What Does SIM Failure Mean? Some Bad SIM Card Symptoms

By John Adebimitan

Have you come across the “SIM Failure” error message on your phone? It’s quite confusing because all along your SIM card has been in your phone and was never removed. Well, you’re not alone! Many phone users get this error message once in a while and just like you, they want to know the reason behind it.

So, what does SIM failure mean? Just like we always do, we bring you an article that not just explains what this means but also how to prevent it from happening. Finally, we will examine what to do if ever you receive that message.

What Does SIM Failure Mean?

No SIM card, invalid SIM, or SIM failure means there is a loose connection between the SIM card and the SIM tray, the SIM card is damaged, or the SIM card socket in the phone is damaged. With a SIM failure error message, you can’t make outgoing calls, you can’t receive incoming calls, and you can’t use the internet except you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

First, let’s look at some things you would want to give attention to if you ever experience a SIM failure and some bad SIM card symptoms that will alert you to potential dangers to your SIM card.

Fix 1: Try The Airplane Mode

Toggling the airplane mode ON and OFF is often the first thing to do when there is any connection issue because it quickly resets every ongoing network operation.

Fix 2: Wipe the SIM Chip Clean

You might have tried the first option without any breakthrough, you just need to get the SIM in question and wipe the chip clean. An alcohol-dampened, clean, dry cloth will do the trick. Dirt can cause a loose connection between the SIM and the tray.

Fix 3: Eject and Re-Insert The SIM

Sometimes, the problem may be because the SIM tray has slightly shifted from its original position. What if the SIM tray is broken? For what it’s worth, eject the SIM and check for any irregularities. If you find something odd, you could try fixing or contacting your phone tech for professional assistance.

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Fix 4: Replace The Bad SIM

If after all examinations, you still can’t place a finger on what the problem is, and the SIM failure error message still pops up, it could be that your SIM card is damaged. At this point, the only viable option will be to buy a new SIM card. You would first try inserting the SIM card in another phone and inserting another SIM card in the said phone and see if things work. Generally, switching SIM cards and phones helps you know if the SIM is the faulty one or the phone.

Some Bad SIM Card Symptoms

If you experience any of these symptoms on your mobile phone, there is a good chance that very soon, you might receive a SIM failure error message:

Partial Display of SIM Contacts

The phone book displays only the phone numbers of contacts that were stored but not the name you saved the contacts with. “But I still dialed this number yesterday?” Well, that is one symptom of a bad SIM card. Even though some might ignore it because after some time the name reappears, you now know what it means.

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Phone Entering offline Mode Without Prompt

If your phone enters offline mode without you initiating it, verifiable research has confirmed this is a problem with the SIM card. In most cases, the offline mode eventually returns to online mode. But if this happens several times within the same week, you should be concerned.

No Network Coverage

The SIM tray can detect the SIM card, but the SIM card is, unfortunately, not just working. To an average phone user, it is a problem with the mobile carrier, but in reality, it is very likely a result of a faulty SIM. You may test that phone with another SIM card of the same mobile carrier to confirm this.

SIM Card Not Ready

This happens when a phone is switched ON. Normally the phone takes some time to boot up, but after some time, the SIM bars appear. For phones with a bad SIM card symptom, the phone shows that the SIM card is not ready and it stays in this mode for an extended period. If you are experiencing this, be prepared for a SIM change because your current SIM card may be faulty.

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