What Does Calling Restrictions Mean?

By John Adebimitan

If you have received this “the number you are trying to reach has dial restrictions that prevent this call” message or something similar when trying to put a call through, the receiver probably hasn’t paid his or her phone bill. But that is not all. There could be a host of other reasons.

While incoming calls could have been disabled by the user, you could have been blocked or your call got redirected to an invalid service or one that has not been properly set up.

Some parents also restrict their children’s phones to limit and check incoming calls. So, what does calling restrictions mean? What do they entail and how do you remove calling restrictions?

What Does Calling Restrictions Mean?

This usually means that the mobile service you called has been set up to only accept calls from a limited subset of incoming services or numbers. Although it is a safety feature promoted by some service providers to protect minors and teenagers, it can be used by others.

The number dialed might only accept calls from certain numbers, mobile networks, or only at certain times. This could also mean that the recipients have been suspended for not paying their bills or service being temporarily deactivated at the request of the owner.

Its also very possible that the person you are calling is using a call blocking feature that blocks calls from specific phone numbers, area codes, or mobile carriers.

How to Unblock Calling Restrictions

If your calls are restricted through your service provider, you will need to contact them to remove the call restrictions. If your parent or employer put the restrictions in place, they will have to be the one to contact your service provider to remove your calling restrictions.

Why Are There Calling Restrictions on My Phone?

This is probably because someone doesn’t want certain people calling you. It could also be that you are in a region where you are not allowed to make calls to certain numbers.

Sometimes, calling restrictions are placed on a phone if there are fraud suspicions or security concerns.

What Does Calling Restrictions Mean on Verizon?

If you try to make a call and you get the “Welcome to Verizon Wireless. We cannot complete your call at this time. Calling restrictions for this cellular telephone prohibit direct dialing beyond your designated service area” message, it could be because of the following:

  • You are outside your plan’s coverage area
  • Your call plan probably restricts roaming or calling outside your local area

But if you are dialing a Verizon phone and get the “Welcome to Verizon Wireless. We are sorry, the number you have dialed has calling restrictions that prevented the completion of your call” message, they could have been suspended for not paying their bills or service being temporarily deactivated at the request of the owner.

The person you are calling might be using a call blocking feature that blocks calls from specific phone numbers. He could be using the Verizon free Call & Message Block feature and won’t be notified of an attempted call from a blocked number.

At times, activating this call blocking feature could be accidental.

How Do You Know If Someone Blocked Your Number?

Note that you won’t get any notification about being blocked. But you can tell by the ringtone/voicemail pattern. You will probably get just one ring, then get sent straight to voicemail.

While you can leave a voicemail, it won’t go directly to the recipient’s inbox.  He or she has to go to a separate location to access voicemails from blocked numbers.

So, if you get multiple rings before a voicemail prompt, you are likely not blocked. But if you get just one ring before the voicemail prompt, you probably are.

Also, if you get a prerecorded message that says the number is unavailable, you could have been blocked. To confirm this, try calling the number from other phones. If all can reach it except yours, you are most likely blocked.

You can also tell if you have been blocked via text message. This method is more reliable for iPhones and iPads. Usually, when you send a message, you get a notification beneath it that shows the status of your message. It’s either “Delivered” or “Read.” The former shows that your message went through while the latter shows that it has been read.

If you have been blocked, your message won’t show either notification; just a blank space beneath your message. Although this could indicate that you have been blocked, it could also mean that the user has his phone on Do Not Disturb mode which won’t allow him or her to get any notification until they put it OFF. To be sure, wait a few days. If your message keeps showing the same thing, you are likely blocked.

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How Do I Know If Someone Blocked Me on Verizon?

If you have been blocked via the Block Calls feature, you will either be immediately disconnected or sent straight to voicemail and never get an acknowledgment. You may also continue hearing an automated recording telling you that the individual you are trying to reach is not accepting calls.

If you send a text message, you will receive a red X and a “Delivery failed. Invalid destination or service blocked at destination” message.

How Can I Get Around Call Restrictions?

  • Dial from a different number
  • Dial “0” to ask an operator to place a person-to-person call. Verizon users can’t block such calls
  • Restrict your number/hide it so it goes through as “Private” or “Unknown”

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