What is Debounce Time on Mouse?

By John Adebimitan

If you are a professional or competitive gamer, by now, you must have known how important achieving a high click per second (CPS) on your gaming mouse is and how its debounce time contributes to that. If not, then maybe you aren’t really “professional” yet, at least until you finish reading this article.

So, what is debounce time on mouse? Well, it’s used to refer to the speed at which your mouse can click again after a first click. So, the lower the debounce time, the faster you can click, and the higher CPS you’d be able to achieve.

A low debounce time allows you to register multiple clicks with a single mouse click. It’s important for click techniques such as drag-clicking, jitter-clicking, and butterfly-clicking. However, mastering drag clicking and other techniques with a low debounce time mouse is more complicated. Don’t worry. You’re in good hands. So, first, what is debounce time?

What is Debounce Time on Mouse?

Debounce time is the maximum interval [calculated in microseconds (ms)] between clicks on a key. That is, on a mouse, for example, it’s used to refer to the speed at which your mouse can click again after a first click. It’s as simple as that!

In signal processing, debounce time is a time specified by the system developer, during which a signal must be present so that it is recognized and can be further processed by the system. Debounce times prevent brief glitches from being mistakenly recognized as a signal.

What is a good debounce time to target for drag-clicking?

A good debounce time for drag-clicking is around 1 ms or less. Note, however, that a mouse debounce time typically lasts only a few microseconds to milliseconds; the time is usually less than 3 ms.

The debounce time can be measured with a debounce counter that starts when a signal first occurs and is incremented at regular intervals as long as the signal is present.

How does drag-clicking work?

Drag clicking is the act of dragging your finger across your mouse with some force to have more clicks from the generated friction between your finger and the mouse button.

Putting in some physics…

As you move your fingers around your mouse and touch the button, this creates successive friction. Therefore, the friction will cause the continuous pressing of your mouse button, causing it to bounce back faster. If you do the task properly, you can even do 32 clicks in a second, which is insane.

YouTube video

If you’re a professional or competitive gamer and like to play Minecraft, then I highly recommend you learn this practice. You can use it for faster bridging methods, buildings, other constructions, or replacing blocks in specific games.

But you’d better buy a mouse with a drag-click feature, however. But it’s possible with almost any mouse, even though the result might vary.

How to make any mouse drag click

Place your index (on the left button) and middle (on the right button) fingers on the mouse buttons and keep them at around 60 degrees. Then press the buttons slightly but in quick successive forward movements. Every time your finger jumps, it should click.

YouTube video

Drag-clicking for first-timers takes a lot of practice. So I’ll show you how to practice drag-clicking, first without a mouse and then with a mouse.

Without a mouse

  1. Find a flat free space on your desk space
  2. Place your middle or index finger on the desk to form an angle of about 60 degrees.
  3. Press the finger into the desk with a small amount of force
  4. Push forward slightly, ensuring your finger bends a little, but it should stay in the same spot on the table
  5. If it’s sliding around, increase the angle of your finger or increase how hard you’re pushing into the table. You can also clean the sweat off the finger.
  6. Next, increase the horizontal force as you push. Your finger should bend more and more until, eventually, there is a lot of tension, and it jumps in quick succession.
  7. If you’re not achieving that, try a different finger or clean the surface and your hands. Also, try another surface – glass usually works pretty well. If it did work, then congratulations! 


  • Practice a bit more on the table. Try to make your finger jump quickly, one after another, in quick succession.
  • Check how many clicks you are doing per second here. It will show exactly how many clicks you can make.

With the mouse

Do the same thing described above on the mouse button with your index (on the left button) and middle (on the right) fingers. Every time your finger jumps, it should click. If it doesn’t, try pushing down harder or lighter. Every mouse is different, so you’ll need to find an angle that works for yours.

Also, try and clean your mouse button often. A small amount of fat or sweat can increase grip, but too much, and it will act as a lubricant making your fingers slip. Without friction, you won’t get that build-up and tension in your finger, and it won’t jump, therefore not clicking.

