What Does Incoming CL Mean on Verizon Bill?

By John Adebimitan

If you’re a Verizon customer, you may have noticed some unfamiliar terms on your phone bill. One of these terms is “incoming CL.” So, what does incoming CL mean on Verizon bill?

Understanding the terminology on your phone bill can be confusing, but knowing what “incoming CL” means can help you better understand your usage and charges. By keeping track of your call log and monitoring your usage, you can ensure that you’re getting the most out of your Verizon plan.

What Does Incoming Cl Mean on Verizon Bill?

If you are a Verizon customer, you might have noticed the term “incoming CL” on your bill. So, what does it mean?

“Incoming CL” stands for “incoming call” on your Verizon bill. When someone calls you, the call is registered as an “incoming call” on your bill. However, sometimes you might see “incoming CL” instead of “incoming call” on your bill. The “CL” stands for “call location,” which means that the call was made from a roaming tower line.

It’s important to note that “incoming CL” is not the same as “incoming data” or “incoming text.” These terms refer to incoming data or text messages, respectively, and are separate from incoming calls.

If you are still unsure about what “incoming CL” means on your Verizon bill, you can contact Verizon customer support for clarification. They will be able to provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have.

Overall, “incoming CL” is simply a term used to indicate an incoming call made from a roaming tower line on your Verizon bill. It’s a normal part of your monthly bill and nothing to be concerned about.

Things to Do If You See Incoming Cl on Verizon Bill

If you see “Incoming Cl” on your Verizon bill, it means that you received an incoming call from a roaming tower line. Here are some things you can do if you see this on your bill:

  1. Check the Date and Time: Check the date and time of the call to see if it matches with your records. If you do not recognize the call, you can call Verizon customer support to get more information.
  2. Verify the Number: Verify the number that called you to ensure that it is not a scam. You can use online tools to check if the number is legitimate.
  3. Understand Roaming Charges: If traveling outside the United States, you may have incurred roaming charges. Make sure to review your bill to understand these charges.
  4. Sign Up for Paper-Free Billing: If you are not already signed up for paper-free billing, consider signing up to receive your bill online. This can help you keep track of your bill and avoid missing any payments.
  5. Contact Verizon Customer Support: If you have any questions or concerns about your bill, do not hesitate to contact Verizon customer support. They can provide you with more information and help you resolve any issues.

Remember to review your bill regularly to ensure that you are not being charged for any unauthorized calls or services. By taking these steps, you can stay on top of your Verizon bill and avoid any surprises.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Verizon bill show incoming calls?

Yes, the Verizon bill shows incoming calls. Incoming calls are listed under the “Usage Charges” section of your bill. You can find the date and time of the incoming call, the phone number of the caller, and the duration of the call.

What is the difference between incoming CL and VM deposit CL on Verizon bill?

Incoming CL on your Verizon bill indicates that you have received an incoming call from a roaming tower line. VM deposit CL, on the other hand, means that you have left a voicemail message for someone. It indicates that you have deposited a voicemail message in someone’s voicemail box.

What does origination and destination mean on Verizon bill?

Origination on your Verizon bill means the starting point of a call, while destination means the endpoint of a call. For example, if you make a call from your phone to your friend’s phone, your phone is the origination point, and your friend’s phone is the destination point.

What is the meaning of CL deliver on Verizon bill?

CL deliver on your Verizon bill means that you have received a call from a caller whose number is not in your contacts list. It is a notification that you have received a call, but the caller’s number is not saved in your phone.

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