What Is Google Pinyin Input? Is it Safe?

By John Adebimitan

As you know, the written scripts of some languages aren’t based on the ‘ABCDE’ alphabets, and since most keyboards are built in the alphabetic style, there had to be an easier way to type in these languages for other users, like Chinese, hence Google Pinyin input.

The input method also included the stroke count method input. It was discontinued by Google in March 2019 but is still available on https://dl.google.com/pinyin/v2/GooglePinyinInstaller.exe. This article will provide you with a breakdown of its features, what the Google Pinyin Input is, and how to use Google Pinyin.

What Is Google Pinyin Input?

The Google Pinyin Input was an input method developed by Google China in 2007. It was built as an extension for Google’s keyboard that enabled you to write Chinese characters, making it easier to communicate in the language. 

Is Google Pinyin Input safe?

Yes, the Google Pinyin Input is safe to use, asides from its privacy and data capturing mechanisms. It is highly advanced and only sees data you would use to submit a Google search in the app or any input data to the company’s services that it can otherwise see on other keyboards.

How to use Google Pinyin input on Android devices

Google Pinyin Input is available across devices like Androids, iOS, Windows, and Mac. To use the Pinyin keyboard on your android device, follow these steps. First, of course, you would need an internet connection for it:

  • Swipe down from the top to open your Quick Panel on your Home screen. Then open your Settings on the top-right of your screen, represented by a gear icon.
  • In the Settings menu, scroll down to Languages & Input.
  • Click on Languages, and click on the + sign to add a language.
  • In the search box, type ‘Chinese,’ and when the results show, select the first option, Simplified Chinese.
  • Select the first option, which is to download, and that’s it. After that, your Pinyin keyboard is set up and ready to use.
  • Whenever you want to type in Chinese, look at the bottom of the keyboard tray for a globe icon. Your language choices will show, and you can select your preferred language (Chinese Pinyin).
    When you type the English homonym (words that sound alike) of a particular Chinese word, the corresponding Chinese characters would appear in the suggestion box to pick from, so it would be helpful if you understood some basic Chinese characters. The Chinese characters show up in order of how often they are used.

How to get and use Google Pinyin on Windows

  • Go to your PC settings, open Time & Language, then click on Region & Language.
  • Choose Chinese (Simplified, Traditional, Hong Kong SAR) in Languages.
  • Select Options and click on Keyboards. Under Keyboards, select Microsoft Pinyin.
  • Open Options and go to Keys, then select Hot Keys.
  • Turn ON the input switch under the Simplified/Traditional Chinese input.

Google Pinyin Input (IME) keeps asking for Google Account permission? – Here is a suggested fix

If Google Pinyin Input repeatedly asks for your Google Account permission, you can open your Google Playstore app, type Google Pinyin Input in the search bar, and uninstall it.

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How do I remove Google Pinyin?

To remove Google Pinyin Input in your Android device, go to your Google Playstore app, type Google Pinyin Input in the search bar, and uninstall it.

For Windows PC with Windows 7 or 8 OS: Go to your Control Panel by looking for it in the Start Menu or typing it in the search bar. In Control Panel, open Programs and check the list of the ones installed on your PC. Next, right-click on Google Pinyin Input, then click uninstall.

For Windows 10 OS: Press the Windows key and type ‘Add or remove programs.’ A system setting for uninstalling programs will show up in the results. Click on it to open and scroll down to the search tab. Next, search for Google Pinyin Input and click it to open the uninstall option.

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