Fixed: Shark Vacuum Overheating

By John Adebimitan

Shark vacuum cleaners are powerful cleaning machines that make cleaning less of a chore and more fun. They have such impressive suction power that gets you that sparkling clean aura in your home.

As much as they give us one less burden to care about, they can develop issues like overheating which automatically turns them off amid cleaning. Well, is your shark vacuum overheating? Let’s look at some reasons why that could be happening and some fixes.

Shark Vacuum Overheating? Possible Causes

Overheating is an indication that something in your vacuum cleaner needs your attention. Note that your vacuum cleaner will not overheat for no reason even if there is no obvious indication of an issue.

Shark vacuum cleaners have a thermostat for motor safety. Since vacuum cleaners need airflow to function effectively, an unprecedented blockage could cause overheating, thus making the thermostat automatically turn it off. Here are three common causes of shark vacuum overheating.

Clogged Filters and Hose

Debris could build up over time, thus reducing airflow by clogging the filters. If pet dander, hair, or dust clog the filters over time, air will not flow through it, hence, your vacuum cleaner will struggle to suck up other dirt. The joint where the hose goes into the filter is another major spot to check. If dirt gathers over time within the hose, filter, or at that joint, this eventually leads to overheating.

Fixed: Shark Vacuum Overheating

Full Dirt Cup

If the dirt container is full with no space to take in more dirt, this can cause shark vacuum overheating. This is why it is recommended that you empty your dirt cup regularly to prolong the life of your vacuuming unit.

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Most shark vacuum cleaners have a 60 minutes run time. When you use them for more than 1 hour, you have overworked them. One way they complain and tell you they need rest is by overheating.

Electrical issues

If you check the filters, hose, and dirt cup and none of the above is the issue, it’s likely an electrical error. It might be a hardware problem, probably the cord is damaged or a motor problem which unfortunately will require professional handling.

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Fixed: Shark Vacuum Overheating

Possible Fixes for Shark Vacuum Overheating

Fix 1: When the hose or filter is clogged

For the hose, unplug and detach it. Then, use a slim stick or metal wire to remove accumulated dirt like pet hair. This might not be possible if the hose is very long but try to get as much dirt as you can out of it.

For the filters, remove and clean them thoroughly. Make sure you unplug the vacuum cleaner before carrying out any maintenance. First, remove the dirt cup and metal grate before taking out the filter. Check the instruction manual that came with your vacuum cleaner to see if it is washable or not.

Fixed: Shark Vacuum Overheating

If it is washable, wash it under cool water until the water runs clear. Then, airdry the filters for a day before putting them back in. Make sure they are completely dry before putting them back in. If the filters are not washable, dust them off using a brush until all or most of the dirt are gone before putting them back in.

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Fix 2: When the Dirt Cup is full

I’m sure you already know what to do. Empty it. Very simple. This should be part of your daily maintenance routine for your vacuum cleaner. Note that you only limit your user experience if you keep the container full. Eventually, suction will weaken and without enough airflow, it picks up less dirt, defeating the very reason for which you got the cleaner in the first place.

Fix 3: When Overused

Just like humans, machines need rest. If the overheating is caused by overuse, all you need to do is turn off the vacuum cleaner, unplug it, and leave it to rest for at least 45 minutes before running it again.

Fix 4: When it’s an Electrical Issue

Unwind the entire cord and check to see if there are any dents or damages. If the cord is frayed, you will need to change it. It is very risky to use your vacuum cleaner when it has a damaged cord. If though, you can’t find any outer damage, it might be that that part of its motor is damaged. This is a problem you can’t solve with a DIY method except you are an electrician.

Fixed: Shark Vacuum Overheating

If you are still under warranty, contact its manufacturer to get it fixed at no extra cost. As you can see, a case of shark vacuum overheating is as easy to diagnose as it is to fix, except it’s a motor problem. Just follow the methods described above, and you are on your way to cleaning with passion again.

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