What Does KPK and F Mean In Chat and Texting Symbols?

By John Adebimitan

Whether you’re chatting with a friend on WhatsApp, via Snapchat, Instagram, or any other apps, there are a couple of texting symbols that can look strange and new to the average person, and these seem to be in much use. Some of these texting symbols are ^^, KPK, ^^” and ^_^; what does ^^ mean in chat? What does ^_^ and KPK mean in chat? These are some things we’d be talking about in this article.

What does KPK mean in chat?

KPK is a slag that has different meanings, and depending on your culture would mean different things. In Nigeria, using KPK in chat is a way to pay respect to someone who is probably richer than you in hopes that you’ll get something (mostly monetary) from them.

What does F in the chat mean?

F in the chat has its origins in a Call of Duty meme, and it has grown to become popular among millennials. In its simplest, F in Chat means paying your respects via text. It’s often used in gamer chatrooms, Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, and private messages as a way to pay respect, mostly to a deceased person or the loved one of that person.

All you need to do is to reply by pressing the letter “F”, and this is because most PC games have F as the default contextual action key (basically, a key that you press if you like your character to do something in the game).

In the original meme, the character was standing at the funeral of a loved one. After the eulogy has been delivered, the character will move close to the casket, and you will see a small text popup with the command, “Press F to pay respects” When you press the ‘F’ key, you will see an cutscene, with your character reflecting on the relationship with the deceased and places a red rose on the casket as it lowers into the ground.

What Does ^^ Mean In Chat and Texting Symbols?

In chats and texting symbols, ^^ means someone either agrees with what you have written, they are smiling with closed eyes, and it also means that a person is very happy.

The use of ^^ in chats and the meanings people read to the texting symbols is often subjective and goes hand-in-hand with the context of the discussion before the ^^ texting symbol was received. The ^^ sometimes means someone is smiling, and their eyes are closed. The ^^, in this case, looks like the eyes of a cat.

Another meaning could be an agreement with what someone said. Say when someone sends you a message that they are tired, you replying with ^^ will mean that you agree with them and are probably also very tired. In some cases, a person might reply with a lot more than two up-arrows, which is often understood to mean that the more up-arrows, the more enthusiastic the replier is.

In very few cases, the “^^” is used when a person is trying to use ^_^ the face emoticon. “^^” is easier to write, and it’s more compact, and the face emoticon will be understood to mean happiness and smiling. In some cases, though, cultures and context defer, and the face emoticon might be read as being emotionless or sad.

In some areas, the use of ^^ means the person wants you to pay attention to a message they have written above. So as we mentioned earlier, the use of ^^ is best understood by context and culture.

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What Does ^_^ Mean In Chat and Texting Symbols?

The ^_^ is a Japanese emoticon for the face. ^_^ has been used and modified on social media to mean a couple of different things, and it is best understood in the context of use and culture. Some social media users understand ^_^ to be an emotionless face; some understand it to be a happy face, and some understand it to be a sad face. But in its most basic, the ^_^ is a Japanese emoticon for the face of a person.

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