Word 2003 In Pictures

  1. Create a new document using the Professional Fax template.
  2. Type One World Travel for the Company Name.
  3. Type 123 Main Street for the return address.
  4. Enter the following information for sending the fax:

    To: Mary August
    Fax: 202-555-1345
    Phone: 202-555-1344

    Re: Flight Confirmation

    From: Joe Addler

    No. of Pages: 1
  5. Replace the Comments section with the following text:

    You are confirmed for flight 345 to London on American Airlines. You will depart from Dulles on 3/4/04 at 4:44pm.

    Bon Voyage!
  6. Save the document in the Word Documents folder as August Fax Sheet.
  7. Close the document.