Spectrum Internet Not Working? Possible Causes and Working Fixes

By John Adebimitan

Is your Spectrum internet not working? This article will be discussing a couple different causes of the Spectrum Wi-Fi not working or going out. We’d also consider a few different fixes. We’d be trying to make these fixes as detailed as possible, so that whatever Spectrum devices you use, there would be something you’d find useful.

Spectrum Internet Not Working? Possible causes

The most common causes of the Spectrum internet not working issue is a service outage or service downtime. A quick way to tell if the Spectrum internet not working issue is caused by service outages and downtime, this website compiles a record of reports of Spectrum service outages and downtimes. This will tell if the reason the “Spectrum Wi-Fi is connected but no internet” is because your area has either poor or no network coverage at that moment.

Overloaded ISP

Spectrum, like many other internet service providers, sometimes oversell bandwidths in an area. What this results in is a situation where the speed of our internet gets annoyingly slow. In some cases, leaving your internet unusable at certain times of the day when a lot more people are browsing and downloading. Other than switching to another ISP with better coverage in your area, I don’t think there is so much you can do in this situation.

Issues with the Upstream

While your ISP has control over the bandwidth, the internet upstream from your ISP, the “internet backbone”, is a different ball game. Your ISP doesn’t have control over any issues upstream, and both they and the customers just have to wait things out. (This isn’t the same with service outages and system downtimes, issues that are often within the control of Spectrum and other ISPs).

Destination Server Overloaded

This one isn’t within your control, but it’s something that you should consider. If you are trying to access a website but you’re unable to, chances are that the issue is with the destination server. A quick way to tell if this is the case is to check if other websites are loading fine.

Plan Expiration

In way too many cases, the “Spectrum internet not working”, or the “Spectrum Wi-Fi connected no internet” issue is a result of an expired internet plan. If your computer or mobile device is showing that the device is connected but no internet, you want to confirm that you still have an active internet plan, and if you have a data limit on your plan, you want to confirm that you haven’t exceeded the data limit for your plan.

Device Issues

Another issue could be the device in question. At one time, I noticed an unbelievable decrease in the speed of the internet after updating from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Rolling back the update fixed the issue for some reason. In some cases, we have noticed restarting the laptop or mobile phone that is being connected to the router fixing the issue.

Router or Modem Issues

If the router or modem in question is faulty, or for some reason, the modem or router hasn’t been restarted in a while, this could result in your Spectrum Wi-Fi being connected but no internet.

Spectrum Internet Not Working? Fix 1: Restart the router

If your Spectrum Wi-Fi is connected but no internet or the router is just not working, a quick fix we would recommend is restarting the device in question. For so many cases of the Spectrum internet not working, restarting the router or modem has fixed things.

Fix 2: Reset the Router

You should be able to have your Spectrum router reset to see if this fixes things for you. You should unplug your router from the power source or mains, leave it for around 2 minutes. Plug the router back into the power source, wait for between 2 and 4 minutes for the router to reboot. Try reconnecting the devices and see if the internet starts working again.

To reset your Spectrum Wi-Fi router online, go to Sign in in the Spectrum account or the Spectrum app >> select the Services tab in the account summary page >> click the Internet sub-tab in the Services & Equipment menu >> select the modem or router you want to reset >> select the Experiencing Issues? option >> select the Reset Equipment option.

Contact the Support for assistance

This will be something we recommend if the issue of your “Spectrum internet not working” persists for some time. You can contact Spectrum customer support to have them look at the issue. They’ll mostly be aware of any downtimes, and would easily change a router or modem if that seems to be the cause of the issue.

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