What Is Safe Mode on Android? [Enable and Disable]

By John Adebimitan

Let me tell you what I love about Android phones: they are easily customizable. But as much as they are customizable, they can also easily malfunction. For instance, applications are seldom prone to bugs but when bugged, this might make them malfunction.

There must be a way to correct these software errors without taking your phone to a technician. That is where SAFE MODE comes in. In this article, we’ll discuss what the Safe Mode on Android is and how to use it in resolving minor software errors on your android phone.

What Is Safe Mode on Android?

Safe Mode is an android phone’s recovery mode, similar to a computer’s Safe Mode. It is like a diagnostic mode through which you can fix minor software issues affecting your android phone’s operation. When Safe Mode is turned ON, most apps on your android phone are disabled except the apps needed to run the phone.

Once in a while, your phones freeze. At other times, certain apps crash. Attempts to install or uninstall the third-party apps may prove futile because of software issues. Going into the Safe Mode helps you to correct these by uninstalling any malfunctioning applications or installing any third-party apps you’d like to have.

Keep in mind, though, that Safe Mode will not delete any app or file from your phone. What Safe Mode does is help you figure out and solve any problem that affects the operation of any app or setting. Also, since only essential apps are running, no app will crash while the Safe Mode is on, and the phone battery will be preserved.

How To Enable Safe Mode On Android Phones

To enable Safe Mode on your phone, do the following:

  • Press and hold the power button to turn OFF your phone
  • After the phone shuts OFF, hold the power button again to turn the phone ON
  • When your phone displays its logo, Press and hold the volume “up” or “down” (depending on your phone’s manufacturer)
  • After a few seconds, your phone should enter the Safe Mode, or you’ll be seeing a screen where you can select Safe Mode (as is the case on my Huawei phone), in which case you can now leave the said button

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How To Exit Safe Mode on Android Phones

To exit the Safe Mode on Android phones:

  • Completely power OFF the phone then hold down the power button again to power the phone ON
  • When your phone displays the logo, release the power button
  • Your phone should reboot back to the normal mode automatically, but if it doesn’t, you can follow the next step.
  • Press and hold the volume “up” or “down” button until your phone comes on

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Why Is My Phone Stuck in Safe Mode?

Getting in and out of the Safe Mode should be pretty simple. But at times, your phone is likely stuck in Safe Mode because:

  1. Your volume-up or volume-down button is stuck, so your phone keeps restarting into the Safe Mode
  2. System issues while enabling the Safe Mode
  3. An app installed on the phone is misbehaving

To get your android phone out of safe mode, try one of the following two tricks:

  • Restart your device. Hold the power button down until a menu is displayed. Choose restart from the list and watch your phone restart to its regular mode.
  • If no button is responding, force-restart your phone. Just press the power button for 20 seconds. If the issue is not related to the phone’s software, it should restart to the normal mode

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How To Open Apps in Safe Mode Android

To Open applications in Safe Mode, follow the steps outlined above to put your android phone in Safe Mode. Once in the Safe Mode, you may tap on the app to open it.

If you can’t find the app on the menu page after putting the phone in Safe Mode, type the name of the App in the search bar on top of the menu page. When you locate the app, launch it to start using it. You may exit the Safe Mode anytime you wish.

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