Some mice are very difficult to drag click, probably nearly impossible. Mice with high tension in the mouse button are very difficult because you have to push down so much that the mouse will slide all over the place. But while some mice are better than others for dragging, I believe it’s possible to drag on almost all mice.

How to drag click on Model O

First, set the debounce time ON and reset the double-click interval to 1 in the Roccat software. To be able to drag-click, try applying electric tapes over the mouse buttons.  

To drag-click, position your fingers perfectly on the surface of the mouse, just as you would do while using the mouse.

Slide your fingers forward on the mouse. Then drag up, stop, and repeat in quick succession. Full, smooth drags will then be achieved automatically. Make sure there is a grinding or clicking noise coming from your mouse as you drag. You may also feel a slight vibration.

FAQ 1# What is the best debounce time for butterfly clicking?

The best debounce time for butterfly click is 4. Lowering debounce time will increase the number of clicks you get per second. The world record for the most clicks held by Dylan Allred is around 1051 clicks in 10 seconds, which was achieved with the butterfly click technique.

FAQ 2# Does drag-clicking break your mouse?

Drag clicking can damage the switches of your mouse and shorten its life expectancy. Also, drag-clicking is not good for your hand if you perform this action repeatedly without interruption.

Continuous clicking can lead to arthritis because it causes friction in your finger joints. A prolonged drag clicking can also cause carpal tunnel. It causes weakness, numbness, and tingling in the hand due to a compressed median nerve.

FAQ 3# What is the time to debounce mechanical switches?

There’s no predetermined time for mechanical switch debouncing as all switches are different. However, 20 ms is a good time to begin with. But it can be adjusted based on the switch type.

FAQ 4# How to Godbridge with low CPS

If your mouse can’t double-click or drag-click, you won’t be able to do much Godbridging. You may be able to jitter-click 2 to 4 blocks. But to be able to godbridge, ensure you can at least get eight clicks per second, although some mentioned doing this with six or even just 4 CPS.

FAQ 5# How to double-click in Minecraft

If your mouse can’t double-click or drag-click, you won’t be able to do much Godbridging. You may be able to jitter-click 2 to 4 blocks. But to be able to godbridge, ensure you can at least get eight clicks per second, although some mentioned doing this with six or even just 4 CPS.

FAQ 6# How to double-click in Minecraft

  1. Go to your Control Panel
  2. Double-click on the Mouse icon
  3. Find Mouse Properties and click on the Buttons tab.
  4. Adjust the Double-Click Speed ​​slider, and then click OK. Now, you can double-click on Minecraft

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FAQ 7# Why do I have to double-click everything in Windows 10?

It could be that the speed setting for double-clicking with the mouse is too low. This can cause it to double-click when you click at two different times.

  1. To resolve the problem, press the Windows key
  2. Type Mouse or Mouse Setting, and press Enter. 
  3. In the following window, click on the link for Additional mouse options.
  4. Click on the Buttons options in Mouse Properties
  5. Then look for the slider in the Buttons, adjust your Double Click slider back, and click on OK.

FAQ 8# Can you drag-click with any mouse?

Not all mice are designed for drag-clicking, even if they are gaming mice. Also, if you drag and click on a regular mouse, they will stop working in a few months. You will need specialized mice to drag-click. 

A good drag-click mouse should provide both the friction needed for the mechanical action and have switches durable enough to withstand the ramming and be able to register the clicks without hiccups.

Everything else that comes after is just icing on the cake, be it the hand feel, the button layout, or the overall design. 

Final Thoughts

Setting a low debounce time and drag-clicking are the strategies used by gaming wizards to win games like Minecraft, Roblox, etc. If you want to ace games like these, you have to master click-dragging. It helps you register an insane number of clicks compared to a regular mouse.

However, not all mice can support drag clicks. You may need a mouse with durable switches and a matte finish for better grip.

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