6 Best Video Conferencing Monitors With Cameras

By John Adebimitan

The coronavirus, COVID-19, surely gave rise to what is widely known as the ‘new normal’. From working 100% at your office desk to working 100% in your bedroom, there has been a higher demand for great video conferencing monitors. I picked six of my best video conferencing monitors based on Amazon reviews.

This article takes a look at some of the video conferencing monitors on Amazon that have the highest number of and best average reviews. These reviews are indicators of what people are buying, what is working, and what you will want to give a trial.

Best Video Conference Monitors on Amazon with Camera For Zoom Meetings- Camera Dell, HP, and Samsung Monitors

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Dell 24” Video Conferencing Monitor – Dell Monitor with built-in Camera, Speakers, and Microphone

The Dell C2422HE 24” video conferencing monitor comes with a 24 inches screen, a 2560 X 1440 resolution, a 5MS response time, and a 60Hz refresh rate. 24-inch 1440p monitors are some of the most on-demand monitors for people who need a monitor for productivity, and this one passes.

I also did appreciate the presence and positioning of the On-Screen Display joystick that makes accessing and changing settings and features pretty easy and seamless. And I think that of all the design features, this is one I especially appreciate.

On the quality of the display, the screen doesn’t affect your eyes and it isn’t too sharp to read on. On the lighting, this monitor comes with a 350 cd/2 rated backlight, it comes with a 1000:1 aspect ratio as we find on most IPS panels on the market.

Dell C2422HE

One of the biggest downsides for us, though, was the fact that it’s more suited as a business and productivity monitor and less as something for recreation and entertainment, and that is fairly noticeable in the speed and HDR.

There is an HDMI port, two DisplayPort connectors, and one DisplayPort-out for daisy-chaining additional monitors using the DisplayPort’s Multi-Stream Transport.

There are also two upstream USB-C ports [one is for only data, while the second supports DisplayPort over the USB alternate mode] that supply up to 90 watts of power delivery, so you will be able to charge a laptop that is connected to the monitor, either a MacBook, HP or Dell. This is the Always On Power Delivery feature that lets you charge your laptop with your monitor even when said monitor is turned off.

You’d also be getting four USB 3.2 Type-A ports, one USB-C port with around 15 Watts of power delivery, a 3.5mm Audio-out jack for when you’d like to connect a headset to the monitor. All ports are downward-facing, making it easy to have all your connections and manage your cables seamlessly.

Sceptre C345W-2560UN Curved UltraWide 34-inch LED Monitor Review

The Sceptre C345W-2560UN Curved UltraWide monitor is one gorgeous-looking 34-inch panel. From the first look to the first touch, you feel like you’re being offered some of the most premium features. The monitor doesn’t disappoint, though, as it sports adaptive sync support, and it is super wide and curved.

Sceptre C345W-2560UN

It’s a great option if you’re looking for a video conferencing monitor, wide-screen business monitor, and gaming monitor all-in-one. One of the best features of this is the color performance. The monitor makes everything on the screen almost close to real by showing as much detail as possible.

If you’re video-conferencing with either Zoom or Skype, you’ll be able to see all meeting attendees on the screen with ease and still be able to simultaneously perform other tasks on the monitor seamlessly. The panel sports a 2560 x 1080 pixel resolution, an 80Hz refresh rate which can sometimes go as high as 100Hz, a 320 cd/m2 contrast ratio, and an amazing 6 milliseconds response time.

Sceptre C345W-2560UN

What I didn’t like about this monitor was basically that it doesn’t come with HDR support and it doesn’t have a USB port.

Overall, being a competitively priced large video conferencing screen, being cheap, and coming with a couple of nicely built features, the Sceptre C345W-2560UN is one addition to your setup that you won’t regret.

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Philips 322E1C 32-inch Curved Frameless Monitor Review

The Philips 322E1C 32-inch curved frameless monitor gives you enough size to be fully immersed in your work and leisure. It works well for video conferencing and multitasking; it sports a flicker-free technology and LowBlue mode, which helps you work for lengthier periods and video conference at all times of the day without having eye irritations.

Philips 322E1C

The screen is big enough that you can split-screen with it, and you can synchronize it with multiple monitors. The monitor also comes with a stylish non-VESA base and built-in speakers, so you might not always need an earpiece or headphones for your meetings.

As for the display, I didn’t notice any blurring or ghosting, both when working and when playing video games. I used the monitor with my Mac OS X, and it performed well. If you choose to use a MacBook Pro, you will need an HDMI 2 to Thunderbolt converter; that seems like the only way to use this monitor with a MacBook Pro.

Philips 322E1C

The one feature I didn’t quite like is the non-adjustable mount of the monitor. If you’re anywhere around 2 meters in height, you might need something to raise the monitor so as not to cause strain on your neck and back.

HP 27er T3M88AA#ABA 27-Inch Monitor – HP Monitor for Video Conferencing

This is an amazing addition to any home office setup. The HP 27er is one of the most popular monitors out there that protects you, filters, and prevents radiation from causing you harm.

HP 27er

This 27-inch LED monitor comes with a smaller detachable stand; the resolution is 1920 X 1080 pixels, with a maximum refresh rate of 60Hz. The monitor brightness has been clocked at 250ch/m2; it can be tilted backward pretty easily.

