Telkom Private Number Code

By John Adebimitan

You’re keen on privacy, and you’re not alone. Telkom’s got your back with a feature that allows you to make calls without revealing your number. It’s easy and secure, but remember, it’s crucial to use it responsibly.

This Telkom Private Number Code guide will walk you through the process in a snap so you can keep your number to yourself while staying on the right side of the law.

Telkom Private Number Code

In your pursuit of privacy, you’ll find that using the Telkom private number code is straightforward. It’s as easy as pie. You dial #31#, followed by the number you wish to call. This method ensures that your number appears private on the recipient’s phone. Keep in mind that this only works for that specific call.

Your Telkom private number isn’t just limited to local calls. It also works for international calls, allowing you to maintain your privacy no matter where you are. This feature provides a shield of anonymity, allowing you to keep your number confidential, which can be vital for personal safety or business.

How To Make Your Number Private On Telkom

If you’re a Telkom user and wish to keep your number private, you can follow a few simple steps. This can be done by adjusting your phone’s call settings, which will be discussed further.

Using your phone’s call settings

You can also use your phone’s call settings to make your number private on Telkom. It’s a straightforward process that involves just a few steps. First, open your phone’s settings and navigate to the ‘Phone’ or ‘Call’ settings. Look for the ‘Additional Settings’ or ‘More Settings’ option, then select ‘Caller ID’. Choose ‘Hide Number’ to make your number private for all outgoing calls.

Considerations when hiding your caller ID

Before hiding your caller ID when using Telkom, you must weigh the potential implications and considerations.

Firstly, understand that some people may not answer calls from withheld numbers, impacting your ability to reach them.

Also, while hiding your number offers privacy, it mustn’t be used for illegal activities or harassment. Telkom can still identify you, and misuse could lead to penalties.

Lastly, it’s important to respect others’ privacy. If you’re calling someone who doesn’t know you, it might be best to show your ID. Transparency often builds trust and ease in communication.

Reasons to hide your Telkom number

You might want to make your Telkom number private for several reasons. Maybe you’re making business calls and want to maintain a professional image. Or perhaps you’re trying to protect yourself from unwanted calls or harassment.

Remember, this feature shouldn’t be used for illegal activities. The network can still identify you, even when using a private number. It’s a handy tool for those times when you need a bit more privacy or security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hiding Your Number on Telkom Work for Both Local and International Calls?

Yes, it does. When you hide your number on Telkom, it works for local and international calls. You’ll appear as a private caller, regardless of where or who you’re calling.

Are there Any Additional Charges for Making Calls With a Private Number on Telkom?

No, there aren’t any additional charges for making calls with a private number on Telkom. You’re only charged the usual call rates. So you can maintain your privacy without worrying about extra costs.

Does Hiding the Caller ID on Telkom Prevent the Receiver From Returning the Calls?

Yes, when you hide your caller ID on Telkom, the receiver can’t return your calls. They’ll see “Private Number” or “Unknown” instead of your number, so they won’t know who to call back.

Can I Permanently Hide My Caller ID on Telkom, or Do I Need to Dial #31# Before Each Call?

Yes, you can permanently hide your caller ID on Telkom. However, this requires changing your phone’s settings. If you don’t want to change settings, you’ll have to dial #31# before each call.

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