Where Is The Serial Number On AirPods? Here’s How To Find It Quickly

By John Adebimitan

Have you ever wondered where the serial number is located on your Airpods? It can be tricky to locate, but with a few simple steps you can find it quickly and easily. You’ll soon be able to identify your Airpods anytime you need to check their warranty coverage or register them online. So, let’s get started!

Where Is The Serial Number On AirPods?

Serial numbers are an important part of product tracking and identification, particularly for electronics. AirPods have a serial number that is necessary to obtain warranty service or technical support from Apple. But it can be difficult to locate these numbers on small devices like AirPods.

The majority of the time, the serial number will be located somewhere on the charging case itself. Apple has placed a white label with black lettering at the bottom of most cases which includes not only the model information but also a barcode and serial number. Look carefully around this area as sometimes it may appear in different locations depending on device version or model year. The actual serial number is usually an alphanumeric code composed of 12-characters starting with ‘PN’ followed by 4 digits, 2 letters, 5 digits; which should appear right next to other identifying information such as FCC ID and IC info if present.

Additionally, if you still cannot find your Serial Number on your charging case or have lost them altogether then you could try looking into your iCloud account where they are registered under Settings > General > About section; this feature works when both AirPods are still paired with one another otherwise it won’t show up here either. Additionally there’s also software available online that can retrieve this information from your connected device using special algorithms to scan for its pattern in order to locate it quickly – though often times these programs come at a premium price so use cautiously! Finally, you could always contact Apple directly who might be able to assist further in providing assistance locating these hard-to-find numbers; just remember provide them some key details about yourself such as purchase date/location along with proof of purchase so they know you’re legitimate customer!

Using the Serial Number to Register Your AirPods

Using the serial number of your AirPods to register them is an important step when setting up a new pair or replacing lost ones. The process is relatively straightforward, and it should take no more than five minutes. After registering, you can access any extra features that come with your model and update the software if necessary.

To get started, locate the serial number on the underside of one of your AirPods cases. This will be either a nine-character alphanumeric code or four sets of six digits separated by dashes; depending on which model you have purchased. You also have to know where and how you bought them so make sure that information is handy too before starting this process.

Once everything has been collected, open up a browser window and go to Apple’s website for registration purposes. From there enter all required information such as date purchased, store location details etc., then provide your specific AirPods serial numbers in its designated box at the bottom part of the page. Once done you will receive confirmation via email confirming that they are registered properly under your name/account along with other related updates/notifications regarding warranty service periods if applicable etc..

It’s always important to keep track of all valuable items we own, but having registered products like our AirPods allows us additional protection from unscrupulous activities such as theft or fraudulence involving counterfeited goods being passed off as originals – something we definitely want to avoid at all costs!

Using the Serial Number to Unpair AirPods from iPhone or Other Device

It’s always a great feeling to take advantage of the newest technology and get your hands on cutting-edge devices like AirPods. However, sometimes they just don’t work as expected and it becomes necessary to unpair them from an iPhone or other device. One way you can do this is by using the serial number of the AirPods in order to successfully unpair them.

When you are trying to find out how to use the serial number for unpairing AirPods, there are several steps that need to be followed. Firstly, you will need to locate the serial number for your particular set of AirPods which can usually be found on either one of its earpieces or at least on its packaging box. Once you have located it, go ahead and open up Settings app on your iPhone/iPad/MacBook and select Bluetooth option from there. Now move down till you see the list of all connected Bluetooth devices such as headphones, speakers etc., where your pair of Airpods should also be listed among them; tap it once so that its full information appears including model name & number along with its detailed description including ‘Serial Number’ field showing a string of alphanumeric characters (example: A12345678B).

Once this is done, simply scroll down through same window until finally you come across an option saying “Forget This Device” – tap over here once again in order confirm removal process starting right away! Doing this ensures that no further connection attempts are made between both sides (AirPod & iOS device) thus unhooking their relationship right away! It’s important however that before doing so make sure no audio playback processes were running under background otherwise interruption might occur while playing music afterwards leading towards possible disturbance within sound quality itself due-to some kind subtle bugs appearing during firmware update processes each time a new version comes into existence every now & then!

Using the Serial Number to Track Lost or Stolen AirPods

Having a pair of AirPods stolen or lost can be really disheartening. Although it’s not possible to directly track down the location, using the serial number is one of the best ways to increase the chances of recovering them.

The first step to tracking your Airpods is locating their serial number. This can be done in two different ways – either through Apple’s website or by accessing your device’s settings page on your phone. On Apple’s website, you’ll need to log into your iCloud account and then go to ‘Find My iPhone’ under Account Settings. Your devices are listed there, including any pairs of AirPods that have been connected with that account. You should see a list with all sorts of information about each device, including its serial number and model type.
For Android users, you simply need to access ‘Settings > Bluetooth > Paired Devices’ from within the app itself and select whichever pair of Airpods you want information for; this will give you their specific model type as well as the corresponding serial number associated with them too!

Once you have retrieved this information, it’s time to start trying locate those missing pods! The initial step is contacting Apple Support – they may have records if someone has already tried registering these pods with an identical set before yours went missing. It could also be worth checking out various online lost & found services like Craiglist or eBay where individuals might try selling off stolen items like this one; having a unique identifying feature such as an exact serial number makes it much easier for law enforcement officers (or even yourself!)to act quickly upon finding something suspiciously similar! Lastly, don’t forget about social media platforms such as Facebook Marketplace too – here people often post listings when looking for second-hand items at discounted prices so searching around there could potentially turn up some results if luck does indeed favour thee!

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