Spectrum Wi-Fi Router Red Light And Modem Online Light Blinking? Causes, Fixes

By John Adebimitan

Spectrum is one of the biggest internet service providers in the United States, and for pretty much any ISP we have seen, glitches in services, outages, and device faults are some of the most common things we have to deal with regularly. The Spectrum modem online light blinking and Spectrum Wi-Fi router red light are some of such device issues that many customers find really hard to understand. This article will be going into detail explaining these indicator lights, what could be a cause, and how to fix things fast and easily.

Spectrum Modem Online Light Blinking? Causes and Fixes

When you notice the Spectrum modem online light blinking, it’s often caused by an issue with the modem being unable to communicate with Spectrum as the line is either bad, isn’t connecting properly or the modem is bad.

How to fix Spectrum modem online light blinking

The Spectrum modem online light shouldn’t be blinking, it should be solid. So your best bet right now is to physically check the modem to be sure it’s working fine, or if it’s damaged.

Check and Fix Wiring

The second option if your Spectrum modem online light blinking issue persists would be checking the wiring. I was able to fix mine after noticing that the coax plug that I was trying to use was probably messed up and is damaged in the wall. I had an extra one, so all I did was rerouting it, and things worked fine.

Contact Spectrum

The last option if the modem isn’t damaged and the wiring is OK is to contact Spectrum and have them send their network engineer. They’ll surely be able to help you get this diagnosed and fixed in no time.

Spectrum Wi-Fi Router Red Light – Possible causes and working fixes

In most cases, the Spectrum Wi-Fi router red light will come on if there is a problem with the gateway, that is, the Wi-Fi router combo. The red indicator light comes on in all routers if there is an issue with the router, causing it to be unable to connect to the internet, so there might be a couple different things to check.

No Network Coverage

If the network coverage in your area is poor, or if the router isn’t placed where it can easily discover the network, it would probably have the red indicator light turned ON. Users who experience this often seem to see the red light come on when they change the position of the router, or if they move the router to an area with no adequate coverage.

Low Battery

If your router uses either an internal or an external battery, the Spectrum Wi-Fi router red light coming on is often an indication that the battery needs to be recharged. If your router isn’t plugged into the power source, having the router connected should have this fixed.

SIM Card Issue

I decided to have this part included because when you have any issues with your SIM card, issues ranging from a damaged SIM card to one that’s attached to an expired internet plan, the Spectrum Wi-Fi Router Red Light is something you can expect until this is rectified. As a rule of thumb, we recommend trying another SIM card in your router or inserting your SIM into another router if you suspect issues with the SIM card.

Inactive or Expired Internet Plans

While this could be related to SIM issues, Spectrum Wi-Fi Router Red Light coming on is sometimes because your internet plan is expired, and in some cases, you have used up to your allowable threshold, in which case you would need to reactivate your plan to clear the red light. Some routers continue showing the blue or green indicator lights that are often meant to show that the router is fine even when you have an inactive plan, while others just show the red indicator light, so you would want to consider the possibilities.

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Spectrum Wi-Fi Router Red Light – Working Fix 1

You would want to physically inspect your router, all cables, modems, and adapters to be sure there are no disconnections, weak connections, or breakages anywhere. This would mean ensuring Ethernet cables used are standard, that the Ethernet cables are securely plugged into the LAN and WAN ports, and that the power adapter of the router and the modem are working fine. You would also want to turn the router OFF and back ON and then be sure the area you’re using the router is an area with Spectrum network coverage.

Fix 2: Power-Cycle the router

Now, this isn’t the standard switching your router OFF and ON. To power-cycle your router, have it turned OFF >> unplug the router from the power source >> leave it for around 5 minutes >> plug it back into the power source and have your router turned ON.

Fix 3: Reboot the Gateway Device

To reboot the gateway device, disconnect the router from the power adapter >> remove the batteries >> leave it turned OFF for 60 seconds >> reinsert the batteries and connect the adapter cable back into the router >> the router needs a few minutes to turn back ON. You should then check to see if the Spectrum Wi-Fi Router Red Light is still showing, if it’s blinking, or if it turns blue and stays blue. Most people stop seeing the Spectrum Wi-Fi Router Red Light blinking or showing issues after trying this.

Fix 4: Wait It Out

If this is your first time experiencing this issue, and these fixes didn’t work for you, we have seen some people just wait it out. Since routers should be turned OFF every few days or weeks if in constant use, we recommend just waiting it out, maybe turning the router OFF and just waiting to see if it rectifies itself. There are so many cases of Spectrum Wi-Fi Router Red Light blinking that automatically rectified themselves after a few minutes or hours.

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