What the Blue Dot Next to Contacts Mean on Androids

By John Adebimitan

Samsung users can especially relate to this issue of the blue dot next to contacts. Sometimes a blue dot appears on the icon next to a person’s name in the text message app and has you wondering what it means.

Often, it means that you can use the chat messaging feature with that person. It’s likely that his carrier, in partnership with Google, has implemented RCS Universal Profile. Regardless of what phone you use, if anyone on your contact list has RCS enabled, the blue dot will appear next to their contact.

Blue Dot Next to Contacts on Android? What it Means

Samsung users particularly experience this. In the simplest terms, the blue dot next to contacts lets you know that the other person uses a phone that has RCS compatibility. If your phone runs on an RCS network infrastructure and the other person’s phone is too, their contact will carry the blue dot.

The messaging app scans your contacts to detect which of your contacts use RCS-compatible phones and marks them with a blue dot.

This means that you can send and receive messages in chat mode with that contact. You can also send and receive large image files at full resolution. Your character count limit should increase, and you should be able to send uncompressed video files to contacts with the blue dot.

So when you find the blue dot next to contacts on a Samsung phone or any other Android device, know that you can do more than send and receive a text in the standard messaging format. For example, if the other person has a Samsung phone like you, it could be that profile sharing is active, and the dot is showing online updates to both of you. You can thus see when texts are read or when the other person is typing.

If it’s not activated on your device, you can do the following:

  • Go to Messages
  • Click on the three vertical dots on the upper right side
  • Tap Settings
  • Click on Chat settings or Chat features
  • Toggle “Enable chat features” on

If this feature is turned ON, you will be able to send messages over Wi-Fi and mobile data. You will also know when others are typing, add people to group conversations, let others know you have read their messages, and share high-quality photos.

The chat features are available for only specific devices, service providers, and carriers, including Jibe Mobile from Google.

How To Remove Blue Dot From Contact

You can remove the blue dot on the contacts icon on your Samsung device. Open your text message app and click the three dots in the upper right corner. Then click advanced messages and turn it OFF. Before it goes OFF, it will notify you of the pros and cons of disabling this feature. Once disabled, the blue dot next to contacts will disappear.

Or follow the steps below:

  • Go to Messages
  • Tap on the 3 dots verticle dots on the upper right side
  • Click Settings
  • Tap on Chat Settings
  • Turn OFF Chat Features
  • Then scroll down and click on Default Message Type
  • Select Text or Multimedia

After this, the blue dot should disappear as you have disabled advanced messaging.

Why Are Some Text Messages Green and Some Blue on Android?

The green text messages are conventional texts that do not require an internet connection. On the other hand, the blue messages are chat messages; and to use them, you need an internet connection.

What it Means When You Have Blue Dot Next to a Text Message on an iPhone

This could mean that the text message is unread or flagged as important.

On Samsung phones, they appear as green and blue bubbles. The blue text messages work like Apple’s iMessaging.

When You Block Someone, Does It Turn  Your Messages Green?

Whether you are using an Android or Apple device, blocking someone won’t turn your messages green. The person blocked won’t receive any of your messages, and neither will you get theirs in your message log.

If you try to send a message, it will appear green like every other regular text but won’t get sent.

On iPhones, when someone blocks you, any message you send to them will retain a blue color and won’t turn green. It will stay blue with no “read” or “delivered” notification beneath it.

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