HP 27er

While it’s great for work, it’s not a video gaming monitor as it’s not VESA compatible. The Monitor is very thin, and sturdy, sports 2 HDMI ports, and it can be set up with ease.

Some things I didn’t like about the monitor are its incompatibility with VESA for mounting and the fact that it can only be adjusted up and down. Overall, for its price, this is one nicely built monitor. If you’re a gamer who needs a gaming PC that can be used for work and play, then this is not the one for you.

HP 27er

Dell 24″ P2418HZ – Best Video Conferencing Monitor

This 24-inch Dell P2418HZ monitor was built specifically with video conferencing in mind. It comes with built-in functions that are designed to satisfy your demands for a top-quality video conferencing monitor. The Dell P2418HZ comes with a 2MP full HD camera with a privacy shutter, a noise-canceling mic, and two speakers out-of-the-box.

Dell 24" P2418HZ

The bezels on both sides of the video conferencing monitor are thinner, while the bezels on the top and bottom are bigger. The height of the monitor is adjustable; you can tilt, pivot, and even swivel the monitor seamlessly, making it one of the most ergonomic monitors for work.

For users who would like to have the monitor mounted around, it comes with support for VESA mounting, coupled with other customization features such as its HDMI ports, VGA ports, the two USB 3.0 ports, and the headphone out and mic combo jack which is built into the side of the monitor.

Dell 24" P2418HZ

For its price, coming as one of the best monitors for work out there, and being the best video conferencing monitor on this list, the Dell P2418HZ is surely worth every penny you decide to spill on it.

Philips 272E1CA Review – Best monitor for reading documents

If you need a basic monitor for work at home and casual gaming, the Philips 272E1CA will be a great fit. It’s 27 inches wide, so it will work just fine for work, video conferencing, and gaming.

The 27-inch Full HD display is clocked at 1920 X 1080 pixels; it is a curved LED display that is rated at 1500R curvature. You will also get AMD FreeSync technology, which gives you smooth performance with support for up to 75Hz frame rate. There is an HDMI DisplayPort VGA that works great for external audio and communication.

The Philips 272E1CA also comes with a built-in speaker and VESA-compatible wall cable slot, which helps in the management of the cables to give your setup a neater, more minimalistic feel. The LowBlue mode is another feature that helps reduce the blue rays from the monitor screen, protecting your health and giving you close to zero eye irritations.

If you’re in the USA, the Philips 272E1CA qualifies for the Philips Peace of Mind, a plan that allows you to get a replacement if anything goes wrong with the monitor in 4 years.

LG 34WK650-W 34-inch UltraWide Monitor Review – Best Computer Monitor for Zoom Meetings

The LG 34WK650-W 32-inch monitor is great for working, gaming, and occasional web surfing. The ultra-wide monitor helps you enjoy better performance when working and when gaming.

The monitor comes with Black Stabilizer, a feature that increases visibility in dark areas of games by altering the gamma curve. The Dynamic Action Sync gives you even more responsive gameplay.

LG 34WK650-W

The monitor allows you to place a custom crosshair on the screen, which gives you better precision in FPS games, while you get connectivity features like two HDMI ports, one DisplayPort, two 5W Built-in speakers, and one Headphone Jack. The display is coated with an antiglare 3H treatment, so you won’t have to deal with the harmful rays and irritation on the eyes caused by the monitor’s blue rays.

If you plan to use this monitor as a gaming companion in the future, you will surely love the low resolution as it is not as challenging for the GPU and CPU as the 3440 x 1440 pixel alternative.

LG 34WK650-W

Overall, for this price, the LG 34WK650-W is one of the best video conferencing monitors we can get out there.

Philips Brilliance 329P9H Monitor with Webcam Review – Large video conferencing monitor

The Philips Brilliance 329P9H is a high-quality 32-inch IPS LCD monitor. You get a full 4K resolution of 3840 X 2160 pixels, which by some metrics, will be the latest monitor technology in this range. The monitor sports a 1,300:1 static contrast performance, which is a ton higher than the 1,000:1 IPS we find on older monitors.

Philips Brilliance 329P9H

The monitor also comes with slim bezels, a full range of ways to adjust the monitor, including portrait, plus a popup 1080p webcam with microphone support and built-in speakers. If you are creating a gaming setup or a workstation that would require these features, the Philips Brilliance 329P9H seems to be an ideal choice.

I also loved the factory calibration of this monitor. I did put it through testing, and the color scales and gradients showed no flaws whatsoever. The color saturation is pretty strong, it looks natural, and the flesh tones are well-controlled. I loved the viewing angles of the Philips Brilliance 329P9H. The contrast performance, when we consider that this is an IPS monitor with one static backlight, will get a pass for sure.

Philips Brilliance 329P9H

The antiglare is free from sparkle; adding a 4K resolution gives you a pleasing SDR display. Overall, this monitor is worth every dime invested. From amazing viewing angles to great color saturation to being able to change the viewing position to fit your setup, the Philips Brilliance 329P9H does a pretty great job.


So those are the best-selling amazon video conferencing monitors. Each of these monitors has some unique features. Most are very affordable, and the sizes of the display make it possible to enjoy the very best of both work from home and leisure.

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