What Happens When You Call Someone Who Blocked You?

By John Adebimitan

It is difficult to tell if your number has been blocked or not. For example, you notice that your messages go undelivered, or your calls aren’t going through. However, a few signs can tell you if someone has blocked your number or not.

For whatever reason you have been blocked, please remember to respect the other person’s privacy. The methods we would describe below are non-intrusive. Here’s what happens when you call someone who blocked you.

What happens when you call someone who blocked you?

Observe how quick you go to voicemail:

When you call someone who blocked you, you won’t get any notification about it, but there might be a change in the ring pattern. When you call a number that isn’t blocking you, you’ll get about five to 12 rings before it reaches voicemail. If the phone is turned OFF or on another call, your call heads directly to voicemail.

However, when you call a number that has blocked you, it rings once and then takes you straight to voicemail. You can leave a voicemail, but it won’t go directly to the receiver’s inbox. So, if you can get multiple rings, it means you haven’t been blocked, and if it rings once and goes straight to voicemail, you know you’ve been blocked.

In addition, if the prerecorded voice message that says the number is “unavailable,” it could indicate that your number has been blocked, but this varies with the recipient’s network provider.

Try to send a text message:

You can know whether a number has blocked you when you text the number, although this method works better on iOS devices than Android. When you send a text on iOS devices, you get two notifications below the text bubble: “Delivered” or “Read.” These are self-explanatory.

However, if the recipient has blocked you, neither notification will show. Note that notification might not indicate if the recipient’s phone is on Do Not Disturb. Only when they have turned it off will it show.

Calling from another phone:

The most straightforward solution is to call the number from another number. You don’t have to wait till the recipient picks; you have to see how quickly it takes to reach voicemail.

How to tell if someone blocked your number from texting on Android:

It is harder to tell when someone blocks your number on Android from texting because Android devices do not have the “Read” and “Delivered” features. Therefore, if you send a text and don’t get a reply back, it is likely you have been blocked.

Another method is to delete their contact information. After deleting it, try to search for their contact. If their name comes up as a suggested contact, you most likely haven’t been blocked. However, if their name doesn’t come up, there’s a possibility you have been blocked.

Try to text them on WhatsApp. If your text gets just one tick beneath, it could indicate you have been blocked on WhatsApp and their phone.

Turn OFF your Caller ID and try to call them. If the receiver picks up or the phone rings normally without immediately directing you to voicemail, you have been blocked.

When you block a caller, do they know?

No, they won’t be notified if you’ve blocked them. If they try to call you, your phone won’t ring, and their calls will go straight to voicemail. Their calls might go through if they hide their Caller ID. When they try to send you texts, it won’t deliver, although it would look like it has been sent. If they use iOS devices, they won’t get the “Read” or “Delivered” notification under their text bubble.

Can you leave a voicemail if your number is blocked?

When you call someone you blocked, it goes straight to voicemail. However, it doesn’t go straight to the recipient’s inbox. Instead, it is stored somewhere else. You have to make sure the person’s contact is still saved to access this voicemail. On your iPhone:

  • Open your Phone app.
  • At the bottom right of your screen is the voicemail option. Tap it.
  • Scroll down till you see Blocked messages and open it. If you do not see Blocked Messages, no blocked number has sent you a voicemail.
  • Tap the message to listen to it, delete it, or get a transcription (this doesn’t work for every message).

What happens if you Facetime someone who blocked you?

It’s a little hard to tell when you call someone that has blocked you on Facetime. When you try to Facetime someone that has blocked you, your phone rings while nothing happens on the receiver’s side, it will continue to ring until you end the call. But this also occurs when the network is poor, so like I said, it is a bit harder to tell on Facetime. You can try other methods to verify.

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Will FaceTime still ring if blocked?

If you have blocked someone and they try to call you on Facetime, your phone won’t ring, but it will ring on theirs. You will receive no notification. The same will happen when you call someone who has blocked you on Facetime.

How to block calls on iPhone:

Open the Phone app, and do any of these two things:

  • Choose Favorites, Recents, or Voicemail. Next, tap the More info button beside the number or contact you want to block, scroll down the options then block the number.
  • Open the Contacts app, choose the contact you want to block, scroll down the options and choose Block this Caller.

How to block calls on Samsung:

  • Go to the Phone app.
  • Choose More Options, the three vertical dots, then tap Settings.
  • In the option that shows, choose Block numbers. Select Add phone number, then input the phone number you want to block.
  • Last, tap the + icon to add the number to your list of blocked numbers.

I can’t call a specific number, but they can call me – Things to check

  • If the block were put on your number in the caller’s Dialer or Contacts app, the block would only work when you call them. They can still call you.
  • You can verify if you’ve been blocked on the other person’s phone. If you haven’t, try restarting each other’s devices and trying again.
  • Check if “Call forwarding” is enabled on both devices. If it is, disable them. Then, open the Menu icon in the Phone settings and select Settings. Next, scroll down to More Settings and open it. You should see Call Forwarding there.
  • Try deleting the contacts from each device. Then, restart the devices, add the contacts afresh and try again.
  • If none of the methods work, try to contact your network provider.

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