What power supply do I need for RTX 3080?

From their low-end GeForce GT, GTS, and GTX to their high-end RTX, their graphic cards have been a main graphic component for most supercomputers and gaming PCs. In 2019, Nvidia released their RTX GPUs, which differ from the GTXs in several ways.

The RTX (Ray Tracing Texel eXtreme) is an improved version of the GTX (Giga Texel Shader Extreme) and gives you functions like deep learning, improved rendering, and DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) and High-Performance Computing, but most significantly, real-time ray tracing.

Ray tracing is a highly accurate simulation of the behavior of light as it interacts with different objects in an environment. This creates realistic visuals in CGI for visual effects and picture renderings in your games, movies, and other rendering and graphic processes you perform, which are limitations for the GTX GPUs.

These processes are pretty tasking on resources, and your PC would need an adequate power supply to work well.

If you’ve just gotten an RTX 3080 or plan on getting one, you might wonder, “what power supply do I need for RTX 3080?” This article will guide you in choosing the power supply you need for your RTX 3080.

What power supply do I need for RTX 3080?

For the best power supply for your RTX 3080, NVIDIA recommends that the best power rating be at least 750W for the RTX 3080.

When choosing your power supply, you should look for its built-in over temperature, over current, over-voltage, and under voltage. Also, pay attention to the quality of its electric components and design, avoid products that mention “coil whine,” and look out for the quality and type of its cooling fans. Finally, note its rated efficiency.

Also, check out how cables can be managed efficiently to make room for better airflow. In addition, it should have complete digital control across LLC, PFC, and bridge topology, less noise, and overclocking switches.

Here are some power supply brands you can choose.

Be Quiet!

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The Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro 12 1500W BN647 is an efficient PSU, with an 80 plus Titanium certification with a 94.9% efficiency in power supply and a fully digital, modular, inaudible silent wing fan. Unlike its previous non-Pro version, which is analog, the Pro’s patent is designed to be controlled digitally with a frameless concept, and this control cuts across PFC, LLC, SR/12V.

It is very silent under ordinary load generating about 18.92dBa of noise on average and is housed in a funnel-shaped opening for an increased cooling area. Overclocking key switches let you switch between six 12V rails and one massive 12V rail. Engineered with a wire-free interior to ensure better cooling, fewer wire snags, short-circuit, and increased longevity.

Installed in an aluminum casing with sleeved flexible cables for easy routing, you are guaranteed a lasting PSU with a ten-year warranty from the manufacturer.
On initial startup, the fan powers up for about 1 or 2 seconds to let you know it’s on before it slows and becomes quiet. The Be Quiet Dark Power Pro is an excellent option if you’re looking for a suitable power supply for your RTX 3080.

Seasonic Prime

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The Seasonic Prime TX-750 is an eco-friendly, 750W PSU with an 80 plus Titanium certification energy, completely modular, fan control, and a micro tolerance load below 0.5% that improves electrical stability, which is the ideal setup for high-performance computer systems.

The connection is fully modular, with fewer wires to reduce clutter and improve ventilation for better cooling. Fanless Modes deliver a silent performance and a fan control button that allows you to change the cooling setting, alternating between the Seasonic S2FC, fan control without Fanless Mode, and S3FC, fan control, including Fanless Mode. The Seasonic Prime TX-750 is an excellent recommendation if you want a suitable power supply for your RTX 3080.

Cooler Master MasterWatt 750

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The Cooler Master Watt 750 is a semi-fanless ATX power supply with an 80-plus Bronze certification. The fan is temperature-controlled and has a radius of 120 millimeters, fitted to a dust-proof LDB bearing.

The Cool Master MasterWatt has a good fan and protective features. The fan’s blades are semi-modular, noiseless, and are always OFF when under light loads. It’s rated 80+ for efficiency up to 90%, and unused cables can be removed to create more space for better airflow. The Cool Master MasterWatt 750 is the best bet for your money if you’re looking for a suitable power supply for your RTX 3080.

Segotep 750W Power Supply 80

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The Segotep 750W Power Supply is an 80+ Platinum rated power supply with a fully modular control. It has a 92% efficiency and can support high loads. In addition, it comes with a 140 mm fan with hydraulic bearings, a silent performance, and better cooling efficiency. Its modular design is built to reduce the amount of clutter in the system and improve airflow. Being easy to build and upgrade, it is a top PSU choice.

Its comprehensive protection includes safety measures for over-currents, over and under voltages, over temperatures, and short circuit protection. It also comes with a 5-year warranty with lifetime technical support.
As a result of its switching power supply, it can deliver a very stable and clean power even in electricity fluctuations like during a thunderstorm, and its fans are noiseless. The cables aren’t sleeved, but they’re coated in black to give the impression of more room. The Segotep 750W power supply can run any version of GPU you have on your rig. It is a suitable power supply for your RTX 3080.


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