until it is updated. For example, updating your phone might help eliminate the ‘security policy prevents use of camera’ error.

Go to Settings >> System >> About phone >> Software Update to update your phone. Then tap Check for updates, and if there are any, follow the prompts to download and install. Once installed, restart your device and check if the error is fixed.

Fix 5: Disable Sensors

To disable sensors on your device or turn sensors ON, access a quick menu from the home screen. First, find the Sensors OFF option and disable the sensors. After that, open the camera app to check that the error is gone. If it is, you can now choose to re-enable the sensors.

Fix 6: Uncheck Camera in Secure WiFi

The secure WiFi feature on Samsung is designed to provide added security to the user. However, it might cause issues within certain apps, like the ‘security policy prevents use of camera’ error. To fix this, go to Settings >> Connections >> WiFi >> Advanced >> Secure WiFi >> Apps, then find the camera app on the list and uncheck it.

Once that is done, restart the device and check that the error is gone.

Fix 7: Restore Camera to Default

There might be some misconfigured settings restricting the camera. First, launch the app and go to its settings to restore the camera app to its default. Then, find the Reset settings and select Confirm to reset. Finally, relaunch the app to check that the error is gone.

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Fix 8: Unblock Functions and Give Permissions

Some permissions that the camera app requires to function might be disabled. Enabling it could fix this issue. Go to Settings >> Apps/App Manager >> Camera and find the permissions required for the app. Enable them and check the app to see if the problem is fixed.

If the device is a work phone, then it might have mobile device management software there to monitor the use of the phone and block certain functions if need be. For example, the camera functions could have been blocked this way. To fix this, confirm that mobile device management software has been installed; the app usually has MDM letters. If you see an app like this, contact the company’s IT department.

Fix 8: Factory Reset

If none of these fixes work for you, you might have to return your device to its factory settings. To do this, go to Settings >> Backup & Reset >> Factory Data Reset >> Reset Device. We recommend backing up your data before taking this step to avoid losing it.

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