Verizon Router Red Globe – What It Is and Best Fixes

By John Adebimitan

Choosing a good router from a good internet provider is important, and one of the fastest routers currently available is the Verizon router. But it can be frustrating and confusing when you don’t have internet access even though you’re sure nothing is wrong with your wireless connection.

This article discusses what the Verizon router red globe is and how to fix it. We try to share basic troubleshooting tips that have been effective for other users, so if these don’t work for your router, we recommend contacting the company and requesting they send a tech to look at things.

What Is the Verizon Red Globe?

On every Verizon router, the globe is the internet light. If the router is powered on, connected, and functioning as it should, this internet light is usually white. But when this white globe turns into a red globe, it means there is a problem with your internet connection. If the Verizon red globe flashes fast, it could indicate overheating, slow would indicate gateway issues while the solid red globe will indicate real-time internet connection issues.

Verizon Router Red Globe Flashing Fast

If the red globe is flashing fast (like 5 times per second), it indicates your router is overheating. When the router gets too hot, it messes with its smooth operation thus, the internet connection will be affected. Initially, the signal strength will fluctuate, and eventually, it collapses and goes off.

If your router overheats, it means that the router’s vent has been blocked or obstructed. A simple repositioning will do the router and your internet connection lots of good in this situation. The last section of this article discusses this problem in detail and shows how to fix it.

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Verizon Router Red Globe Flashing Slow

If the not-too-bright red globe is flashing slowly (like 2 times per second) it means that the internet connection issues you’re experiencing are coming from the gateway. When this happens, the internet connection will be very slow because the signal strength will start fluctuating. But be careful so you can differentiate if the Verizon router red globe is flashing fast or slow because users often confuse these two. Continue reading to find out how to fix this gateway problem.

Solid Verizon Router Red Globe

The most-reported Verizon issue is the solid globe. When the original white globe turns solid (bright) red, it means you are experiencing a real-time internet connection problem. There is no fluctuating signal or slow internet. You simply CANNOT connect to the internet.

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Verizon Router Red Globe – Working Fixes

Well, as frustrating as the Verizon router red globe issues could be, there are simple tricks that will help you to change that red globe to a solid white globe. Depending on the variation of the Verizon red globe issue affecting your router, one or more of these tricks may be enough to fix your internet.

Option 1: Check If Connectors Are Not Loosely Fitted

At times, the problem could be with the arrangement of connectors and switches. Locate any loose ends and re-tighten them all as they should be. Don’t just assume, physically inspect every connection point and fix them up. Once you are done, check if the red globe changes to white light.

If this doesn’t seem to fix it, unplug all the cables and wait for approximately 30 seconds before plugging them back in. When done right, this can fix your Verizon router red globe issue. If it doesn’t, try the next option.

Option 2: Check If There Is an Internet Outage

Sometimes the problem could be with Verizon as there could be a temporary internet outage. To confirm this, visit Verizon’s website and check the internet’s status in your locality. When the red light is bright and solid (as discussed above) this is likely the reason.

Most times, an internet outage will affect some areas probably because of scheduled maintenance. You will normally be notified if this will happen. On the website, you will see what Verizon is currently doing to fix it or the timeline of any maintenance-related outage.

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Option 3: Reboot Your Verizon Router

Resetting your Verizon router may be needed from time to time as with gateway problems (slow flashing red light). To reset or reboot your router, follow these steps:

  • Unplug the router and wait for about 30 seconds
  • Plug the router back in
  • Wait for at least 5 minutes before trying to connect to the internet

If this option still has not fixed your Verizon router’s red globe, try the next fix.

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Option 4: Try Factory Reset

Although this will delete any saved settings like the device name, don’t worry! It will reset the router to default (how it was when you first purchased it).  When done the right way, you can reconnect or re-configure your login details as well as other customized settings.

This should be the last resort and will most likely fix 99 percent of all Verizon router’s red globe issues.

Option 5: Contact Verizon Support

If you have tried all the options discussed and the Verizon router red globe issue persists, don’t hesitate to contact Verizon’s customer support for further assistance.

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