WhatsApp “beta program is full” meaning (FIXED)

By John Adebimitan

The beta program of these apps is like test versions because they are not official software releases and are available for a few users to try out their new features. The popular apps on the Google Play Store that have beta programs include Facebook, Messenger, YouTube, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

The app’s beta version sounds cool, and almost everyone might want to try it out; however, is there a catch? What does Beta program is full mean, and is there a way to fix this issue?

What is beta program is full meaning? – Everything you need to know

While trying to download an app from the Google Play store, you might be told that the Beta program is full. You have probably encountered this issue and have difficulty downloading or installing an app, so let us now consider what the “Beta program is full” meaning is.

The Beta version of apps is limited to a small userbase because the program is in the testing stage and still unstable. Therefore, receiving a “beta program is full” message is possible while attempting to download an app’s beta version.

The “beta program is full” for this app means that the program’s creators are not presently permitting any additional downloads. In other words, the maximum number of users who can test that particular application has been reached, and the app’s development team will no longer accept new testers.

For example, suppose there are 120 end users required to use the beta program of WhatsApp Messenger. In that case, it means only 120 persons can download that version. If you try to download after the 120 beta testers, you will receive the error message that the beta program is full.

How to fix it if the beta program is full

You should note that the error message that shows the beta program is full is not a permanent one, and it can be fixed.

If you are not allowed to download the beta version at a particular time, you might have to be patient with the release of the app’s final version to enjoy the new features. Or you can wait until there is space for new beta users, and you might be lucky to see a vacancy if a beta tester leaves the beta program.

Leave the beta program

If you need to use the app urgently, another option is to leave the beta program and download the standard version available to everyone. Here’s how to leave the beta program:

Go to Play Store and click on the app’s profile icon at the top right corner. Next, go to Manage apps & devices, Beta, and click the app you want to leave in its beta version. Then, open its detail page and click Leave under You’re a beta tester.

Joining through your browser

Although, there are other ways to bypass the beta program: full error message. Even when you get the “beta program is full” message, you can join through your browser, which occasionally grants you entry. The steps are mentioned below: 

  1. Visit google.com using any browser of your choice.
  2. Search for the beta program of the app you want. For example, you could type “Facebook Beta Program.”
  3. Select the Play Store Beta version link from the results and wait for the Beta page to load.
  4. Tap Become a tester and join the beta program.

Using a third-party app

Another method is to search for Beta Apps on APKMirror, one of the largest and most reputable libraries of third-party apps. The apps on APKMirror are free to download. These are the steps to find beta apps using APKMirror: 

  1. Visit the APKMirror site using your preferred browser.
  2. Look for the app in the search icon. When you browse for it, APKMirror will order the results by most recent first.
  3. Select the desired version of the software from the list of search results.
  4. Specify your CPU architecture, then install the program in accordance. You can use CPU-Z to determine your architecture.
  5. Finally, download and install the desired app’s Beta APK. Note that you need to allow installation from unknown sources in your phone settings.

Why do you get the Beta program is full on Messenger?

You get the “beta program is full” message on Facebook messenger when the program is now at its full capacity, and you will not be given access to use this beta version. To discontinue utilizing Messenger for Android’s beta version:

  1. Click Leave the Program in the Play Store to exit the beta program.
  2. Uninstall or remove the Messenger beta version from your mobile device.

You won’t be a tester for the app’s beta version once you have finished these two steps. The standard version of the Messenger app for the public can then be downloaded from the Play Store, and you can enjoy it without any “beta program is full” message.

Or you can scroll down the Facebook app, and you should see a button that says Leave beta. Exit the beta program and get the standard version.

Why do you get the Beta program is full on WhatsApp?

As mentioned earlier, you get the “beta program is full” on Whatsapp because the developers are not permitting any more test downloads of the app.
When you find the beta program is currently full for this app message on Play Store, you can fix it but note you must have the app downloaded first on your device. Then follow these steps.

Why do you get the Beta program is full on Whatsapp?
  • Go to Google Chrome or your preferred browser and type “Whatsapp beta join” in the search bar. Then, click the first link that directs you to Play Store; you might need to log in with the same Google account you use for the Play Store app.
  • You will be directed to the beta testing program page and click on  Become a Tester. You will also see the option that you can decide to leave the beta program anytime and use the public version of the app.
  • You can now go back to Play Store to install the beta app and be permitted to do so.

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Why do you get the Beta program is full on Netflix?

Getting the “beta program is full” message on Netflix indicates that you are attempting to download the app’s beta version, and there is no space available in the program.

Why do you get the Beta program is full on Netflix?

Although to bypass this error message, you can use the APKMirror installer as stated earlier. But if you opt-out of the program, you should go to the Netflix beta testing program’s page and leave. You can then uninstall the Netflix beta app from your mobile device and install the standard version available for the public.

Why do you get the Beta program is full on YouTube?

YouTube also limits the number of beta testers they require for their app. So, you see the “beta program is full” message on YouTube because it has reached its maximum users, and you can no longer use the beta version. But if present testers leave, you might have the opportunity to use the beta program again.

Since you cannot have both regular and beta versions of the YouTube app, when the beta program is full, you might decide to leave the program. Then, you need to visit the beta testing program’s page, log in to your Google account, and opt out of the program.

You have undoubtedly discovered satisfying answers to most of your beta program are meaning questions. I hope this helps you.

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